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March 20, 2008

File This One Under, “Who Cares?”

Still recuperating, but I just saw this:

The Democratic presidential race has tightened even more, with Hillary Clinton gaining an edge over Barack Obama among Democratic voters, according to a new Gallup poll.

The March 14-18 national survey of 1,209 Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters gave Clinton lead of 49 percent to 42 percent over Obama. The poll has an error margin of 3 percentage points.

So, amongst traitors that hate America, the traitors who like the black Muslim who attends sermons by a race-baiter are being edged out by the traitors who like the gay woman whose Vince Foster-murdering, Communist husband fornicated with a harlot in the Oval Office when he wasn’t abetting Osama Bin Laden or wrecking the US economy. Booor-ing!

The less said about those RINO McCainiacs, the better. He makes Communism look good, that phony.

On the other hand, real Americans are divided between praying for the Rapture to take them now, and rolling up their sleeves to continue to do God’s will here on Earth. Real Americans know that the only true candidate, Sam Brownback, will win in 2008. All we have to do is put God in our hearts, and Sam Brownback’s name on our write-in ballot slots. The Lord will watch out for his flock; He Is the Good Shepherd Who will not allow harm to befall them.

Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, so long as God and His Anointed Christian Patriot acolytes are there to guide me. Amen! HIS WILL BE DONE!

February 8, 2008

Coulter: America Deserves to be Run By Moonbats

Ann Coulter has a point, here. If the Democrats win, the American people will flock to the Party of God. As it is, 8 years of moral, sensible government have made the American people complacent, and ripe for the lies and distortions of a deviant candidate like Hitlery.

As usual, Coulter’s one of the smarter analysts out there. (I do wish she’d strap her chest down, but otherwise I also find her a very moral, and very alluring, woman.) Where I tend to disagree with her is her failure to endorse Brownback. I’m not sure America can stand 4 years of Hitlery, even if it’s followed by another 2 decades of Republican dominance. We’re still languishing under a recession caused by Bill Clinton; do we really want a Hitlery recession added onto that? We’ll be in the Great Depression in no time if we keep letting Democrats rule us.

I agree with Coulter about one thing, though: maybe America deserves to be run by Democrats. If we can’t elect God’s candidate, then Hell’s choice is our substitution.

February 1, 2008

Question for the Liberals…

You people would vote for an Atheist President, right?  Well, how about a Scientologist candidate, if you otherwise agreed with him on the issues?

 I want to know exactly what level of stupid I’m dealing with, here.  I think Scientology is even worse than Atheism, but I’m curious if you degenerate agree or not. 

January 22, 2008

Fun with Exit Polls

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Crack SmokerI read recently that crack cocaine smokers prefer Barack Osama 7-1 over all other candidates.  And also that meth shooters prefer Ron Paul 16.6-1.  Also that lesbians prefer Hillary Clinton to Mitt Romney 33-1.  While metrosexuals prefer Mitt Romney an incredible 200-1.

Another interesting statistic was that pot smokers couldn’t care less about any candidate.  Snoopy Dawg Dog, a DemocRAT and dope fiend, was quoted as saying “What’s an election?  Don’t borgart that roach, dawg,” shortly before choking to death on his own vomit.

Those are some interesting factoids you don’t hear from the MSM.

But that’s why you read B4B, isn’t it?

— Psycheout

August 10, 2007




July 18, 2007

None of the Above

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We’ve already discussed here several times how the media loves to concentrate their attention on fRudy McRomney, the four-headed RINO beast. They’d rather like to ignore Sam Brownback, hoping he just goes away. They’d prefer not to give fair coverage of all available candidates and let the American people make up their own minds. They’d prefer to control America’s hive mind through superficial coverage and false choices.

Recently an AP poll revealed that there is another candidate with a strong showing, but he doesn’t get much coverage either. He doesn’t campaign, doesn’t raise money, yet is getting the majority vote according to yesterday’s poll. His name is “None of the Above.”

When given the choice on who Republicans want as the next GOP candidate, the majority of Americans answered “none of the above,” according to an AP poll released Tuesday.

What does this mean?

The recent poll reflects the strong evangelical constituency inside the party, and how the current hopefuls are not necessarily meeting their expectations. The poll may reveal an opening for current underdogs such as former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback to move forward.

But favorable opinions of the frontrunners is solidifying, right? Um, no.

Former New York Mayor Giuliani leads the three others with 21 percent of the poll, but has dropped from his high mark of 35 percent in March.

John McCain’s campaign is imploding and his popularity is dropping like a stone. Here’s more analysis of the top candidates (according to conventional wisdom):

Several Christian and evangelical groups have criticized the current contenders for many of their moral standards.

Giulliani has been married three times and been a big promoter of abortion and gay rights in past years. Both McCain and Thompson have had divorces in their past, and do not seem to stress their faith. Romney has been criticized for his ties to the Mormon church, which most Christians view as a cult.

So what’s a good social conservative to do?

Out of the nine total GOP possibilities, many Christians have started to side with two candidates, Huckabee and Brownback – who have not been able to raise to the top mostly due to their insufficient funding and lack of publicity – because of their strong moral track record.

Both candidates have explained that their faith is an important aspect of how they act, and have shown this through their current campaign.


Besides holding to traditional faith stances towards issues such as abortion, the two also have qualities that religious voters favor. Brownback has been a strong promoter of decency standards in media in the past among other things. Huckabee is an ordained Baptist minister.

When those supporters have to change their selection from “none of the above” to “one of the above” who will they choose? If they tune out the conventional wisdom and the media’s false choices, if they’re true Republicans, genuine conservatives and good Americans the choice will be clear: Sam Brownback.

— Psycheout

June 29, 2007

America to Moonbats: Go Away, You Smell

More and more decent Americans are moving away [Breitbart] from the staggering cesspool of liberalism that is the old Northeast:

The nation’s population has nearly doubled since 1950 — adding about 150 million people. But of the 20 largest cities at mid-century, all but four have shrunk, some by a lot.

Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Buffalo, N.Y., have all lost more than half their population in the past half-century.

Philadelphia lost nearly a third of its residents, slipping to about 1.4 million people in 2006, according to estimates being released Thursday by the Census Bureau.

The Democrat electoral heartland is hemorrhaging votes, and the Democrat Party continues its descent into political oblivion. Meanwhile, more and more decent Americans move to the states that have climates blessed by God and populations that keep God in their hearts and Republican Party membership cards in their wallets.

Americans hate Democrats. It really is as simple as that. And the population data proves it. And Brownback’s electoral victory in 2008 will be a profound wake-up call to all the naysayers and treefrogs.

God bless America.

Update (by Psycheout): Yahoo News link broken.  Added Breitbart link.

June 12, 2007

Gallup: Republicans are Smarter

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Gallup tells us what we already know:  that in general, Republicans are the Americans likely enough to question the idiotic theory of evolution:

The majority of Republicans in the United States do not believe the theory of evolution is true and do not believe that humans evolved over millions of years from less advanced forms of life. This suggests that when three Republican presidential candidates at a May debate stated they did not believe in evolution, they were generally in sync with the bulk of the rank-and-file Republicans whose nomination they are seeking to obtain.

Independents and Democrats are more likely than Republicans to believe in the theory of evolution. But even among non-Republicans there appears to be a significant minority who doubt that evolution adequately explains where humans came from.

The data from several recent Gallup studies suggest that Americans’ religious behavior is highly correlated with beliefs about evolution. Those who attend church frequently are much less likely to believe in evolution than are those who seldom or never attend. That Republicans tend to be frequent churchgoers helps explain their doubts about evolution.

If “stupid” is the answer, “liberal” was probably the question. We’ve all known this for quite some time. Gallup just confirmed it.

Now, we get to see the moonbats scramble to refute these findings, and/or defend the Copernican/Darwinian/Marxist cabal of fraudulent pseudoscientific knowledge. It always amuses me when they do that. Have at it, treefrogs!

UPDATE: Sheer idiocy. This is pretty stupid, too.

April 4, 2007

A different kind of candidate

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So says the Washington Post and for once they’re right:

Sen. Sam Brownback (Kans.):
We’ve been saying for months that Brownback is running a different kind of campaign than any of the top-tier candidates. Brownback has and will continue to rely on an army of volunteers to provide the manpower for his campaign. He also is focusing heavily on the Iowa caucuses (and the Ames straw poll this August) as his one chance to make the leap. With those factors in place, Brownback’s $1.9 million raised — a total that includes a $575,000 transfer from his Senate committee — is enough to keep him in the conversation. If he can continue to raised $2 million or so a quarter, Brownback will have between $5-8 million to spend on the early days of the nomination fight. That should be enough for his longshot candidacy.

March 27, 2007

GOP Bloggers 9th Straw Poll

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Get on over there and make your voice heard. You don’t necessarily need to vote for Sam Brownback (although we wish you would), you just need to vote.

Welcome to GOP Bloggers’ ninth 2008 Straw Poll. Our straw poll last month tallied over 11,000 votes.

Like our last poll, you get to pick which candidates you find acceptable and which ones you don’t and you get to choose which candidate is your first choice for the GOP nomination in 2008. In this poll you can indicate your state, age, and gender. You can also indicate how many hours a week you read blogs, and how you can tell how committed you are to your first choice candidate.

— Psycheout

March 24, 2007

Vote Brownback!

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Right on the Right is holding a Presidential Run-Off Poll. A pro-Romney website has linked to it, encouraging its readers to vote. So it’s only fair that Blogs 4 Brownback readers have the same chance.

The first Right on the Right Presidential Poll received 67 votes, and the three leading candidates were Fred Thompson, Sam Brownback, and Mitt Romney. Thompson led, and he hasn’t even declared his intention to run. Brownback ran a surprise second, and Mitt Romney came in third. The others were a long ways back.

As I write this, Romney and Brownback are tied at 30%, with Fred Thompson in the lead at 39%. So you know what to do. Exercise your franchise and vote for Sam Brownback!

— Psycheout

March 21, 2007

Sam Brownback: Too Conservative?

The correct answer is “no.” Just thought I’d get that out of the way. The Three RINOs: Too Liberal? Answer: “yes.” Hey, this is easy!

I came across an article on Yahoo News today: Kan. senator seeking conservative mantle. Let’s take a look at what caught my eye.

With the GOP’s influential conservative wing still scrambling for a candidate to back for the 2008 nomination, Brownback presents a paradox.

He has the kind of unquestioned credentials as a family values crusader that conservatives have long sought in a presidential candidate. Yet he hasn’t been able to leverage his credentials to break out of a crowded pack of White House hopefuls.

One potential reason: Some Republicans fear he may be too conservative to win a national election.

It would appear these “some Republicans” are cowards except where it comes to selling out their conservative values. Get some spine, people.

The top-tier candidates — Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney — are viewed as more electable than Brownback but all have political vulnerabilities and histories that make them suspect to conservatives.

So where’s the debate? As far as I can see the real paradox is that many GOP polls reveal that those polled are choosing supposedly “electable” RINOs who will prove to be that which they wouldn’t like once elected.

What’s the point of getting a candidate to the White House if it entails selling out the values one professes to hold? That, as I see it, is the true paradox.

There’s more in the article, so check it out. But I think this issue of “electable” versus “conservative” is one that really needs to be spotlighted. I’m completely sick of it. Give me a real conservative or I will go outside the GOP to find someone who more closely represents what I hold most dear: conservative values.

Update: Michigan Poll. Good news: most conservative? Sam Brownback (32%). Bad news: who will win the Republican primary? John McCain (29%). In second place was Other (20%). So there’s still a thirst for someone other than one of the Three RINOs. Got Brownback?

— Psycheout

March 16, 2007

A Useful Test

A friend linked me to this web-based test. It enables you to determine which level of damnation you will attain, according to Dante’s Inferno and the Word whose course he attempted to chart, should you perish this instant.

My result was that I am going to Purgatory.

You have escaped damnation and made it to Purgatory, a place where the dew of repentance washes off the stain of sin and girds the spirit with humility. Through contrition, confession, and satisfaction by works of righteousness, you must make your way up the mountain. As the sins are cleansed from your soul, you will be illuminated by the Sun of Divine Grace, and you will join other souls, smiling and happy, upon the summit of this mountain. Before long you will know the joys of Paradise as you ascend to the ethereal realm of Heaven.

Trust me that once I get to Heaven, one of my great pleasures will be looking down at all the sinners roasting in Hellfire, laughing at how the fools glorified themselves in life!

March 14, 2007

Janet Folger Is at It Again!

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I referenced Faith2Action president Janet Folger earlier in my post “War of the RINOs.” She has a new straw poll and, like the CPAC poll, it looks good for Sam Brownback.

Before I get to the results, however, check this:

The pro-life movement has been toiling in the trenches and delivering the vote. We have come to the place where, absent yet another in a series of betrayals, we are ONE seat away from a Supreme Court that will allow us to end the practice of infant execution.

Is now really the time to sell-out our pro-life principles?

The correct answer is a resounding “NO!” Janet is definitely one to watch. She is once again spot on. What I really like about this poll is that the results are virtually RINO-free. Observe:

1. Tancredo – 96 votes, 24.4 percent
2. Paul – 95 votes, 24.2 percent (not bad for someone who wasn’t even listed)
3. Brownback – 70 votes, 17.8 percent
4. Hunter – 52 votes, 13.2 percent
5. Huckabee – 41 votes, 10.4 percent
6. Gingrich – 17 votes, 4.3 percent
7. Keyes – 5 votes, 1.3 percent
8. Thompson – 3 votes, 0.8 percent
9. Romney – 3 votes, 0.8 percent (see above)
10. Santorum – 2 votes, 0.5 percent

Although I don’t know enough about Tom Tancredo to throw my support behind him, Ron Paul is an excellent conservative. I’m always impressed by him. But I think he is needed in the Congress.

The one man I know we should throw our support behind is our man Sam Brownback.

Read the whole thing at World Net Daily.

— Psycheout

Evans-Novak on Sam Brownback

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Not much to add to what the Evans-Novak Political Report (by subscription only) has to say about our man Sam:

Although he remains at the top of the second-tier candidates, Kansas Republican Sen. Sam Brownback’s third-place finish in the CPAC straw poll was impressive considering he spent less than $2,000 organizing for the event. All but four of his 40 student volunteers paid their own way. Romney finished first in the poll with 21 percent, followed by Giuliani at 17 percent, and then Brownback at 15 percent.

I first addressed the CPAC poll results in Things Are Looking Good for Brownback. So B4B readers are already familiar with the results. But what is striking at how little was spent by the Brownback campaign on this event: less than $2000. Contrast this with the Flipper:

Romney reportedly spent more than $300,000 in organizing for the event and transporting, registering and housing volunteers. Brownback’s backers assert that if the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., hadn’t been on spring break, Brownback could have beaten Giuliani.

So Romney basically bought CPAC, outspending Brownback 150:1! On a day when the Catholic University of America was on spring break! Incredible!

I also read elsewhere that there were a lot of CPAC attendees wearing Romney t-shirts. He apparently brought in his own people and stuffed the ballot box. Typical liberal behavior.

NOTE: Evans and Novak had been analyzing politics since 1963 (sadly Rowland Evans passed away in 2001). Robert Novak still speaks with a great deal of insight and authority. When he speaks, people listen; when he writes, people read.

Hat Tip: A big tip of the hat to Vital Signs Blog.

— Psycheout

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