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April 30, 2008

Quotable Quote of the Day

Filed under: Housekeeping & Maintenance,Truth — Psycheout @ 6:15 am

Thumbs Up!The stark contrast between wisdom and idiocy in our comment threads is sometimes startling.  But wading through them proves to be worthwhile when one comes across gems like this:

To you, reliable sources require a flag in the fireplace, a cross in the toilet, and excessive praise reaped upon Darwin. If it gives compliments to the Republican Party or Bush, it is automatically bunk to you.

This is Bob Corker as his best.  He is responding to a constant complainer in the thread, whining that he doesn’t trust B4B’s facts and citations (“As for reliable sources, I haven’t seen any of those here yet.”), even though we link to mainstream news sources and always cite our sources in plain view.  Our whiner on the other hand never cites sources and provides nothing other than baseless complaints.

Well done, Bob.  B4B’s comment threads would not be the same without you!

Hat Tip: Thanks to Tyler Dresden for pointing this out and recommending this post via email.

— Psycheout