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April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Peter!

Longtime B4B lurker Peter, who discovered Jesus and the richness of the Republican party through B4B, has a request on his birthday, so here it is:

Happy birthday, Peter! Keep voting Republican! And be sure to write in Sam Brownback in 2008.

Happy birthday, old friend!

— Psycheout

April 5, 2008

Snoopy Dawg Raps Obama

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Snoop DogRapper Calvin Broadus Jr. isn’t buying what B. Hussein Obama’s selling. And his recent truth telling about the junior Senator just might kill off his chances with the youth vote.

Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg has launched a scathing attack on U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama, accusing him of gleaning support from the Ku Klux Klan.

So much for unity. But let’s hear Snoopy in his own words. He’s actually quite articulate for a hipity hopper:

“The KKK gave Obama money. They was (sic) one of his biggest supporters … Why wouldn’t they be? The media won’t tell you that. They don’t want you to know that. They just want you to know that this [bleep] befriended this other [bleep] who be (sic) threatening your values.

“But we all know all presidents lie to get into [bleep] office. That’s they (sic) job.”

Yet the main Dawg insists that the brotha’s gonna prevail. And his logic is pretty hard to argue against.

“In America’s eyes, that mutha[bleep]’s gonna be president ‘cos (John) McCain can’t [bleep] with him. Hillary (Clinton) can’t [bleep] with him. He’s winning over white people, white ladies.”

There you have it. Can’t argue with Snoopy or he’ll bust a cap in your backside. Word to your mommy.

— M.C. Psycheout

March 31, 2008

Dating Dos and Do Not Dos: Don’t Date a Liberal

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Sharon Soon of Conservatives with AttitudeThis is for the young readers out there. I know that a lot of the stuff written here is about politics and current events that might be too difficult for you to understand or too dry to catch your interest. One young person wrote, “Dear Mr. Psycheout, what about something for us conservative kids?” Well, Billy. This one’s for you.

A lot of young folk out there are looking for a life partner. A woman to bear his children or a man to tell her what to do. But finding that special someone who holds the right views is a sometimes difficult task. The most important thing, however, should be obvious: don’t date a liberal or an atheist, even if you are chaperoned by your loving parents.

Right Wing News has an article of interest for those of you still seeking that good Christian young man or young lady to share your life with. It’s all about dating from six smart and attractive conservative bloggers. And they all seem to have the same advice on dating a liberal: don’t do it!

Cassy Fiano of WizbangAccording to Wizbanger Cassy Fiano,

I tend not to date liberals, for a reason. Politics is so important to what I do and I follow it so much. I can’t respect a guy who’s liberal all that much because it makes me question his intelligence. So, that’s a big minus because I’m thinking how smart can this guy be if he thinks John Kerry is a great politician? (Laughs) If he thinks Barack Obama would be a great President, I think, gee, how bright could this guy be?

And sassy Cassy also highlights the differences, the important ones:

They [liberals] don’t have the manners that conservatives do. I think that’s because conservative men buy into this feminist orthodoxy less. They don’t have a thing about paying for you on a date, holding a door open, being a gentleman. Conservatives do that more than liberals do. …just the old fashioned gentleman type that women really want, but there aren’t that many of them out there any more.

Karol Sheinin has some advice if one finds oneself accidentally dating a libbie: change him. She proudly boasts “Some of the guys I have dated started out liberal, but they didn’t stay that way.” You go girl!

It’s a slow process, but not impossible and I’ve done it. But, I sort of prefer to just date someone who’s conservative right off the bat because the conversion thing, you never really know if they are doing it just to keep you happy or what. …I definitely have strong convictions and politics is important to me. It’s an essential part of my life. …It seems like it’s just political beliefs but those things extend into other facets of your life — how you raise children, and what kind of marriage you’re going to have…

Sharon Soon of Conservatives with AttitudeSharon Soon has similar thoughts on dating liberals. It’s just not worth it!

It’s kind of like night and day. I have always had a policy of not dating liberals, but once, after a bad break-up, I dated a couple of liberal guys…

First of all, they don’t have the same values and I find that to be a fundamental problem. I know a lot of people are willing to accept that, but I’m not. Their whole world view is different from someone who has conservative values and traditional values as a way of life.

And Sharon understands the misguided liberal mindset and lifestyle as well as any political scientist.

Being focused on yourself, and your rights, and materialism, and no ultimate sense of morality — because I guess when you believe in a more secular way of life, a more liberal viewpoint, it’s all about what you can do for yourself and how you can be happy…and you don’t have any belief in absolute truth or religious principles to guide how you live. You get guys who are selfish and into themselves and don’t care so much about humanity, other people, or me — that just leads to a lot of problems. I also have a problem with guys who are into things like getting completely trashed and doing drugs…

In other words, liberals are dirty hedonistic hippies, sociopaths with no moral compass. Well said, Miss Soon!

Michelle Oddis of Human EventsPlucky Michelle Oddis of Human Events concurs:

Yeah, in the past year, I think I’ve dated one or two of them [dirty G-dless liberals]. There is usually an issue there with religion, which is kind of frustrating, because you’re not necessarily going to go out on one or two dates with someone and think that you’re going to marry them. But, with long term goals, how you’re going to raise your kids, whether you’re going to bring them to church or not, you wonder if that person is going to show the same values — there tends to be a difference there with liberal guys.

Another turn-off with liberal guys, at least for me, tends to be 2nd Amendment stuff. Gun rights? I think it’s kind of wimpy when guys don’t think people should be able to protect themselves.

Michelle obviously has the right idea. Way to go, girl!

Dawn Eden, author of the fantastic book The Thrill of the Chaste: Finding Fulfillment While Keeping Your Clothes On, is able to see right through to the inner core of your average liberal. There’s nothing there. It’s all empty and fake.

…My experience with liberals is that superficially, they may be more fun to be around. They’re a bit looser and more relaxed. They make an effort to be more sensitive, but the sensitivity only goes so far. It’s easy for a man to keep this illusion of being a great, sensitive romantic if he knows he’s just going to sleep with you and then say good-bye. Anybody can be Mr. Love God for one night or one week or one month.

When I became conservative, which coincided with my becoming a Christian, I realized that even though there were things I liked sentimentally about liberal men, I wanted somebody who shared my values. Conservatives might not always be so easy to get along with at first, but I thought it was worth my time to get to know men who were compatible with me and would eventually warm up.

It should be pretty clear by now that dating a liberal is a big mistake. Ask your prospective dates if they support the President, support the troops and who they will be voting for this November. If they say Osama or Hitlery, put a big red X next to their name and add their number to the block list. Why waste time with losers who have no values?

Update: There’s some great commentary over at Michelle’s crib as usual.  Like this great poem that says it all:

Would I? Could I? Date a liberal?

I would not date one, I would not!
I don’t like their values, I don’t smoke their pot.

I would not have one in my house, I would not have one for my spouse.

When they talk of peace and war, they scream and shout … it’s such a bore.


— Psycheout

March 13, 2008

Portrait of the Harlot Who Destroyed Eliot Spitzer


This is the temptress who drives Democrats mad, and makes them choose to sell their souls to Satan rather than effectively govern as state Executives:

The New York Times said that Ashley Youmans — now known as Ashley Alexandra Dupre — was identified in court documents as Kristen, the high-priced prostitute who met with Spitzer at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington on February 13.

Dupre has not been charged with any crime.

She made a brief appearance Monday in U.S. Magistrate Court as a witness against four people charged with operating Emperor’s Club VIP, the prostitution ring, the Times said.

Her conduct is shameless. She dresses immodestly. She clearly does not strap down her chest in public, thereby driving men mad with her alluring physical temptations. And, she fornicates with powerful Democrats for money.

I very seriously doubt that she ever attends church to beg God for forgiveness for her sins. We should all pray for her, though. Deviant, wicked sinner though she is, some good has come of her conduct. A man who might otherwise have hoodwinked the American people into electing him President, is now out of the picture. The Lord moves in mysterious ways.


Dupre writes that she left home and “a broken family” at 17.

“Left and learned what it was like to have everything, and lose it, again and again,” Dupre says.

“Learned what it was like to wake up one day and have the people you care about most gone. I have been alone. I have abused drugs. I have been broke and homeless. But, I survived, on my own. I am here, in NY because of my music.”

In her profile, Dupre says she moved to Manhattan to pursue her music career.

“I am all about my music, and my music is all about me,” she writes on her MySpace page. “It flows from what I’ve been through, what I’ve seen and how I feel.”

The page includes a picture of Dupre with the slogan “what destroys me, strengthens me.” It also features a song titled “What we want” recorded by Dupre, with lyrics including “I know what you want, you got what I want, I know what you need, can you handle me?”

She may be a pacifist and/or lesbian as well as a deviant harlot and a Nietzsche-quoting Communist, and she may place tattoos on her flesh in emulation of the Pagan Celts and Assyrians, and she may leer at us all with lust in her eyes and Satan in her heart, driving the weak among us to distraction and the gaping maw of Hell itself; but when it comes to destroying the political career of Elliott Spitzer, she is the greatest worker of God’s will on Earth. And for that, I salute you, Ashley Alexandra Dupre! Never before has someone of French heritage accomplished so much for securing the continued liberty and Christianity of these United States!

March 11, 2008

Snowboarding Deviant Update

Unsurprisingly enough, the evildoers at Vermont Deathrider have not yet repented of their sinful ways. Despite my repeated prayers and entreaties, which anyone can see numerous times in their comments sections, they continue to ignore the voice of reason, sanity, and hope in Christ.

I mention them again because I feel it is important that as many good Christian folk as possible contact these Vermonters. Saving the soul of one of Satan’s living minions will grant you twice the Blessedness of saving someone who has yet to renounce their humanity and consign their soul to the flames for the cheap thrills of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and snowboarding into a wolf’s maw. I feel confident that if enough of us write into this blog, urging these people to reject Satan and all his works, we can turn them away from the path of damnation.

I cannot perform this Herculean task alone.  I need the help of God, and of God’s flock.  And that means you, brothers and sisters.  Together, we can defeat the scourge of Liberalism, of Satanism, of Communism, of Islamism; together, we can destroy snowboarding and the other works of Darkness.  United we stand, divided we fall.

 Thank you, and good night. 

March 5, 2008

So, Huckabee’s Out. Now What?

In a sad moment for American political history, Mike Huckabee has bowed out.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee bowed to “the inevitable” and dropped out of the Republican presidential race Tuesday night after an improbable run for a politician little known beyond his home state a year ago.

Huckabee announced he was giving up his bid for the White House after John McCain swept Tuesday’s contests in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island, giving the Arizona senator the delegates needed to claim the party’s nomination in September.

“It’s been a heckuva run,” he said.

Huckabee urged his supporters to back McCain in November and said he has no “Plan B” for his political career.

The last true Republican has left the race. The GOP nominee will now be a RINO who opposes free speech and embraces bigoted Catholic-bashers. The RINOs have won the Party, and I strongly urge all Christians to leave the building.

In a way, this is a positive development. Huckabee was the last obstacle to the Brownback write-in campaign. My faith is too strong to allow me to believe that God hates America this much. As far as I can tell, He wants to test our resolve and our piety. We have a clear choice this November: vote for a Satanist Communist Islamist (be it Billary or Hussein Osama), vote for a Socialist RINO with Know-Nothing 19th-century Nativist leanings (McCain), or write-in a candidate. That candidate will be Brownback, and his victory will shake this hypocritical Babylon to its foundations. God has not yet forsaken His faithful. That is a promise, America. That is a promise.

Go, and pray for what comes. We face a challenging time of darkness before the light shall again shine down upon us.

Vote for America! Vote for Brownback!

March 3, 2008

Deviant Counterattack

Apparently, our moonbat trolls have grown weary of constantly having their comments shut down on a Christian, family-friendly blog.  Instead, they’ve chosen to start a counter-blog, Blogs Not 4 Brownback.

It’s difficult to see what they hope to accomplish by all this. Real Americans visit patriotic websites like B4B for their news and informed commentary. Traitors, anti-American foreigners, and deviants of all stripes will naturally flock to such blogs as well, hoping to corrupt the incorruptible Christian American spirit with their constant haranguing, underhanded deceptions, incessant distortions, and outright hackery. No one listens to them but they themselves, of course. Decent people read the Bible and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Decent people are unlikely to eschew decent activities in order to heed the Satanic influences of a medley assortment of anonymous Internet trolls.

I’m putting their blog in our blogroll, because I think older site viewers need to know what kinds of unspeakably libelous filth leftards will post in their unending efforts to destroy America. Younger readers are strongly cautioned, however, not to peruse the site. Parents should bear in mind that left-wing sites often make hysterical, emotional appeals designed to reach out to the more impressionable minds of the young, in an effort to convert them away from strong Christian habits and into a lifestyle of homosexual debauchery and atheistic nihilism. Due caution should be used when viewing such websites.

I, myself, will not be commenting on such a site. I find it dangerous to award these people with my IP address, alternate email information*, or any other data they might use to hack into this site and make more fake posts about how we’re a hoax. These people are completely shameless, completely ruthless, and they stand in direct, treasonous opposition to all things American, good, and pure. I feel no need to help them, when even my rebuttals would assist them.

* My Blogs 4 Brownback email address is publicly accessible information: Write to me with any concerns or questions. If I don’t get back to you, I apologize. My spam filter catches a great deal, and I use that account exclusively for this blog, so I don’t always have time to check it.

February 20, 2008

Snowboarding is the Capering of Demons

SnowboardingHere in the Hellish region known as New England, hard rains have begun wiping the snows away. The streets are paved in ice, cracking the asphalt beneath the tires of the Volvos and Priuses driven by the local Hippies. My wife slipped and fell on the ice yesterday, severely injuring her leg.

None of this bothers me too much, though. The important thing is that a thaw is occurring. I very much enjoy the departure of the snow. Not that spring is coming, mind you: I’m well aware that we face another two or three months of frigid, bone-chilling unpleasantness. But the absence of snow means the absence of Satan’s sport, snowboarding.

I was never too familiar with snowboarding where I grew up. Decent folk didn’t engage in such activities, and the indecent folk didn’t have enough snow or enough elevation to partake in the shame. However, I had heard of the “sport” from growing up in this country, and by all accounts it is the exclusive purview of deviant Hippies, disgruntled grunge-sters, and marijuana users frustrated by supply shortages. The sport enjoys a very, very poor reputation among Christians for a reason, after all; allegations of its ties to Satanism are nothing new.

In fact, there is substantial evidence that snowboarding is, in fact, the frolic of choice among demons seeking escape from the rigors of damnation. Such demons would likely use the excuse of corrupting the souls of snowboarding teens as a means of gaining access to the chilly pastime for themselves. It is no coincidence that the sport was invented in California, and is widely practiced in Vermont, the most moonbatty states in America, both states well known for bat-ridden mountains containing secret passageways to the netherworld. Demons use California and Vermont as conduits between Hell and the good God-fearing folk who can be found in the 48 American states NOT considered Satan’s domain.

SatanSome snowboarders resist Satan, and attempt to bring purity and faith to the activity. But the overwhelming majority choose to wallow in their iniquities. Backlash has arisen, of course, but what can a few concerned citizens do in the face of Satan’s hordes and willing minions?

Here is a website an astute reader alerted me to a while back, “VTDeathrider.” This is a Vermont-based group of useless hooligans and reprobates, careening down mountain slopes at top speed instead of praying or serving their country in Iraq. Just look at these louts; many of them are too drunk to even continue serving the bidding of their Dark Master, and continue snowboarding with him. I am ashamed to share a nation with these madmen.

I have repeatedly implored the proprietors of that blog to turn aside from Satan and his wicked ways, and to embrace the ways and doings of Christ. My entreaties have been met with a stony silence as these foolish dunderheads continue to post footage of themselves skirting dark, forested, demon-infested mountains; interviews with bikini-clad snowboard enthusiasts; and an overall flagrant disregard for the safety and property rights of others. I include the link that you, my Christian brothers and sisters, may also enjoin these foolish young deviants not to cast aside their immortal souls for a few seconds’ thrill riding a plastic board into a tree or off a cliff, or falling and becoming devoured by wolves and demons. Perhaps our combined efforts may have some effect on them; perhaps not. In any event, God will likely reward you twice as much for saving the soul of a Vermonter as He will for saving the soul of a person who wasn’t born in the realm of Satan.

Fortunately, Satan does not keep his promises. The thrill is fleeting, and death is eternal. As more and more snowboarders find themselves dragged down to Hell by the lies and distortions of the Dark One, America may yet see an end to this fad. America will prevail. America must prevail.

February 12, 2008

Islamists Hate Love

Hate LoveThey admit as much themselves:

Saudi Arabia has asked florists and gift shops to remove all red items until after Valentine’s Day, calling the celebration of such a holiday a sin, local media reported Monday.

“As Muslims we shouldn’t celebrate a non-Muslim celebration, especially this one that encourages immoral relations between unmarried men and women, ” Sheikh Khaled Al-Dossari, a scholar in Islamic studies, told the Saudi Gazette, an English-language newspaper.

Every year, officials with the conservative Muslim kingdom’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice clamp down on shops a few days before February 14, instructing them to remove red roses, red wrapping paper, gift boxes and teddy bears. On the eve of the holiday, they raid stores and seize symbols of love.

The virtue and vice squad is a police force of several thousand charged with, among other things, enforcing dress codes and segregating the sexes. Saudi Arabia, which follows a strict interpretation of Islam called Wahhabism, punishes unrelated women and men who mingle in public.

These deviants despise all human emotion, and don’t mind telling you so. I can understand having a problem with fornication and homosexuality, as such behavior is genuinely sinful against the True Faith of Christianity. But to besmirch a Christian like Saint Valentine in the name of “religion” is an occult practice, quite predictable when one is talking about a moon god idolatry like Islam but completely inappropriate in light of the revealed truths of Christianity.

Saudi Arabia is our enemy, just as surely as Syria, Iran, and Iraq prior to our recent missionary efforts. None of these nations are inhabited by people who share our values, our beliefs, or our basic human emotions. All they know are hatred and fear for God and God’s works. Like our own liberals, they despise humanity and the better angels of humanity’s nature. They’d rather beat a child for praying to Jesus than hug that child. They’d rather behead a woman for showing her hair than gently chide her for failing to strap her chest down. Their values are consistent with their ancient Persian overlords, whereas ours hail from Christ, and from the noble Greek tradition of freedom typified by the Greek resistance to Persia (as recently shown in the priceless national treasure of a film, “300”).

We are at war with Islam. We have always been at war with Islam, even before the Muslim charlatans took on that name with their pretence of monotheism. We will always be at war with Islam, until God triumphs and Satan is cast into a lake of fiery perdition along with all his works and his followers. Muslims have two choices before them: the path of Christianity, or the path of damnation. By turning their backs on Saint Valentine, they turn their back on Christ Himself, and choose the latter course.

(BTW, it’s fitting that the Communist News Network is griping about the loss of the color red. For dissimilar reasons, they too have rejected Christianity and chosen the pathways of damnation. They shall suffer in accordance with their crimes.)

Praise God, and cast aside Satan and all his wickedness!

February 8, 2008

Coulter: America Deserves to be Run By Moonbats

Ann Coulter has a point, here. If the Democrats win, the American people will flock to the Party of God. As it is, 8 years of moral, sensible government have made the American people complacent, and ripe for the lies and distortions of a deviant candidate like Hitlery.

As usual, Coulter’s one of the smarter analysts out there. (I do wish she’d strap her chest down, but otherwise I also find her a very moral, and very alluring, woman.) Where I tend to disagree with her is her failure to endorse Brownback. I’m not sure America can stand 4 years of Hitlery, even if it’s followed by another 2 decades of Republican dominance. We’re still languishing under a recession caused by Bill Clinton; do we really want a Hitlery recession added onto that? We’ll be in the Great Depression in no time if we keep letting Democrats rule us.

I agree with Coulter about one thing, though: maybe America deserves to be run by Democrats. If we can’t elect God’s candidate, then Hell’s choice is our substitution.

February 4, 2008

Abercrombie & Fitch = Obscenity

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Abercrombie ObscenityJust another example of liberal excesses gone horribly wrong. Fortunately the police were on the case. Once again the perverts and leftists thumbed their nose at community standards backed up by the law and lost. Ha ha, perverts!

Police, saying they were responding to citizen complaints, carted away two large promotional photographs from the Abercrombie & Fitch store in Lynnhaven Mall on Saturday and cited the manager on obscenity charges.

They had their chance to comply with basic decency but couldn’t resist tickling the jaded senses of a youth culture out of control and out of the bounds of civilized society.

Adam Bernstein, a police spokesman, said the seizure and the issuance of the summons came only after store management had not heeded warnings to remove the images.

You can see one of the images above that led to this police action. It’s pretty clear that there was little other choice but to act in the best interest of children and juveniles in the community. What else could one do?

Bernstein confirmed that one depicts three shirtless young men from the back, walking through a field. The man in the lead appears to be about to pull up his jeans, which have slipped down enough to reveal his upper buttocks.

But that’s not all. There was even more filth that needed to be torn down to protect the youth from blatant pornography pushed by Pervercrombie & Bitch.

The other image is of a woman who is topless and whose “breast is displayed with her hand covering just the nipple portion,” Bernstein said. “You could still pretty much see the rest of the breast.”

Janet Jackson's FunbagsWhen Janet Jackson ripped off her top to reveal her “funbags” on national tv, the network had to pay a rather large fine. A&F should face the same, and should be rightfully tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

It’s for the children and the survival of our moral nation. What say you?

— Psycheout

February 1, 2008

Faithmouse Friday

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Today’s edition of Faithmouse Friday is submitted without comment.

ABBA and the Original Mamma Mia

What more needs to be said?

— Psycheout

January 24, 2008

B4B Rap

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Vanilla Ice Cream (B4B Rapper)I’m sadly afraid that we’re not reaching some of you young folk. So thanks to nobody for the inspiration, here’s the B4B rap. Let me know if you’d like it on a t-shirt.

B4B is the place to be
If you’re a dirty lovin’ hippie
you’d be huggin’ a tree.

You left wing losers should just take a hike
instead of voting Hil’ry you should vote for Mike.

Sisyphus is the great grandmaster
Turnin’ you libs into arbalaster.

Sam Brown’s jiggy like yesterday’s lunch
you use a bad word and he gives you a crunch.

Why don’t you libtards just darn grow up?
The comments you leave make us all throw up.

Maybe if you learned how to use your brain
you wouldn’t be stomped hard by Marty McPain.

BJ Tabor can rock the house
People try to diss him but he’s got ya’ nowse.

Elephant Bones, got nuttin to say.
Ask all his friends, they’ll tell you he’s gay.

Arn really likes them jazz cigarettes
But when he writes comments it’s like tourettes.

Lyssie B.’s ev’ryone’s favorite girl.
Give her a rock, she’ll say it’s a pearl.

Spacebrother is a Ron Paul freak,
Meet him in life and you’ll find him a geek.

Big Bob Corker can debate like a man
When he’s done, and you’re beat, empty out your brain pan.

Relee is our favorite dude.
He’s really got one mean lovin’ attitude.

Faithmouse is a superior strip,
And I’m not sayin’ that ’cause Dan sent us a tip!

Break it down!

(breakbeat drum solo)

Whir it up!

Psycheout’s here right on the mike,
He’s got nothin’ to hate, ev’rything to like.

B4B rap time is done
If you don’t like it, I’m sorry, son.

Yo. Work it out.

Are we hip now? Is this thing on?

— Grandmaster Psycheout

January 16, 2008

Mass[turbation] Effect

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Mass EffectYet more proof that video games are dangerous for children. Mass Effect is a sex simulator thinly disguised as a game for kids. There’s something horribly wrong with the sick video game industry.

It’s called “Mass Effect” and it allows its players – universally male no doubt – to engage in the most realistic sex acts ever conceived. One can custom design the shape, form, bodies, race, hair style, breast size of the images they wish to “engage” and then watch in crystal clear, LCD, 54 inch screen, HD clarity as the video game “persons” hump in every form, format, multiple, gender-oriented possibility they can think of.

The objections to such filth should be simple to understand.

This is nothing more than an updated version of Custer’s Revenge/Westward Ho. It’s all about objectifying women and making them into sex objects. That’s okay, I suppose as long as it’s within the confines of man/woman marriage. But objectification outside of wedlock is perverse and wrong.

Starting with the disgusting idea that one can “create” their own versions of what people look like, removing warts, moles, and bald spots while enhancing – shall we say – the extended features of the game’s characters tends to objectify women, sex, and human relationships. Right? We can all agree on this?

Virtual ValerieThat’s a good point. I’ve yet to see a video game with warts. But worse is how such immersive games, especially those featuring unrestricted carnal acts, including virtual sodomy, can confuse young minds about the real world.

If a pre-teen, teen, young adult, or adult male plays such a game in which the women DO submit without choice, are made to appear as Barbie streetwalkers, and perform whatever act can be imagined, what’s to stop that same male from assuming that the women in his “other world” shouldn’t be forced to do the same.

And we all know the negative effects of pornography on the male mind, but what about pornography where a youngster has the ability to control the action, limited by only his warped imagination? He will tickle his jaded senses until a fuse blows inside his mind. And then, look out.

We now know because of the lengthy track record of serial killer after another that addictive use of pornography was prevalent in case after case – long before the switch got flipped and what their masturbatory imaginations have given into became what they were forcing real live human beings to do.

Virtual ValerieThis kind of filth, marketed to teen boys needs to be stamped out. What’s the solution? Is there something a President could do? Why yes, there is.

Yes there will be many snickers that I decided to bring this issue up in the Presidential cycle of 2008 but how refreshing would it be for a President to prove to the nation that his own manhood was not in question and put his pen and signature to a bill that dealt with such simulated sex excess in a way that was punitive to its creators to such a degree that they would never recover from it?

Therein lies a solution. Vote smart. Would a President Obama do anything about this? No. Would a President Huckabee do what needs to be done? Yes. Vote Republican and flush this kind of filth into the sewer where it belongs.

— Psycheout

January 15, 2008

Demonwatch: Madonna

I feel the time is ripe to discuss the deviant and anti-Christian practices of the harlot known as the artist known as Madonna. Her real name is Mrs. Ritchie, but no one will know whom you’re talking about if you refer to her that way. “The Harlot” will likely earn you some topic recognition, though.

This degenerate video is fairly innocent, for Mrs. Ritchie’s typical fare. The worst is her film “Body of Evidence,” in which the harlot displays flagrant nudity; also, the unspeakably depraved “Justify My Love,” a video which single-handedly created hundreds of sexually-confused Sodomites when MTV foolishly aired it in 1992. Hermaphrodism, bestiality, sado-masochism, and fornication are typical day’s work for this unspeakably, insufferably deranged strumpet.

This woman’s antics have long grated against the American Christian conscience. The fact that she’s chosen to call herself “Madonna” only adds blasphemy to her long list of iniquities.

Luckily for “Madonna”, she lives in Europe now. Her fellow Atheist moonbats will shield her from retribution after the Christian victory in 2008, but not for long. God will not suffer His authority to be flaunted forever, and one who sullies the name of the Virgin Mary by associating it with prostitution is begging Heaven to destroy them.

I pray that Britain will relinquish “Madonna” (Mrs. Ritchie)to the proper authorities when the time is ripe. Failure to do so could justify stern countermeasures, up to and including the use of military force to take this woman by force to her native land for criminal prosecution. Crimes against Christianity are not to be tolerated, even if the abettors seek sanctuary amongst our friends and allies.

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