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July 18, 2007

Rudy Giuliani: “Abortion is not a litmus test.”

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Shorter RINO Rudy: Abortion Today, Abortion Tomorrow, Abortion Forever!

Even shorter RINO Rudy: Get Over It.

Yes, once again Rudy Giuliani, feeling safe at the top of the Rudy McRomney triumvirate, slaps social conservatives across the face. I’ve heard the argument time and again from Giulianiacs, about “America’s mayor,” that he would absolutely positively appoint strict constructionist conservative judges, we promise, pinky swear! Trust us!

Sure, why not? Why trust my own judgement and an examination of RINO Rudy’s weak record on life? Why even believe his own words when he betrays his strong pro-abortion beliefs? Trust the unicorns and leprechauns who confuse the Rudyholic minds! Forget about it.

We have to go all the way across the ocean to The Guardian to get the latest confirmation that Rudy cannot be trusted on life issues. He cannot be trusted to appoint another Alito or Roberts to the court. He’d probably nominate Ruth Bader Ginsburg if not for the fact that this liberal Clinton appointee wasn’t already on the Supreme Court.

On a campaign swing through conservative western Iowa, the former New York mayor pledged to appoint judges who would strictly interpret the Constitution on gun rights and other issues.

Oh, great. Never mind. I take it all back.

Abortion never came up in his address to about 100 people at a high school, but it did during an exchange with reporters.

“Abortion is not a litmus test. Roe v. Wade is not a litmus test. No particular case is a litmus test. That’s not the way to appoint Supreme Court justices or any judge,” Giuliani said.

Wait, hang on. What was that?

He noted that he got no questions on abortion in his appearance. “I think Roe against Wade is an issue. It is not the only issue,” he said.

Um, excuse me, your honor? Some 40,000,000 lives snuffed out since Roe v. Wade and it’s just “an issue?” So-cons, did you just feel another slap across the face? Are you ready to turn another cheek so this Republican turncoat can slap you again?

So, RINO Rudy, your honor, how would you react to the abominable Roe v. Wade decision being overturned by a just Supreme Court? Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you accidentally appointed a pro-life judge. This is only a hypothetical, of course. But how would you react, sir?

“It would be OK,” Giuliani said. “It would be OK to repeal it.”

But, he added: “It would be OK also if a strict constructionist viewed it as precedent” and kept the law intact.

SLAP! Ouch, that hurts! So you don’t give a damn about abortion, we understand. Let’s change the subject. What about this allegation that you’re a gun grabbing authoritarian who hates, strike that, doesn’t understand the Second Amendment? Any comment? Hello?

His promise about judicial appointments is aimed at reassuring conservatives nervous about his more liberal stands on gun control and other issues. As an example, he lauded a federal court ruling that overturned a 30-year-old ban on private ownership of handguns in Washington, D.C.

Huh? What?

As mayor, Giuliani pursued gun control laws and lawsuits against gun manufacturers. At a family restaurant in LeMars, Iowa, he said the issue should largely be left up to states.

“No state can completely take away your right to bear arms,” Giuliani said.

Asked whether the country has enough gun laws, Guiliani said that is probably the case.

Oh, great. That’s reassuring. I feel really confident about you now. NOT! So do you have any lies for us, RINO Rudy, to try and trick us into supporting you, you lying weasel?

He said he would appoint judges like Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, two President Bush appointees who were embraced by conservatives for their views on abortion and other issues.

Fantastic! I almost believed you for 100 ms. How about a little pathetic pandering?

Giuliani mentioned former President Reagan more than half a dozen times….

Perfect! And what about RINO Rudy’s supporters? Certainly they share his views about abortion on demand and authoritarian gun grabbing. Right?

About 200 people crowded the two-room cafe, and women stood on chairs to take photographs. Many said they were conservative, especially on abortion and gun control, but were willing to give Giuliani a chance.

Suckers. I am very conservative when it comes to premarital sex, but I’m going to give Bill Clinton a chance. I’m going to let him spend the night with my teenage daughter. He deserves a chance to redeem himself and change his stripes after all, right? NO!

Finally, let’s meet the winner for the “conservative” most willing to sell out her core values to get a liberal in sheep’s clothing into our White House. Take it away, stupid!

Coleen Savage said it’s difficult to support an abortion rights candidate, but Giuliani “can stand up against Hillary.”

“To get the conservative, you’ve got to grit your teeth and take a little bit of the moderate or liberal,” said Savage, a corn-and-soybean farmer.

“Difficult?” You must be nuts, lady. Try “impossible,” if you’re actually pro-life and not in favor of and culpable for the murder of 40,000,000 children in the womb, you stupid moron! Reread Coleen’s quote a couple of times. Isn’t that a classic example of no-think and double-speak? Amazing. She’s completely brainwashed. Knock on her skull. I bet it’s hollow. Hello? Is anybody in there?

Now, let’s wrap this up by contrasting Rudy Giuliani’s support of “abortion forever” judges to Sam Brownback’s statement about Supreme Court appointments:

We can win this. We are one justice away from overturning Roe vs. Wade. I want to be the President that appoints that justice. So that we can end this night of wrong. And remember in every abortion there are at least two victims: there’s one dead and there’s one wounded.

The choice, as I have stated time and again, is clear: support Sam Brownback. Or do as Coleen is willing to do: sacrifice your core values for a non-conservative “Republican” who you will learn to hate with a passion if he ever gets near the Presidency. The choice is yours. Don’t regret your selection. It will haunt you forever.

Life indeed is “gift and mystery,” something which RINO Rudy neither respects nor understands. He’ll never be my nominee.

See also: Our previous coverage of Rudy Giuliani.

– Psycheout


  1. As a native New Yorker I can attest that Giuliani is a fraud whose record in NYC was so dismal that he couldn’t have elected dogcatcher until 9-11 when he became St. Rudy of the Rubble thanks to favorable and fallacious press.

    Comment by Les Morris — July 18, 2007 @ 10:18 pm | Reply

  2. Thank you, Les. I’m curious what you or anyone else has to say about Coleen’s quote. It sure sounds like cognitive dissonance to me. Or perhaps, brain damage.

    Coleen Savage said it’s difficult to support an abortion rights candidate, but Giuliani “can stand up against Hillary.”

    “To get the conservative, you’ve got to grit your teeth and take a little bit of the moderate or liberal,” said Savage, a corn-and-soybean farmer.

    Translation: I don’t like Hillary so I’m going to support her clone.

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long time. And I’ve been reading Adam and PG’s comments, so that’s a pretty impressive level of stupidity.

    PG probably accidentally chopped his head off while trying to peel a lemon, so that leaves Adam. What tragedy awaits him, I wonder.

    Comment by Psycheout — July 18, 2007 @ 10:24 pm | Reply

  3. Wow…Ad hominems when the subjects aren’t even present. That’s pretty low.

    Comment by AutoFire — July 19, 2007 @ 12:24 am | Reply

  4. jewliani sux rocks. i cant beleeve hes a repubican. hes a frawd and a lier. brownback is the only 1 who respeks life.

    Comment by JOE — July 19, 2007 @ 2:17 am | Reply

  5. wat a stoopid bich jewliani and hitlery are tha same

    Comment by JOE — July 19, 2007 @ 2:24 am | Reply

  6. Guilani’s flip-flopping over the sacred right to life is desperately transparent. If these are new-york values I want no part of them in my state. Guilani has lost what little moral authority he once possessed: He is a disgrace to all true conservatives.

    Comment by Tristan J. Shuddery — July 19, 2007 @ 4:08 am | Reply

  7. When I heard Guiliani was from New York that settled it for me. I want an American President with American values. If we are saying that can come form New York City we just was well let people from Quebec or Paris run for President.

    Comment by BJ Tabor — July 19, 2007 @ 1:45 pm | Reply

  8. Wow… lots of hate circulating through all these posts. Especially BJ; I think he’s a closet case.

    Comment by Adam Nelson — July 19, 2007 @ 3:08 pm | Reply

  9. Republican Presidential Nomination: 07/09/2007 – 07/18/2007

    Giuliani 25.0%
    Thompson 20.0%
    McCain 13.5%
    Romney 10.0%
    Brownback ???

    “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job!”

    [Ed Note: Posting this identical comment in 8 comment threads qualifies as spam. Do it again and you will be banned.]

    Comment by Tyler Durden — July 20, 2007 @ 8:15 am | Reply

  10. […] Blogs 4 Brownback: Rudy Giuliani: Abortion is not a litmus test. […]

    Pingback by Consider An American Ayatollah in the White House « My View from the Center — October 2, 2007 @ 9:53 pm | Reply

  11. Giuliani 9/11 Scandal “aka” Mr. 911 Mobster the Biggest Crooked Fraudster
    who infiltrated the american system in history.!

    and this closet criminal Rudolf fooliani Has the nerve to talk?

    See the who the Real sleazy Giuliani is!….

    Strike 1.- Just like World War 1

    Strike 2. -Just like World War 2.

    Strike 3.- Just like World War 3…
    Coming Soon!

    Comment by TH@AOL.COM — November 25, 2014 @ 1:53 pm | Reply

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