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April 29, 2008

The War on Christianity Goes On And On And On

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Jesus with ChildrenWhat liberal media? Oh, that one.

Family and friends had urged Dale and Leilani Neumann to get help for their daughter, but the father considered the illness “a test of faith” and the mother never considered taking the girl to the doctor because she thought her daughter was under a “spiritual attack,” the criminal complaint said.

Darn those parents who would not give into secular humanism! They must be scapegoated! NOW! Call in the feminazi atheist squad, stat!

“It is very surprising, shocking that she wasn’t allowed medical intervention,” Marathon County District Attorney and proud atheist Christian hating feminazi Jill Falstad said. “Her death could have been prevented if only she’d been brainwashed into secular progressivism.” She later added “being a lesbian is great!”

But these folk must be evil, right? They’re Christians, so they must be criminals!

Falstad said the Neumanns have cooperated with investigators and are not under arrest.

Oh, oops. But they’re still evil.

Randall Wormgoor, a friend of the Neumanns, told police that Dale Neumann led Bible studies at his business, Monkey Mo Coffee Shop, and believed physical illness was due to sin, curable by prayer and by asking for forgiveness from God, the complaint said.

And what’s wrong with that? Uh, nothing. Let the persecution begin!

Wormgoor said he and his wife, Althea, were at the Neumann home when Madeline — _ called Kara by her parents — met Jesus. Wormgoor said he had urged the father to seek medical help and was told the illness “was a test of faith for the Neumann family and asked the Wormgoors to join them in praying for Kara to get well,” the complaint said.

And did the Wormgoors join the Neumann family and pray for Madeline? No. Why? Because they hated Jesus with all their hearts. And they likely worshipped Satan too and were probably mostly responsible for the poor child’s death. But she is in a much better place now, Heaven. G-d bless her.

Leilani Neumann, 40, told the AP previously she never expected her daughter to die. The family believes in the Bible, which says healing comes from God, but they have nothing against doctors, she said.

Nothing against doctors? Huh? But I thought they were evil Christians who are obviously crazy? No? Oops. Oh well.

Dale Neumann, 46, a former police officer, has said he has friends who are doctors and started CPR “as soon as the breath of life left” his daughter’s body.

And where were the Wormgooers at the time? I think they need to be investigated. Maybe they’re voodoo practitioners and Obama supporters. You never know.

One relative told police that the girl’s mother believed she “died because the devil is trying to stop Leilani from starting her own ministry,” the complaint said.

This should also be investigated. But will the liberal media follow up? Doubtful. Why? Well, because Christianity is stupid! Communism is good! Madness reigns on this sinful planet, doesn’t it?

B4B plans to set up a defense fund for the Neumanns. They do not deserve the anti-religion persecution they are facing. They did what they thought was right for their daughter who smiles on them from Heaven.

Religious freedom is what made America great. Freedom from persecution is what will continue to keep the U.S.A. great (sorry foreigners, but you know this instinctively, even if you refuse to admit it). And secular humanism is a cul-de-sac, a dead end of evil and perversion. We all know this to be true.

Prayer is what is needed at this time. Not persecution. What say you, America?

— Psycheout