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April 21, 2008

Hilldog Vows To Obliterate Iran

Teh Hilldog SaluteAlthough she is a serial liar like her philandering husband, at least she seems to have a firm grasp on foreign policy in the abstract. But would she have the balls to follow through or would she get all weepy like she did in New Hampshire? Well here’s the quote:

“I want the Iranians to know that if I’m the president we will attack Iran,” Clinton said.

And she elaborated further, adding that “we would be able to totally obliterate them.” Her campaign also put out an ad that included her pal, Osama bin Laden, stating “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

I might add, if you can take the heat, ma’am, then, with all due respect (none), bake me some cookies. I don’t think someone with the mood swings and hormonal instability that an obvious barking mad moonbat loon like Hillary has belongs in the Ovum Office. The office goes to someone based on merit, not gender or skin color. The Democrat party still hasn’t figured that out.

Hillary with Osama and SaddamBut at least she who must not be named has the right idea about Iran. Too bad for her McCain already beat her to it with his “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” song.

The Clintons become more irrelevant every day. But if she somehow worms her way back into the White House, we can all pray that she has the courage to say “I’ve just signed legislation outlawing Iran forever. The bombing begins in 5 minutes.”

Meanwhile Barry Osama sobs, “Why can’t I just eat my waffle?” He further elaborated under his breath, “Leggo my Eggo.” Note to the crybaby: real Americans eat pancakes, not waffles, you elitist snob.

Democraps: can’t live with them, can live without them. Useless, the whole rancid, festering nest of them.

What say you?

Hat Tip: Hot Air.

— Psycheout

Muslims Is the Kwaziest People!

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Mecca at the Centre of the EarthB4B readers may wish to buckle their seat belts before reading further, because this story made me fall out of my chair.

Muslim scientists and clerics have called for the adoption of Mecca time to replace GMT, arguing that the Saudi city is the true centre of the Earth.

Hahahahahaha! I know Saudi Arabia is hot, but the “centre of the Earth!?!” Now that’s really hot! Do you have to take an elevator to get down there?

But upon sober reflection, we all know what’s at the center of the Earth: hell. Perhaps this is the truth of the Muslim religion hidden in plain sight for all to see — that the “religion of peace” is “centered” on Satan rather than God. It sure would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?

Mecca is the direction all Muslims face when they perform their daily prayers.

I don’t know about you, but when I pray, I don’t pray to a stone owl or some other terrestrial monument. I direct my prayers upwards to God. False idols are forbidden. Jesus will hear my words even if I don’t have a compass.

One geologist argued that unlike other longitudes, Mecca’s was in perfect alignment to magnetic north.

Unfortunately for him, the rest of the geologists laugh at him. What does “perfect alignment” have to do with anything? If Mecca was so important, then why isn’t it situated at magnetic north, hmmmm? Think about that.

He said the English had imposed GMT on the rest of the world by force when Britain was a big colonial power, and it was about time that changed.

This is a thinly veiled threat. Islam commands its adherents to convert or kill the infidel. The Arab world wants to become the next big colonial power. It’s all about conquest. We must resist.

And get this: there’s even a Mecca watch. How’s this for symbolism?

The watch is said to rotate anti-clockwise and is supposed to help Muslims determine the direction of Mecca from any point on Earth.

Yes, a watch that runs backwards! These crazy people want to turn back the clock, to make time run backwards, contrary to the laws set up by God Himself. Clearly putting the power to control global time in the hands of Muslim fundamentalists is the first step in allowing them to control the flow of time itself. This would stop progress in its tracks. The correct answer is “no.”

Look guys, you can make watches that run backwards and use funny scribbles in place of numbers in your own country, but don’t force it on the rest of us. We believe in freedom. Freedom of religion, and freedom from yours. If you want to believe you live at the “centre” of the Earth, fine. Stay there. Stay warm. And let the rest of us continue to live in the 21st century. Thanks.

Apologies in advance to Muslims who disagree with those who speak loudly and foolishly in their name, and especially to those who do not support terrorism and world conquest. I have no quarrel with you.

Thanks to longtime B4B reader MikeM for bringing this story to our attention.


KKK: The Terrorist Wing of the Democrat Party

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Robert 'Sheets' ByrdYesterday in forgotten, yet essential, history — Republicans outlawed the KKK:

On this day in 1871, the Republican-controlled 42nd Congress passed and the Republican President, Ulysses Grant, signed into law the Ku Klux Klan Act. The law banned the KKK and other Democrat terrorist organizations. President Grant then deployed federal troops to crush a Klan uprising in South Carolina.

And why would Republicans do this? I thought they were supposed to be racist?

For decades after the Civil War, the Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party. Klansmen murdered hundreds of Republican activists and office-holders, including U.S. Representative James Hinds (R-Arkansas).

Republicans have always led the fight against terrorism and terrorists. Same as always.

Liberal historians have tried to rewrite history ever since, attempting to paint the Republican Party as the racists and conflating the GOP with the KKK. But what party has a KKK Senator named Robert “Sheets” Byrd? That’s right. The Democrat Party. Some things never change.

Race baiting, race pimping, and outright racism. It’s all in the party. The Democrat Party. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it (or allow it to happen again). The Democrat Party: the party of terrorism and racism. Never forget.

— Psycheout

April 19, 2008

Hating Joe Lieberman

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Senator Joe LiebermanWhen I set out to choose a running mate, I said from the start that I had three simple tests:

First, and most importantly, I wanted someone who had the experience, the character, and the judgment to become President on a moment’s notice, should that ever become necessary.

Second, I wanted someone who could work with me as a partner – someone who shares my values, and believes in the promise of America — as I do.

And third, I wanted someone who would fight right alongside me for the people, not the powerful.

Joe Lieberman has the experience and the integrity. He has the courage and the commitment. And for all his public life, Joe Lieberman has stood for working families.

No one is better prepared to be Vice President of the United States.

Those are the words of Al Gore, spoken in Nashville, Tennessee, on August 8th, 2000.

You know: the guy whom the Democrats are now begging to stop the slap fight between Clinton and Obama. Al Gore: the guy who won the Nobel Prize for Hot Air. He was just loving on Joe Lieberman back then.

So how did it come to pass that hating Joe Lieberman has become such a cottage industry that the most slack-jawed, doctrinaire, unoriginal, three-hits-per-week liberal blogger can now post “Lieberman Sucks!” and be rewarded with a Comments thread that the Huffington Post would envy?

I know: it must have happened later. Yes, 2005, it definitely must have happened in 2005.

November 29, 2005

Washington, DC — Today, Senators Clinton and Lieberman announced that they will introduce the Family Entertainment Protection Act when Congress reconvenes in two weeks.

No, it was 2006.

July 14, 2006

HARTFORD, Conn. –Former President Bill Clinton is sticking up for U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman and his support of the Iraq war.

“If we allow our differences over what to do now in Iraq to divide us instead of focusing on replacing Republicans in Congress; that’s the nuttiest strategy I ever heard in my life,” Clinton told the nonprofit cultural organization.

Then it had to be in 2007. But, wait, Hillary Clinton voted for the Kyl-Lieberman amendment in September of 2007.

Joe LiebermanWhen did Joe Lieberman so change his essential nature that he now deserves the scorn of liberals? We have at least one of the Democrats running for president voting for his amendment just a few months ago.

“But, but, but, he endorsed McCaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!” “He’s campaigning for McCaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!”

So he is. A man with a lifelong record of supporting the Democratic party’s agenda is now working for the other party’s candidate. The man who was the object of Al Gore’s approbation as well as his choice for VP Went Over to the Other Side!

It couldn’t be that he’s just a little bit disgusted by both Hillary and Obama in their race to promise more and more of what they can’t and won’t deliver now could it? Nor could it be their unseemly and craven struggle to see who can raise the white flag highest and quickest in Iraq either. No, Joe Lieberman has just gone crazy. That’s it. No sense in looking at yourselves, Democrats. No sense in wasting a minute’s thought on why Joe Lieberman left the party after serving it for so many years.

Rock on Democrats! It’s going to be an interesting election for you.

April 18, 2008

Carter Hearts Hamas

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Jimmah CahtahWho’s Your Jihaddi?

Nobel laureate and America’s Dodderer-In-Chief Jimmy Carter’s recent rush into the arms of the terrorist group Hamas does not bode well for the Democrat party this Fall. Carter’s whirlwind Terrorists Need Love Too tour next touches down in Cairo where he’ll meet with Hamas leaders from Gaza. After that, a meeting with Hamas top official, Khaled Mashaal, in sunny, terrorist-loving Syria. As part of the ceremonies, Mashaal will present Carter with an autographed suicide belt – something the Democrats may well need for a painless exit from their doomed lurch at the White House as one of the senior members of their party rushes repeatedly and publicly into the arms of America’s implacable enemies.

This isn’t the first time that Carter has shown questionable judgment. In 1977 he negotiated and signed the Panama Canal Treaties which turned over a strategic US asset to corrupt Panamanian military dictator Omar Torrijos.

The Nobel Peace Prize is not a license to meddle. Thinking people may well question why someone who was awarded a prize for peace chooses to spend his time with thugs who are committed to nihilistic destruction and mayhem.

Obambi Gives America the Finger

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Not content with insulting rural Americans and middle America, now Obama has given the middle finger to the entire nation.

Obama Giving Us the Finger

Nice going, Barry.  That’ll really help your chances.  /sarc


April 17, 2008

Cao’s Having a Party and You’re All Invited

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CaoProbably the most exciting radio talk show host this side of Rush Limbaugh and Taylor Marsh is Cao (pronounced “Key,” not “Cow,” you liberal trolls).

She does a daily weekly radio show that kicks lieberal backside and takes names. And she’s having a trackback party with some of the greatest names in blogging.

So if you’ve got the time to prevent the homo agenda and democrat defeatism and liberal liberalism, give her a listen. You’ll be glad you did. And she looks almost exactly like Linda Hamilton. She’s the gal who terminated the Terminator. She’ll do the same to the libs. “You’re terminated, lover.”

— Psycheout

April 16, 2008

B4B Exclusive: I Agree with B. Hussein Obama

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Gun CrazyIn tonight’s Democrat debate, Barry Obama said that the mentally deranged should not have guns. I agree. DemocRATs should not be allowed to own guns. Political affiliation should be required on the form when buying a gun, even a cap gun. If you’re a Republican, you get extra ammo for free. Fair’s fair.

I realize that this may not be popular, but Barry Islamobama (credit due to Psycheout) is right. Don’t let it be said that Blogs 4 Brownback is not fair. When a LIEberal DemocRAT is right, on that very rare occasion, B4B gives him props. So good for you, you gay homo crackhead muslim elitist snob, you got one right.

And it also became clear tonight that Shrillary is the anti-Mary, since she can’t possibly be the anti-Christ, not without a transgender operation, which would be a sin against God. Come to think of it, [s]he may already have had one. Discuss, if you dare.

Update: Hitlery just affirmed her support of affirmative inaction. If she really did, she’d have conceded to the gay negro voodoo priest, Barry Hussein Osama, weeks ago. Is she a liar or what?

Update 2: Doesn’t Shrillary look like a lesbian dyke tonight? No wonder she killed Vince Foster. He probably witnessed one of her many gay lesbian orgy blood sex rituals. Remember Elizabeth Bathory?

Update 3: Hitlery (aka She-Ra-Mamon-Lesbos) praised Reagan and Bush tonight. Who in the world is she trying to fool? She probably hired John Hinckley, Jr who was trying to impress Jodie Foster who played a whore in Taxi Driver. Hitlery is a gay lesbian whore who bathes in virgin blood to look young (too bad it doesn’t work). Coincidence? I think not.

Update 4: Obama said “bottom up.” Is he gay? Probably. Discuss your theories here.


Supreme Court: Hang ’em High

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Hang 'em HighThe Supreme Court today smacked down the ridiculous arguments by tree huggers and criminal lovers about the death penalty being too mean to murderers and society’s trash.  States reacted swiftly to the news by greenlighting executions put on hold pending the high court’s decision.  Good!

U.S. executions are all but sure to resume soon after a nationwide halt, cleared Wednesday by a splintered Supreme Court that approved the most widely used method of lethal injection.

Virginia immediately lifted its moratorium; Oklahoma and Mississippi said they would seek execution dates for convicted murderers, and other states were ready to follow after nearly seven months without an execution in the United States.

America has some catching up to do: seven months worth of injustice needs to be reversed.

This is a time to celebrate.  God’s law has been upheld.  I say fry ’em or hang ’em, but if all we got is the needle now, stick it to ’em.  An eye for an eye, not a smack on the wrist.  Liberals want to coddle criminals, while conservatives just kill them.

Who would you rather have in charge?


The Sharpie: A Dangerous Gateway Drug

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SharpieIt’s rare that I find good cause to praise anything that secular humanist public schools do, but in this case a school might just have saved lives.  So a round of applause is certainly in order.

Adams School District 50 is defending its decision to punish a third grader for sniffing a Sharpie marker.

In druggie circles, the practice is called “huffing.”  It’s where common household chemicals and even marking pen fumes are concentrated and inhaled.  It can lead to intoxication, nausea, euphoria, vomiting and even masturbation or death.

Harris used a black Sharpie marker to color a small area on the sleeve of his sweatshirt. A teacher sent him to the principal when she noticed him smelling the marker and his clothing.

“It smelled good,” Harris said. “They told me that’s wrong.”

Well no kidding, you stupid kid!  It can destroy your life if not your brain.  Idiot!

Huffers start getting their kicks from marking pens, but soon move on to pouring chemicals such as paint or insecticide or even gasoline into paper bags and inhaling the fumes.  If your kid comes out of the garage looking guilty or confused with paint all around his mouth, you probably have a huffer on your hands.  Get him to treatment immediately, otherwise he’ll likely move on to more dangerous drugs like crack, heroin or even marijuana, the devil’s drug of choice.

“This is really, really, seriously dangerous,” Benisch said.

In his letter suspending the child, Benisch wrote that smelling the marker fumes could cause the boy to “become intoxicated.”

School is no place to be intoxicated or to huff dangerous mind-altering chemicals.  That goes for students as well as teachers.

The principal did the right thing here by throwing the book at this little criminal.  And the quick and forceful action by the school may well deter other potential druggies from going down the same road.  Only losers use drugs.  Winners turn them in.

If your parents, siblings, friends or neighbors are suspected by you of using drugs, you should turn them into the local police and get a reward.  It’s the right thing to do and can be profitable.  And you just might save some lives through your vigilance.

Be a winner and turn criminals into the authorities.

Addendum: Note that in the “Sharpie” ad shown above that the manufacturers know what their product is really used for.  The ad copy encourages users to “Go MENTAL,” a not so subtle reference to huffing the fumes to get high.  Shameless, aren’t they?

— Psycheout

Latest Clinton Ad Having Little Impact

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Hitlery ClintonFeminazi Hitlery Clinton continues to go on the attack over Barry Osama’s elitist attack on rural folk who he looks down his nose at and it continues to have little or no impact. In fact she was recently booed off the stage for even bringing it up. The Clintons have always been very skilled at the art of political mudslinging and character assassination, but pointing out again and again and again and again and again that Obama is an elitist snob who thinks rural folk are morons isn’t scoring points for the other elitist snob, Hillary Clinton. Why? That’s simple.

Most Democrats already hate rural folks anyway, so they largely agree with the hellbeast on this one. But Shrillary seems to have forgotten that she is not running for the Republican nomination. If she were, the issue of what Islamobama said would have a lot more impact. But she’s not. And she seems to be less interested in running against John McCain than she does against Barry. In fact it seems like she’s trying take down her Democrat party opponent as if he were Vince Foster or one of the many other corpses buried by the Clinton death squads over the years.

Beating a Dead Horse
Hillary Clinton’s Latest Ad

Hillary is using the right strategy against the wrong opponent. Perhaps she is vying for the VP slot for John McCain. She certainly seems more interested in destroying Barry than her good friend JMac. But she can’t help it, she’s a Clinton, and that’s what these people have always been about. They are just as vicious and evil against their friends, if not more so, than they are against their enemies.

The Clintons would probably kill everyone in the United States if it meant that her shrillness could take her “rightful” place in the White House. It’s really sad, isn’t it? Billary has spent too long in the bowl that is American politics. It’s time to flush her down.

In the meantime someone needs to call animal control and rescue. Somebody needs to stop Hillary from beating that poor dead horse. Have you at long last no shame you vile feminazi? Sadly no.

B4B Fact: Those who “cling to” guns and religion don’t vote for DemocRATs anyway, as voters know that liberals want to take those things away.  It’s a fact.

— Psycheout

April 14, 2008

Obama and Marx: Even Joe Lieberman Can’t Tell the Difference

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Che ObamaWe’ve pointed out before that Barack Obama is likely a closet communist and a gay homosexual crackhead, and now Senate colleague Joe Lieberman even admits that he’s unsure whether the boy Senator is a Marxist. Frankly, I don’t blame him. Who can tell?

Judge Andrew Napolitano asked Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) if Obama is “a Marxist as Bill Kristol says might be the case?” “I must say that’s a good question,” replied Lieberman, before stepping back to say that he would “hesitate to say he’s a Marxist.”

Wow, if even a Senate co-worker is unsure whether Islamobama is a Marxist, how are the voters supposed to tell? It’s just not worth the risk. It’s high time that elitist snob Barry Obama comes clean with the American people, or at the very least disavow communism and go on record to state clearly and under oath that he was never a member of the Communist Party. He should also inform the American people that Marx was wrong.

Barring that, he should go run for President of Russia. Fair enough? What say you?

— Psycheout


It’s official.



April 13, 2008

Hill’ry’s Got a Gun

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If this doesn’t scare you nothing will. Hillary’s got a gun. Run!

Hill\'ry\'s Got a Gun

At least her highness isn’t a snobby elitist like Islamobama.

After a weekend spent making direct appeals to gun owners and church goers, Hillary Clinton said Sunday a query about the last time she fired a gun or attended church services “is not a relevant question in this debate” over Barack Obama’s recent comments on small town Americans.

“We can answer that some other time,” Clinton said at a press conference held in a working class neighborhood here. “This is about what people feel is being said about them. I went to church on Easter. I mean, so?”

“I mean, so?” Ha ha, take that Homobamamorons! What do you folks think about a McCain/Clinton unity ticket? I’d prefer Brownback/Huckabee myself.

See also: More horror.

Moar see also: I dunno why, but this reminds me so much of Mittens Romney.

Consider this an open thread. You know what to do.

— Psycheout

Gold Medal Award for Excellence

Gold Medal Award for ExcellenceSpeaking for myself only.

For no reason in particular, brother site and lefty moonbat blog John Cole’s Balloon Juice has been awarded the Gold Medal Award for Excellence.  Why is this significant?  Well, Balloon Juice used to be a conservative blog and has since taken an insane turn to the left.  But regardless of whether you agree or disagree with his anti-American rants, John Cole continues to be the same angry blogger he’s always been.  And Balloon Juice continues to be a very entertaining site.  There’s no denying that.

For that reason, and that reason alone, John Cole’s Balloon Juice won, unanimously, the Gold Medal for Excellence award.  Congratulations, John.  Keep up the entertaining and unhinged posts.  It’s what free speech is all about: the right to be utterly and assuredly wrong in a loud, proud voice.  And B4B is obviously a non-partisan site.  We simply know excellence when we see it.  And we’ve seen it over at John Cole’s Ballon Juice.

I encourage all of our readers, especially those who hate America and everything she stands for to visit John Cole’s Balloon Juice.  It’s really out of this world.

— Psycheout After Dark

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