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May 1, 2008

The D.C. Madam and the Wages of Sin

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DC MadamSin eventually catches up with sinners, and one way or another those who sin unrepentantly always come to a tragic end. So it was with D.J. Palfrey. She either committed suicide or was herself suicided for what she knew about powerful D.C. Democrats.

Deborah Jeane Palfrey, better known as the “D.C. Madam,” apparently has committed suicide at her mother’s Tarpon Springs home.

Tarpon Springs detectives said a body was found in a small storage shed on the west side of the mobile home. Handwritten notes were found that describe the victim’s intention to take her life, and foul play does not appear to be involved.

Was Billary Clinton on her client list? How about Barry Obambi? We’ll probably never know. The Democrats aren’t good at much, but they expert in murder and debauchery.

What’s interesting about the above excerpt is that it raises more questions than it answers. The Clintons have always been good at making their enemies commit “suicide” (Vince Foster) or die in “accidents” (Ron Brown). In fact, the trail of bodies left behind by the Clintons is rather impressive, if not intimidating. Perhaps the D.C. Madam may be added to that list. But I digress.

Back to the questions raised. “Apparently” committed suicide? “Handwritten notes?” In whose handwriting? What was said in these “handwritten notes?” Body “found” in a shed? Was it locked from the outside? One thing is for sure: it certainly is convenient for a lot of powerful Democrats that the D.C. Madam decided to shuffle off this mortal coil without playing her trump card, her client list. I bet a lot of adulterers and perverts in high places are breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Madam PalfreyFor those not familiar with the significance of the D.C. Madam story, perhaps a little background is in order:

Palfrey was convicted April 15 by a federal jury of running a prostitution service that catered to members of Washington’s political elite….

So naturally a lot of politicians and other powerful people were fearing exposure during the upcoming sentencing.

She was convicted of money laundering, using the mail for illegal purposes and racketeering. Palfrey faced a maximum of 55 years in prison and was free pending her sentencing July 24.

Facing that kind of time at her age, she likely would have struck a deal, including exposing powerful Democrats, in order to save her own skin. Something had to be done. And something apparently was.

Prosecutors had asked the judge to keep Palfrey locked up until her sentencing. But the judge refused, saying she was intelligent and knew she would be punished if she tried to flee the country.

Perhaps the judge was one of her clients or pressured by another to keep her out of jail. Why was this high-profile criminal, already convicted of serious crimes, not at least kept in protective custody? We can only speculate, but something doesn’t smell right.

Brandy BrittonAnd this is not the first “suicide” connected to this scandal.

One of the escort service employees was former University of Maryland, Baltimore County, professor Brandy Britton, who was arrested on prostitution charges in 2006. She committed suicide in January before she was scheduled to go to trial.

If that doesn’t set off alarm bells, here’s how the D.C. Madam herself responded to Brandy’s “suicide.”

Last year, Palfrey said she, too, was humiliated by her prostitution charges, but said: “I guess I’m made of something that Brandy Britton wasn’t made of.”

What, or rather who, made her change her mind? This is very suspicious indeed. Something doesn’t add up here.

What the D.C. Madam knew about the Clintons, Obama and other powerful Democrats will go to the grave with her corpse. It’s very likely that any inconvenient evidence was “cleaned” by a DNC containment squad prior to the dumping of Palfrey into the shed with manufactured suicide notes.

We can only hope that Palfrey hid some of the evidence she died for that will resurface later and expose those her very existence put in danger. Perhaps the story is not at its end.

But one thing is clear from this episode: when one flagrantly sins without repentance the wages are pretty steep. The D.C. Madam certainly found this out firsthand. What really happened, however, we may never really know.

Please contact B4B if you have further information about this case that will expose the truth.

Update: For the idiot complaining about the quoted article being from a blog (maintained by the St. Petersburg Times, a mainstream newspaper), here’s another.  Is the liberal BBC good enough for you?

Ms Palfrey, often referred to as “the DC Madam”, was found hanged in a shed next to her mother’s house in Florida.

Notice the use of the passive voice.  She was “found hanged,” not simply that she hung herself.  Strange.  But yes, the D.C. Madam really is dead.  Do you believe it now?  What’s wrong with you people?

Oh noes, I got that link from another blog, so the story must be false!  /sarc

— Psycheout