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April 24, 2008

Is Jenna Bush a Brownbacker?

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Laura and Jenna BushIt’s hard to be sure, but it’s clear that the President’s lovely daughter is no McCainiac.

In Republican circles, this could constitute a form of sacrilege.

Speaking on Larry King Live last night, first daughter Jenna Bush, who appeared alongside first lady Laura Bush, confessed that she’s not sure if she’ll vote for the presumptive Republican nominee for president, Sen. John McCain.

Political insiders close to Jenna and not-Jenna who spoke with B4B on the condition of anonymity say that Jenna is very likely to support and exercise the Brownback write-in option.  Jenna herself was not available for comment.

— Psycheout

April 21, 2008

KKK: The Terrorist Wing of the Democrat Party

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Robert 'Sheets' ByrdYesterday in forgotten, yet essential, history — Republicans outlawed the KKK:

On this day in 1871, the Republican-controlled 42nd Congress passed and the Republican President, Ulysses Grant, signed into law the Ku Klux Klan Act. The law banned the KKK and other Democrat terrorist organizations. President Grant then deployed federal troops to crush a Klan uprising in South Carolina.

And why would Republicans do this? I thought they were supposed to be racist?

For decades after the Civil War, the Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist wing of the Democratic Party. Klansmen murdered hundreds of Republican activists and office-holders, including U.S. Representative James Hinds (R-Arkansas).

Republicans have always led the fight against terrorism and terrorists. Same as always.

Liberal historians have tried to rewrite history ever since, attempting to paint the Republican Party as the racists and conflating the GOP with the KKK. But what party has a KKK Senator named Robert “Sheets” Byrd? That’s right. The Democrat Party. Some things never change.

Race baiting, race pimping, and outright racism. It’s all in the party. The Democrat Party. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it (or allow it to happen again). The Democrat Party: the party of terrorism and racism. Never forget.

— Psycheout

April 7, 2008

Move Over Obama, Make Way for a Side of Rice

Condi in ChargeThe GOP has a wildcard in its pants that may just kick the Democrat party right in the junk.  Condi Rice, probably the best Secretary of State ever, is seriously considering injecting new life into the McCain candidacy by becoming the old guy’s VEEP.  And she’s a black (obama) woman (clinton).  So much for the defeatocrats.  And Condi knows how to win the War on Terror — she’s foreign policy expert, unlike either of the Dems.

If the choice is between an inexperienced hope monger and a smart woman with real experience, blacks will flock to the Republican party in droves.  The Democrats might as well give up now.


March 31, 2008

Dating Dos and Do Not Dos: Don’t Date a Liberal

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Sharon Soon of Conservatives with AttitudeThis is for the young readers out there. I know that a lot of the stuff written here is about politics and current events that might be too difficult for you to understand or too dry to catch your interest. One young person wrote, “Dear Mr. Psycheout, what about something for us conservative kids?” Well, Billy. This one’s for you.

A lot of young folk out there are looking for a life partner. A woman to bear his children or a man to tell her what to do. But finding that special someone who holds the right views is a sometimes difficult task. The most important thing, however, should be obvious: don’t date a liberal or an atheist, even if you are chaperoned by your loving parents.

Right Wing News has an article of interest for those of you still seeking that good Christian young man or young lady to share your life with. It’s all about dating from six smart and attractive conservative bloggers. And they all seem to have the same advice on dating a liberal: don’t do it!

Cassy Fiano of WizbangAccording to Wizbanger Cassy Fiano,

I tend not to date liberals, for a reason. Politics is so important to what I do and I follow it so much. I can’t respect a guy who’s liberal all that much because it makes me question his intelligence. So, that’s a big minus because I’m thinking how smart can this guy be if he thinks John Kerry is a great politician? (Laughs) If he thinks Barack Obama would be a great President, I think, gee, how bright could this guy be?

And sassy Cassy also highlights the differences, the important ones:

They [liberals] don’t have the manners that conservatives do. I think that’s because conservative men buy into this feminist orthodoxy less. They don’t have a thing about paying for you on a date, holding a door open, being a gentleman. Conservatives do that more than liberals do. …just the old fashioned gentleman type that women really want, but there aren’t that many of them out there any more.

Karol Sheinin has some advice if one finds oneself accidentally dating a libbie: change him. She proudly boasts “Some of the guys I have dated started out liberal, but they didn’t stay that way.” You go girl!

It’s a slow process, but not impossible and I’ve done it. But, I sort of prefer to just date someone who’s conservative right off the bat because the conversion thing, you never really know if they are doing it just to keep you happy or what. …I definitely have strong convictions and politics is important to me. It’s an essential part of my life. …It seems like it’s just political beliefs but those things extend into other facets of your life — how you raise children, and what kind of marriage you’re going to have…

Sharon Soon of Conservatives with AttitudeSharon Soon has similar thoughts on dating liberals. It’s just not worth it!

It’s kind of like night and day. I have always had a policy of not dating liberals, but once, after a bad break-up, I dated a couple of liberal guys…

First of all, they don’t have the same values and I find that to be a fundamental problem. I know a lot of people are willing to accept that, but I’m not. Their whole world view is different from someone who has conservative values and traditional values as a way of life.

And Sharon understands the misguided liberal mindset and lifestyle as well as any political scientist.

Being focused on yourself, and your rights, and materialism, and no ultimate sense of morality — because I guess when you believe in a more secular way of life, a more liberal viewpoint, it’s all about what you can do for yourself and how you can be happy…and you don’t have any belief in absolute truth or religious principles to guide how you live. You get guys who are selfish and into themselves and don’t care so much about humanity, other people, or me — that just leads to a lot of problems. I also have a problem with guys who are into things like getting completely trashed and doing drugs…

In other words, liberals are dirty hedonistic hippies, sociopaths with no moral compass. Well said, Miss Soon!

Michelle Oddis of Human EventsPlucky Michelle Oddis of Human Events concurs:

Yeah, in the past year, I think I’ve dated one or two of them [dirty G-dless liberals]. There is usually an issue there with religion, which is kind of frustrating, because you’re not necessarily going to go out on one or two dates with someone and think that you’re going to marry them. But, with long term goals, how you’re going to raise your kids, whether you’re going to bring them to church or not, you wonder if that person is going to show the same values — there tends to be a difference there with liberal guys.

Another turn-off with liberal guys, at least for me, tends to be 2nd Amendment stuff. Gun rights? I think it’s kind of wimpy when guys don’t think people should be able to protect themselves.

Michelle obviously has the right idea. Way to go, girl!

Dawn Eden, author of the fantastic book The Thrill of the Chaste: Finding Fulfillment While Keeping Your Clothes On, is able to see right through to the inner core of your average liberal. There’s nothing there. It’s all empty and fake.

…My experience with liberals is that superficially, they may be more fun to be around. They’re a bit looser and more relaxed. They make an effort to be more sensitive, but the sensitivity only goes so far. It’s easy for a man to keep this illusion of being a great, sensitive romantic if he knows he’s just going to sleep with you and then say good-bye. Anybody can be Mr. Love God for one night or one week or one month.

When I became conservative, which coincided with my becoming a Christian, I realized that even though there were things I liked sentimentally about liberal men, I wanted somebody who shared my values. Conservatives might not always be so easy to get along with at first, but I thought it was worth my time to get to know men who were compatible with me and would eventually warm up.

It should be pretty clear by now that dating a liberal is a big mistake. Ask your prospective dates if they support the President, support the troops and who they will be voting for this November. If they say Osama or Hitlery, put a big red X next to their name and add their number to the block list. Why waste time with losers who have no values?

Update: There’s some great commentary over at Michelle’s crib as usual.  Like this great poem that says it all:

Would I? Could I? Date a liberal?

I would not date one, I would not!
I don’t like their values, I don’t smoke their pot.

I would not have one in my house, I would not have one for my spouse.

When they talk of peace and war, they scream and shout … it’s such a bore.


— Psycheout

February 27, 2008

Passing of a Lion of Patriotism

RIP, William F. Buckley.

William F. Buckley Jr., the erudite Ivy Leaguer and conservative herald who showered huge and scornful words on liberalism as he observed, abetted and cheered on the right’s post-World War II rise from the fringes to the White House, died Wednesday. He was 82.

If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. I’m too upset to write very much about it.

February 26, 2008

Profiles in Courage: Clarence Thomas

While some prominent black people prefer to engage in criminal behavior like crack cocaine-smoking sodomy, others show themselves to be true American patriots. A prime example of this is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Ever since his contentious 1991 confirmation hearing, he’s had to endure the slings and arrows of outraged racist moonbat media people. Case in point:

Two years and 144 cases have passed since Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas last spoke up at oral arguments. It is a period of unbroken silence that contrasts with the rest of the court’s unceasing inquiries.

Hardly a case goes by, including two appeals that were argued Monday, without eight justices peppering lawyers with questions. Oral arguments offer justices the chance to resolve nagging doubts about a case, probe its weaknesses or make a point to their colleagues.

Left, right and center, the justices ask and they ask and they ask. Sometimes they debate each other, leaving the lawyer at the podium helpless to jump in. “I think you’re handling these questions very well,” Chief Justice John Roberts quipped to a lawyer recently in the midst of one such exchange.

Leaning back in his leather chair, often looking up at the ceiling, Thomas takes it all in, but he never joins in.

Monday was no different. Thomas said nothing.

He occasionally leans to his right to share a comment or a laugh with Justice Stephen Breyer. Less often, he talks to Justice Anthony Kennedy, to his immediate left.

Thomas, characteristically, declined to comment for this article. But in the course of his publicity tour for his autobiography, “My Grandfather’s Son,” the 59-year-old justice discussed his reticence on the bench on several occasions.

The questions may be helpful to the others, Thomas said, but not to him.

“One thing I’ve demonstrated often in 16 years is you can do this job without asking a single question,” he told an adoring crowd at the Federalist Society, a conservative legal group.

The book tour showed that the topic comes up even among friendly audiences.

Indeed, Thomas’ comment was provoked by this question: Why do your colleagues ask so many questions?

His response: “I did not plant that question. That’s a fine question. When you figure out the answer, you let me know,” he said.

Thomas understands the nature of his work. He knows full well that the Supreme Court overreached its Constitutional authority back when it was run by Communists like Earl Warren and Thurgood Marshall, its overreach gaining unprecedented levels of anti-American totalitarianism at the ideological behest of worthless Trotskyite Micks like Brennan. Thomas, and Chief Justice Roberts, are doing their part to limit the Court’s role to its historic function: settling Constitutional disputes between the Legislature and the Executive, and correcting the overreach of lower Court that overlook the original intent of the Framers of the Constitution.

You know what makes anti-Thomas smear jobs like this one evern more ridiculous? Thomas has friends on the Left side of the Court who agree with him.

The typical hourlong argument session can sometimes be difficult, even for a practiced questioner.

“I really would like to hear what those reasons are without interruption from all of my colleagues,” Justice John Paul Stevens said at an argument in the fall.

Even a treefrog like Stevens wishes the Court would shut up and get to work. Why doesn’t he get a nasty article about him? Because the media agrees with his politics, that’s why.

In the past, the Georgia-born Thomas has chalked up his silence to his struggle as a teenager to master standard English after having grown up speaking Geechee, a kind of dialect that thrived among former slaves on the islands off the South Carolina, Georgia and Florida coasts.

He also has said he will ask a pertinent question if his colleagues don’t but sees no need to engage in the back-and-forth just to hear his own voice.

Lately, he has focused on the latter reason.

“If I think a question will help me decide a case, then I’ll ask that question,” he told C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb in October. “Otherwise, it’s not worth asking because it detracts from my job.”

He talked in that same interview about descriptions of him as the silent justice.

The racists are giving Thomas trouble because, despite the fact that he didn’t grow up in an English-speaking household, he’s trying to master English as a second language. I’ll take that over your English-refusing illegal alien any day; but to some in this country, foreigners who refuse to speak any language but the hodge-podge gobbledygook Satan taught their ancestors should receive more rights in this country than a hero like Thomas. Liberals are kooks; what do you expect?

Suppose surgeons started discussing the merits of removing a gallbladder while in the operating room, Thomas said, as quoted by U.S. News & World Report. “You really didn’t go in there to have a debate about gallbladder surgery,” he said. Similarly, “we are there to decide cases, not to engage in seminar discussions.”

Exactly. Shut up and do your job, Court. Nobody’s paying you to gesture emptily and hear yourselves think. We want speedy opinions pulling the law back in line with the Original intent, not a bunch of talky-talky Communists spewing Marxist vomit all over our hallowed documents and traditions. Thomas, like Scalia, Alito, and Roberts, is a true American hero for understanding all this. The media can crucify him for it, but he’ll continue to endure for many a year yet.

Please keep our America-loving Justices hale and healthy, Lord, and smite our infanticide-loving enemies with plagues during Republican Administrations.

February 11, 2008

Joe Lieberman: Democrat Apostate

Joe LiebermanThe Democrat party proves once again that it has more in common with Mao than Jefferson. For thinking for himself and putting America first, he has been stripped of his power to cast a vote for the Democrat nominee at the DNC convention this year.

The Democratic National Committee stripped Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman ’64 LAW ’67 of his “superdelegate” status following his December endorsement of fellow senator John McCain of Arizona, a Republican, in this year’s presidential race. The move means that Lieberman — who has been persona non grata in the Democratic Party since losing renomination in the 2006 Democratic primary and subsequently winning re-election to the Senate as an independent — will be unable to cast a vote for the party’s nominee at the Democratic National Convention in August.

Democratic leaders at both the state and local levels said they are baffled at Lieberman’s decision to support a Republican but are unsurprised that the DNC has decided to deny him a vote at the convention.

Joe Lieberman is the coolest Dem since Zell Miller, but the party apparatus cannot stand it when its own dare to step off the liberal plantation. For supporting The United States in the global war on terror, he has become a pariah among his own.

Come on over to the big tent party, Joe. You’d be welcome in the Republican party, even with some of your more moderate stances. Join us. We’ll set you straight.

Update: Jomentum just may attend the Republican convention instead of the DemocRat convention.  Ha ha, libs!

— Psycheout

February 9, 2008

Campaign 2008 Update

Campaign 2008Just a quick update on Campaign 2008 to keep you up to speed with what’s going down.

Governor of Texas Rick Perry asked Mike Huckabee to drop out. Huck refused. Perry had originally endorsed Giuliani (who won only a single delegate) and has since hopped onboard the Straight Talk Express, so his judgement is questionable to say the least.

Fred Thompson also chose to jump on the bandwagon, endorsing his friend John McCain. Way to sell out, Fred! We knew you had it in you after you woke up from your nap.

Mike Huckabee easily won the state of Kansas today, adding to his own delegate count. The conservative alternative to the “maverick” Senator from Arizona pledged to stay in the race until one of the remaining candidates gets the required 1,191 delegates. Good for you, Huck.

Meanwhile, the kooky Dr. Ron Paul has all but dropped out of the race. His long shot campaign never really had a chance, but his crazy rants have kept the debates interesting in a train wreck sort of way. Paul has ruled out a third party run, preferring to concentrate on keeping his Congressional seat to suffering an embarrassing third party defeat.

Barry Obama, it would seem, appears to be the eventual Democrat party nominee. He will probably mop up the floor with McCain in a debate. Huckabee would at least hold his own. So we should all be glad that he’s going to keep battling for the remaining states and for conservatism.

Hillary Clinton is steaming mad over David Shuster’s comment about Chelsea Clinton being “sort of pimped out” by her campaign. She “found the remarks incredibly offensive.” Not enough drama, Hilldog. Maybe you need to shed some crocodile tears again so people will pay attention. Naturally, NBC wimped out and suspended Shuster for making the un-PC comment. Cowards.

That’s where things stand as of now. Have a great weekend, B4Bers! And have a wonderful day at church tomorrow.

Update: Huckabee wins Louisiana and is within a couple of points of McCain in Washington state. How embarrassing for the presumptive front-runner Johnny Mac. Barry Obama sweeps Super Saturday.

Update 2: With the vote count stuck at 87% and JMac ahead of Huck by just over 200 votes (after trailing most of the night), the Washington state GOP has called it for McCain without counting the rest of the votes.  Huckabee’s campaign is calling for an investigation.  Something smells rotten in the state of Washington.  Thanks to Sam Brown at B4H for bringing this to my attention.

— Psycheout

February 8, 2008

Coulter: America Deserves to be Run By Moonbats

Ann Coulter has a point, here. If the Democrats win, the American people will flock to the Party of God. As it is, 8 years of moral, sensible government have made the American people complacent, and ripe for the lies and distortions of a deviant candidate like Hitlery.

As usual, Coulter’s one of the smarter analysts out there. (I do wish she’d strap her chest down, but otherwise I also find her a very moral, and very alluring, woman.) Where I tend to disagree with her is her failure to endorse Brownback. I’m not sure America can stand 4 years of Hitlery, even if it’s followed by another 2 decades of Republican dominance. We’re still languishing under a recession caused by Bill Clinton; do we really want a Hitlery recession added onto that? We’ll be in the Great Depression in no time if we keep letting Democrats rule us.

I agree with Coulter about one thing, though: maybe America deserves to be run by Democrats. If we can’t elect God’s candidate, then Hell’s choice is our substitution.

February 7, 2008

Three Little Kittens Have Lost Their Mittens

Mitt RomneyFinally something we can all agree with Mitt Romney on.  He has decided to pack it in and drop out of the race for the Republican nomination.  This may be his final flip-flop of the campaign.  Previously he had said he would stay in until the convention.  Now he’s cutting and running.  We can all be thankful about that.

The good news here is that Mike Huckabee is now the conservative alternative to John McCain.  People confused by Mitt Romney’s pseudo-conservatism shtick can now shift their support to Huck.  And if Willard had dropped out before Super Tuesday, Huckabee would have done even better than he did.

John McCain can reassure Republican voters by picking a solid conservative running mate such as Jeb Bush, who would be a shoe in for President in 2012, or earlier if JMac kicks the bucket or goes insane.  A McCain/Bush or McCain/Huckabee ticket would wipe up the floor with the Democrat nominee.  Likewise would a Huckabee/Brownback ticket.

This is a great day for the Republican party.  Mittens the spoiler is gone.  Now the race gets interesting.

— Psycheout

February 6, 2008

The Fruits of McInsane/Hitlery/Osama

Angry JesusGod is sending us some signs, folks.

Residents in five Southern states tried to salvage what they could Wednesday from homes reduced to piles of debris, a day after the deadliest cluster of tornadoes in nearly a decade tore through the region, snapping trees and crumpling homes. At least 48 people were dead.

Wall Street got the message from the Almighty, anyway. Also, they know for sure that Democrats do to the economy what holy water does to vampires. They reacted accordingly.

Stocks regained some ground Wednesday as many investors, though still uneasy about the economy, decided to buy back into a market battered a day earlier by recession worries.
Better-than-expected profit results from Walt Disney Co. handed Wall Street some good news. Disney posted a 26 percent decline in profit late Tuesday, but the results beat expectations. The company — one of the 30 companies that make up the Dow Jones industrials — reported a 9 percent rise in revenue, thanks in part to the success of brands such as ESPN, “High School Musical” and “Hannah Montana.”

Wall Street and Jesus are telling us, loud and clear, that they will not tolerate government by RINOs, Socialists, and Islamists. Are you listening, America? Take your iPods out of your ears and try to understand: if Huckabee/Brownback doesn’t win, this nation is going to die. Alongside the death of this nation, everything you personally hold dear will perish. Unless you’re a liberal Helioleftist who craves Satanism, of course. But people like that are beyond reason.

Super Tuesday Results

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Super TuesdayMcCain did well, Romney floundered, Huckabee exceeded expectations.


McCain (487 delegates):

New Jersey
New York

Romney (176 delegates):

North Dakota

Huckabee (122 delegates):

West Virginia

Ron Paul (11 delegates)

Republic of Kooks

It is rumored that Mittens will drop out on Happy Thursday at CPAC.  Let’s hope so.


Obama (525 delegates):

North Dakota

Clinton (631 delegates):

New Jersey
New York

Obama won more states than Clinton, but Clinton leads in delegates.

— Psycheout

February 5, 2008

Sam Brownback Shames Mittens

Mitt RomneyIt’s always good to hear from Senator Sam, the principled, conservative Republican, especially when he’s taking the charlatan Willard Mittens Romney to task.

Bob Dole had recently asked Rush Limbaugh to lay off John McCain. And Mitt chimed in, unflatteringly, on the former Kansas Senator:

As I noted earlier, Romney said on “Fox & Friends” this morning that Dole was “probably the last person I would have wanted write a letter for me.” He added: “I think there are a lot of folks who tend to think that maybe John McCain’s race is a bit like Bob Dole’s race. That it’s the guy who’s next in line, the inevitable choice.”

Smart move, considering that Kansas is voting today. Best way to win? Attack a former and beloved Senator. Smooth with a capital smooth. Sam Brownback struck back:

“I was disappointed to see Governor Romney’s desperate attack on Senator Bob Dole, a great Kansan and an American hero,” Brownback says in a statement issued by McCain’s campaign. “Governor Romney’s campaign is fading and this outburst is the latest in a long series of contradictory statements that remind us of his confused political views. I call on Governor Romney to apologize for his disrespectful comments.”

Bob Dole - War HeroTake that, Mittens! Apologize. Stop attacking war heroes. Where were you during the war? That’s right, in France eating brie. Ha ha, Mittens! You also lost West Virginia to Huckabee. Even West Virginian John Cole is celebrating.

Mitt Romney is unwise to burn bridges like he does. He’s got negatives as high as Hillary Clinton, so when he tries to go negative, it inevitably backfires. There’s no way that he’s the second choice of either McCain or Huckabee supporters. He’s spent a fortune attacking his rivals. If this thing goes to the convention, supporters of candidates other than Oven Mitt will rally around anyone but him. Congratulations, Willard. It couldn’t happen to a slimier guy.

Hat Tip: Billy Valentine at Race 4 2008.

— Psycheout

Super Tuesday Open Thread [Updated]

Super TuesdayWell, it’s Super Duper Tuesday. It looks to be John McCain’s big day. Sadly, Mike Huckabee will likely come in third, although he will continue to stress his urgent social conservative issues, which are very important for our nation to heed. The good news is that the phony charlatan, Willard Mittens Romney, will place second, or possibly (please, Lord) third. Ron Paul will be invisible to anyone other than unhinged loons.

My prediction in general is:

  1. John McCain
  2. Mittens Romney
  3. Mike Huckabee
  4. Ron “Dr. Who?” Paul

Who gives a hang about the DemocRats?

Put your predictions in the comment thread. If you want to be more specific or even make guesses as to how Satan’s own Democrat party fares, feel free. B4B is a free speech zone, after all.

I urge you all to pray that Zelig (Mitt Romney) has a horrible day and loses everywhere. It’s what America deserves, and it’s what G-d wants you to do.

B4B will bring you all the results later in the evening when they come in, if they aren’t too depressing. Vote smart, America. Vote smart.

Update: Mike Huckabee beats Mittens and wins in West Virginia.  Great news!

— Psycheout

February 4, 2008

Rick Santorum Flashback: Speaking Truth To Power

SodomyAs we head into Super Tuesday, I thought it would be useful to flash back on true conservatism.  Mike Huckabee is probably the closest candidate to true conservatism in the race and he expected to be taking up the rear unless good Christians pray and vote fervently.

Why don’t this season’s Republicans bravely speak the truth like this?  Rick Santorum did just a few short years ago.

“This whole idea of personal autonomy, well I don’t think most conservatives hold that point of view. Some do. They have this idea that people should be left alone, be able to do whatever they want to do, government should keep our taxes down and keep our regulations low, that we shouldn’t get involved in the bedroom, we shouldn’t get involved in cultural issues. You know, people should do whatever they want. Well, that is not how traditional conservatives view the world and I think most conservatives understand that individuals can’t go it alone. That there is no such society that I am aware of, where we’ve had radical individualism and that it succeeds as a culture.”

Absolutely.  Look in the Constitution.  Does it grant the right to sodomy?  Uh, no it doesn’t.  Does it grant unrestricted “privacy rights” to commit perversions that sicken the soul and make Jesus cry?  Obviously not.  Our Founding Fathers who received divine inspiration to write the Constitution never had sodomy in mind when they wrote our founding documents.

Had they envisioned the perverse and fallen culture of modern times, they would have written an anti-sodomy amendment to the Constitution.  You can take that to the bank.

And there is no guaranteed right to privacy in the Constitution.  Look for it if you must, but you’ll never find it.  If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, after all.  What are you doing in your bedroom that you are ashamed of?  Sinful and illegal acts?  Then you should be punished, just as any street criminal or drug dealer.

Do you have the inalienable right to smoke crack cocaine in the privacy of your own home?  No, you do not.  You also have no protected or special right to sodomize others in your den of sin.  Make no mistake about it, fornicators, your days are numbered.

I’m sure the ACLU would love to work to amend the Constitution to allow gay marriage, sodomy, bestiality, furries, necrophilia, child porn, ABDL, abortion,  man on dog sex, terrorism and a whole host of liberal passtimes.  But before you engage in unrestrained Saturnalia, you must first sully the Constitution with the help of 2/3 of the states.  Good luck with that, moonbats and perverts.  It’ll never happen before the Rapture comes.  And then you can do what thou wilt while writhing in agony.  And who’d be laughing then?

— Psycheout

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