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April 21, 2008

Just How Delusional Are the Paultards?

Crazy Crank Ron PaulI get this question a lot and the answer is the same: “a lot.” Frankly, I thought the moonbat in liber-tard-itarian clothing had long since dropped out, and one look at the delusional ranting and hero worship demonstrated by his pot smoking Paultard posse, it’s obvious that those folk tuned on, turned in and dropped out long ago. The Ron Paul phenomenon must be attributable to bad acid and mass quantities of uppers. But that’s just a theory. The reality is probably much more frightening.

Here is a typical Paultard rant from a comment B4C on a fair but critical post written a long time ago (Paultards insist on getting the last word in, even if it’s really stupid):

To psycheout and all that would believe the rubbish spewed by psycheout,

Are you really so disconnected with reality that you believe the constitution is just a “god damned piece of paper”?

Do you really believe that McCain is the better choice over a Ron Paul for us and this country? Change your name to psychotic. [NOTE: LOL!]

McCain and his ilk are bad for this country (savings and loan comes to mind). A recession caused by politics as usual isn’t enough to jar your beliefs that the two party system is a detriment to this country? The tactic is “keep em fighting amongst them selfs and they’ll never notice how we’re raping the country”. And you’re really falling for it hook line and sinker.

Wake up and grow up. You don’t even know what freedom means do you? Let’s have an answer from this joke of an author. What does freedom mean to you you psychopath?

Ron Paul BoobsFor the benefit of the Paultards who haven’t figured out that the alternate voice that could really make a difference is Alan Keyes and not the conspiracy minded nutball who is Ron Paul, here’s a simple answer to that simpleminded foaming at the mouth rant:

Save your hysterics, Dichael M., assuming that’s your real name. [NOTE: Name obfuscated to save the poor guy any embarrassment.]

The Constitution is a goldarned piece of parchment, for your information. It gives us the right to bear arms, to choose our religion and speak out about the issues of the day, even if we are as deluded as you are. And you are if you think Ron Paul is the Second Coming. He’s not. And I’ve seen the Constitution, and I can assure you that it hasn’t been shredded or used as toilet paper or whatever you paranoids believe.

Someday you’re going to wake up and realize that Ron Paul is not G-d and you will realize what a fool you’ve been. It’s Beatlemania all over again.

Saint Paul is just some crazy moonbat who sounds the right note once in awhile for the politically naive. But in reality he’s a nutball version of the Pied Piper who would cheerfully lead you and the other Paultard lemmings off a cliff.

I am not without compassion, so I pray that one day you will wake up, grow up, and become an adult and dispense with the idol worship.

And yes, I do know what freedom is. Not being part of the cult of Paul actually is really helpful in that regard. Ron Paul is a snake oil salesman. But if you have a good use for snake oil, put it to good use, my poor deluded friend.

The sooner you grow up and become a conservative Republican, the better. And laying off the dope might help too.

Good luck, pal. In the case of Ronny Paulie, it’s hook, line and stinker. Believe me, you will look back in shame upon your slobbering support for this nobody in years to come.

Ron Paul Poster ChildNow for a dose of reality, which is something that Paultards find really difficult to face: Ron Paul will never get the Republican nomination. Alan Keyes realized that he was not going to beat McCain and switched to the Constitution party. Now that’s a real alternative. If you loons really care about the Constitution, you’d be voting for Alan Keyes. But you don’t, do you?

The Ron Paul campaign has been about cult of personality all along which is pretty ironic considering Ron Paul has no personality whatsoever. What’s funny about asking Paultards to support Alan Keyes is that Stormfront is behind Paul all the way. I can’t see them supporting Keyes however. Just like the moonbats on the left, Paul supporters really hate black people.

Can anyone confirm if Ron Paul is still running for President? I thought he already dropped out. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any RP blimps lately.

— Psycheout

March 20, 2008

File This One Under, “Who Cares?”

Still recuperating, but I just saw this:

The Democratic presidential race has tightened even more, with Hillary Clinton gaining an edge over Barack Obama among Democratic voters, according to a new Gallup poll.

The March 14-18 national survey of 1,209 Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters gave Clinton lead of 49 percent to 42 percent over Obama. The poll has an error margin of 3 percentage points.

So, amongst traitors that hate America, the traitors who like the black Muslim who attends sermons by a race-baiter are being edged out by the traitors who like the gay woman whose Vince Foster-murdering, Communist husband fornicated with a harlot in the Oval Office when he wasn’t abetting Osama Bin Laden or wrecking the US economy. Booor-ing!

The less said about those RINO McCainiacs, the better. He makes Communism look good, that phony.

On the other hand, real Americans are divided between praying for the Rapture to take them now, and rolling up their sleeves to continue to do God’s will here on Earth. Real Americans know that the only true candidate, Sam Brownback, will win in 2008. All we have to do is put God in our hearts, and Sam Brownback’s name on our write-in ballot slots. The Lord will watch out for his flock; He Is the Good Shepherd Who will not allow harm to befall them.

Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, so long as God and His Anointed Christian Patriot acolytes are there to guide me. Amen! HIS WILL BE DONE!

February 14, 2008

RINO McRomney

John McCain - Crazy Old ManIt looks like the Republican party is becoming just a centrist wing of the Democrat party.  Mitt Romney, the transparent flip flopper who attacked McCain all through the GOP nomination race, has flipped again.  Now he’s endorsing “maverick” RINO John “insane” McCain and ordering his delegates (all 280 of them) to fall in line behind (or under) the “Straight Talk Express.”  That’s funny, wasn’t Mittens calling McCain a liberal up until this point?  Perhaps this just proves that Mitt is liberal too, as he embraces what he once attacked.  What’s also telling is that on the day of the endorsement, stocks plunged.  What does that tell you?

Worse, there is serious speculation that this means that Mittens might be a shoe in for the Veep choice.  And I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rudy Giuliani get a cabinet position in a McLame Administration.  That brings all three parts of the “Rudy McRomney” triumvirate together.  And that spells disaster for conservatism, the Republican party and America in both the short and long term.

John McCain and Mitt RomneySo the two RINOs are burying the hatchet on Valentine’s Day and expressing their manly fondness for one another.  Considering that Governor Romney presided over the destruction of marriage, supporting the “right” of homosexuals to get married in Taxachussets, and had promised to be more supportive of the gay agenda than Ted Kennedy (when he ran against Teddy for the Senate), there may well be wedding bells in the near future.  John’s dropped an inconvenient wife before, and for Romney, there’s probably nothing fundamentally wrong with polygamy.

Who’s going to wear the dress though?  It would be easy to guess if one half of the happy couple was Rudy.  Wouldn’t that just turn your stomach?

Mitt RomneySo what does this mean for the general election?  Romney would do little to help McCain in the southern states, which Republican candidates desperately need to win the White House.  Perhaps an embarrassing loss to Clinbama will discredit the two RINOs and keep them from attempting future Presidential runs.  That would at least ensure that the next nominee is a real conservative, and not someone who is more than happy to stab Republicans in the back.

It’s time for prayers and reflection, folks.  Could you vote for a Rudy RINO McRomney ticket?  Could you live with yourself after casting such a vile and disheartening vote against all that you hold dear?

— Psycheout

February 7, 2008

Three Little Kittens Have Lost Their Mittens

Mitt RomneyFinally something we can all agree with Mitt Romney on.  He has decided to pack it in and drop out of the race for the Republican nomination.  This may be his final flip-flop of the campaign.  Previously he had said he would stay in until the convention.  Now he’s cutting and running.  We can all be thankful about that.

The good news here is that Mike Huckabee is now the conservative alternative to John McCain.  People confused by Mitt Romney’s pseudo-conservatism shtick can now shift their support to Huck.  And if Willard had dropped out before Super Tuesday, Huckabee would have done even better than he did.

John McCain can reassure Republican voters by picking a solid conservative running mate such as Jeb Bush, who would be a shoe in for President in 2012, or earlier if JMac kicks the bucket or goes insane.  A McCain/Bush or McCain/Huckabee ticket would wipe up the floor with the Democrat nominee.  Likewise would a Huckabee/Brownback ticket.

This is a great day for the Republican party.  Mittens the spoiler is gone.  Now the race gets interesting.

— Psycheout

February 6, 2008

The Fruits of McInsane/Hitlery/Osama

Angry JesusGod is sending us some signs, folks.

Residents in five Southern states tried to salvage what they could Wednesday from homes reduced to piles of debris, a day after the deadliest cluster of tornadoes in nearly a decade tore through the region, snapping trees and crumpling homes. At least 48 people were dead.

Wall Street got the message from the Almighty, anyway. Also, they know for sure that Democrats do to the economy what holy water does to vampires. They reacted accordingly.

Stocks regained some ground Wednesday as many investors, though still uneasy about the economy, decided to buy back into a market battered a day earlier by recession worries.
Better-than-expected profit results from Walt Disney Co. handed Wall Street some good news. Disney posted a 26 percent decline in profit late Tuesday, but the results beat expectations. The company — one of the 30 companies that make up the Dow Jones industrials — reported a 9 percent rise in revenue, thanks in part to the success of brands such as ESPN, “High School Musical” and “Hannah Montana.”

Wall Street and Jesus are telling us, loud and clear, that they will not tolerate government by RINOs, Socialists, and Islamists. Are you listening, America? Take your iPods out of your ears and try to understand: if Huckabee/Brownback doesn’t win, this nation is going to die. Alongside the death of this nation, everything you personally hold dear will perish. Unless you’re a liberal Helioleftist who craves Satanism, of course. But people like that are beyond reason.

January 22, 2008

Adios, Fred

Grandpa FredFred Thompson’s campaign has gone the way of Goliath:

Republican Fred Thompson, the actor-politician who attracted more attention as a potential presidential candidate than as a real one, quit the race for the White House on Tuesday after a string of poor finishes in early primary and caucus states.

“Today, I have withdrawn my candidacy for president of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort,” the former Tennessee senator said in a brief statement.

Thompson’s fate was sealed last Saturday in the South Carolina primary, when he finished third in a state that he had said he needed to win.

One less contender for the GOP. One less RINO in the way of the Huckabee/Brownback Presidency.

And as an added benefit, I never have to hear another word about that shameless harlot, Jeri Thompson. Her sluttish strumpetry threatened to derail our nation itself. God has mercifully placed her out of the public concern henceforth.

December 21, 2007

Mitt Romney in a Nutshell

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NutshellThis from Byron York over at The Corner. Jim Rappaport, formerly the head of the Republican party in Massachusetts on Romney’s slipperiness.

[Rappaport] said Romney “has a strong record of showmanship as opposed to actual performance.” Discussing Romney’s relationship with the Massachusetts state legislature, Rappaport said of the former governor, “His word is no good…Mitt Romney would say one thing in a meeting and literally go out of the meeting to the press and tell the opposite story.

“There was no desire in the legislature to be accommodating to him because they couldn’t trust him.” Romney, Rappaport continued, “will be clear today on what he believes today, and he’ll be clear tomorrow on what he believes tomorrow, but they may be different things.”

See also: Say Anything, yet another example of Mitt’s propensity to say anything to get elected, even if it’s false.  It’s very Clinton-esque, depending on what the meaning of “is” is.

— Psycheout

December 20, 2007

Tom the Tanc Thanks and Tanks Out

Tom Tancredo - No AmnestyAs B4C reported last night, the end was near. Now it’s official: Tom Tancredo has dropped out of the race. He will be remembered (or not) for bringing the issue of illegal immigration to the forefront, as far as the GOP Presidential campaign was concerned. But his single note candidacy never really caught on, since his rivals adopted his rabid anti-illegal stance, leaving little to differentiate himself from the rest of the pack.

Two months ago, on October 28, 2007, The Tanc announced that he would not be seeking re-election for his congressional seat (Colorado’s 4th District), so his failed Presidential bid is Tancredo’s swan song. His legacy will be written by, or ignored by, historians. The Tanc is, literally, history.

According to the firecracker of the web, Michelle Malkin, Tom Tancredo declared victory before ending his campaign in a blaze of irrelevance.

“The Tancredo campaign has already won.”

What else can I say, but “good.” Take Hunter (who I do respect), Cox, Keyes and Paul with you. None of you have a ghost of a chance.

Update: What else can I say? “Good riddance.” This non-entity endorsed Mittens. If you have nothing wise to say, Tommy, just shut up. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Sell out. Traitor.

Update 2: Moar reaction from Race 4 2008, the sauce for the very latest campaign news.

Update 3: Upon reflection, the Romney endorsement makes sense in perverse sort of way. Both Tancredo and Mittens hired illegals to labor at their respective mansions. Hypocritical high fives all around!

— Psycheout

December 18, 2007

Ron Paul: Dope Fiend

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I’ve discovered where all that “money bomb” cash money moronic moonbats donated to Ron Paul went. Big skunk fatties. Here’s a picture of Ron Paul that recently surfaced. Suffice to say, his campaign is history, or herstory (for the ladies).

Ron Paul - Stoner

Looks like you fools were all paying for a lifetime supply of jazz cigarettes for Ron “Stoner” Paul. Suckers.

Yep, Ron Paul flies higher than his stupid blimp.

Update: Apparently this photo is having an effect. Ron Paul’s poll numbers have slipped from 5% to a pathetic 3%. Alan Keyes is doing better. Ha ha, Paultards!

— Psycheout

December 14, 2007

Huckaboom Thanks To Brownback?

President Huckabee?The recent surge in Mike Huckabee’s stock has been nothing short of phenomenal. There’s no doubt about it. Is it Divine Providence? Several months ago, Huckabee, like Senator Brownback, was considered a long shot. But that has changed dramatically.

Who could have forseen a couple of months ago that in December, Huck would be leading Mittens in Iowa a staggering 39% to 23%? Giuliani, at a meager 8%, is virtually a non-factor like nutjob Ron Paul. He’s way down where many expected Huck and Brownback to be. Incredible.

In South Carolina, another primary state, Huckabee has shot past his rivals to take the top spot. Again, totally unexpected. Unprecedented even. Just what’s going on here? Is this the hand of G-d, tipping the scales to the leader that He, in his infinite wisdom, wants to lead the free world? If so, it’s best not to argue with Him.

I think all of us at Blogs 4 Brownback knew that it was only a matter of time before Republican primary voters got serious and finally realized that the frontrunners, especially Romney and Giuliani, were unacceptable RINOs and that when the time came, they would turn to a real Christian conservative. And they have begun to do that with only a short time to the primaries. In the nick of time, as it were.

We at B4B suspected that this would benefit Sam Brownback. And it likely would have if he’d only have stayed in the race. Sadly he bowed out too early, and this has given Huckabee the lion’s share of serious and thoughtful Republican voters. If only Sam had hung on a little longer, he’d probably be surging in the polls now as well as or instead of Huck. Ah, what could have been.

Huckabee is getting more attention now, a lot of it negative, as he is being seen as a serious threat by the RINO supporters, the media and the power elite. He’s been taking a beating from political sites like Race 4 2008 and from hacks and morons like Rich Lowry. But despite a couple weeks of relentless attacks Huck continues to soar. He flies like a mighty eagle while continuing to take flak and small arms fire.

And now he’s actually starting to get more money from donors and the support of professional politicos and GOP insiders like the brilliant Republican strategist Ed Rollins. Huck may well be the nominee, thanks in part to Sam Brownback exiting the race. And I guess, for that, more power to him. At least he’s a good Christian with executive and leadership experience.

Good luck, Huck. But watch out for the coming Sam Brownback write-in campaign. We aren’t going to just let you walk away with it. But it looks like you just might pull it off. What an amazing campaign season this has been so far. I think we can all agree on that.

Have a good weekend, everybody!

Update: For those of you who don’t know who Ed Rollins is and how his joining Huckabee’s team is significant:

A veteran Republican strategist considered by many the architect of Ronald Reagan’s 1984 landslide election victory is set to take the helm of Mike Huckabee’s surging presidential bid, CNN has learned.

Update 2: In addition to leading in Iowa and South Carolina, Huckabee also leads in Florida at 27%. Will there be a Huckasweep?

Update 3: Former Republican John Cole points and laughs at a bunch of so-called Republicans wetting their collective pants in fear over the Huckaboom. Huckenfreude.

— Psycheout

December 7, 2007

Mitt Romney Bites His Tongue

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Mitt Romney Talks To Trees, Not To AtheistsMitt Romney didn’t really say much in his highly anticipated flop of a speech on faith in America.  Any honest person would admit that.  But what’s significant is what he didn’t and still refuses to say.

A spokesman for the Mitt Romney campaign is thus far refusing to say whether Romney sees any positive role in America for atheists and other non-believers, after Election Central inquired about the topic yesterday.

There is that old adage: if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Ha ha, atheists!  Mittens doesn’t like you!  Take that, treefrogs.

— Psycheout

December 3, 2007

Mittens Set To Chat Up Mormonism

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Mitt Romney, MuppetizedOn Thursday, Mitt Romney, the slick chameleon, will attempt to more channel JFK than Reagan by trying to calm concerned folk about his Mormon faith.  He will attempt to sound like Jesus while parroting Joseph Smith.  And, for anyone other than his cheering fan section, the speech will fail to propel him towards the once thought inevitable nomination.

There is only one reason that this speech is being made now.  Well two, really.  Mike Huckabee and Iowa.  Will Mitt Romney be able to convince Iowan evangelicals that Mormonism is Christian and that it’s not a cult?  Sadly, no.  Wait, what am I saying?  Happily, no!  Go-o-o-o, Mittster!  “The speech,” as it’s being called, may well spell the beginning of the end for the Romney campaign.  Good.

For more detailed analysis, see Mitt Romney Rolls the Dice.

— Psycheout

November 27, 2007

Mittens Finally Gets Something Right

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Ask Mitt NothingIt’s not often that Mitt Romney says anything that real conservatives can agree with, so when he does it’s newsworthy. The Politico highlights one of these rare exceptions where OvenMitt gets something right for once.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, asked about putting a Muslim in his presidential Cabinet, said that he “cannot see that a Cabinet position would be justified” based on the percentage of Muslims in the U.S., according to an Islamic businessman who asked the question at a fundraising reception.

Okay, he got it half right. Population has nothing to do with it. Buying into the religion of pieces does.

Kevin Madden, Romney’s national press secretary, told Politico: “At this point, we’re not focused on what Gov. Romney’s Cabinet might look like. But the governor does not believe that in order to effectively fight radical jihad you need to have Muslims serving in the Cabinet.”

Not unless you want to lose the war on Terror by admitting a traitor into your inner circle. Well done, Mitt. It’s good to see you using your head for something other than a place to hang your toupee.

Update: Reformulating the population argument, I think I can agree with it: based on the percentage of Mormons in the population, I cannot see that a Mormon President Romney would be justified at this time.

— Psycheout

November 12, 2007

RINO Update

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PlugFor the latest on Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani, head on over to Blogs 4 Conservatives. Romney opines on Adam and Eve and removes his own figleaf, while the cozy Rudolph Giuliani – Bernard Kerik connection is explored. Can we trust his judgement? Sadly no.

— Psycheout

October 26, 2007

Et Tu, Georgia?

GavelGeorgia has gone RINO on us, allowing deviants and perverts to roam its streets at will:

Georgia’s Supreme Court on Friday ordered the release of a young man who has been imprisoned for more than two years for having consensual oral sex with another teenager.

The court ruled 4-3 that Genarlow Wilson’s 10-year sentence was cruel and unusual punishment.

Wilson, 21, was convicted of aggravated child molestation following a 2003 New Year’s Eve party at a Douglas County hotel room where he was videotaped having oral sex with a 15-year-old girl. He was 17 at the time.

Georgia has gone the way of California, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, and every other state that wants to let sexual perverts and predators molest children at will. The shameless decision of the Georgia Supreme Court will haunt each and every one of its members until the day they die and face judgment for their actions.

When we said that legitimizing homosexuality would lead to legitimizing NAMBLA, the moonbats scoffed. Now we see that America is one day closer to the fulfillment of that dour prophecy. I hope you’re happy that your children can now be savagely sodomized by vicious predators, leftists. You have sown the wind by letting homosexuals off the hook; now you reap the whirlwind in the form of legalized pederasty.

God please forgive America her sins, and lead her back into Thy Light.

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