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May 1, 2008

A Patriotic Celebration

Mission AccomplishedVeterans and other freedom loving Americans are proudly celebrating the fifth anniversary of victory in Iraq. This is how patriots demonstrate their support for the troops and their bold President. It’s actually quite moving when people publicly express pride in what their nation can do. You won’t find moonbats doing this sort of thing since they treacherously pray daily for defeat.

Along with Iraq war veterans and concerned citizens, Iraq Campaign 2008 says it will unfurl a 50-foot replica “Mission Accomplished” banner at the White House tomorrow, marking the five-year anniversary of President Bush’s now-famous speech.

The unfurling is slated to occur at 10:30 a.m. on Pennsylvania Ave.

Actually that “tomorrow” is today, so happy mission accomplished day!

Iraq no longer has WMDs and Saddam, the butcher of Baghdad, is no longer in power. Isn’t it amazing what we Americans can accomplish when we roll up our sleeves and work together? America: B4B salutes you!

— Psycheout

March 6, 2008

Terrorists Attack Again!

Leftist terrorists have tried to destroy our military!

The police said the explosive device involved in the Times Square blast this morning was “roughly similar” to the devices used in two earlier bombings at foreign consulates in Manhattan, in 2005 and 2007, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said at an afternoon news conference. The device had been placed in an ammunition box like the kind that can be bought at a military supply store. Officials said that in today’s attack, a man bundled in a gray hooded jacket or sweatshirt was seen riding a bicycle around the recruiting station moments before the explosion. Subways and traffic are running normally through Times Square.

Islamist nutballs have gone on a killing spree in Israel!

Two gunmen infiltrated a rabbinical seminary and opened fire after nightfall Thursday. At least seven people were killed, police and local media said, including at least one of the terrorists.

Israeli media said about 35 people were wounded. Ambulances raced to the scene from around the city.

Al Qaeda has struck in Baghdad!

Two bombs went off within minutes of each other in a crowded shopping district in the capital Thursday, killing up to 55 and wounding 133 — a reminder that deadly attacks are a daily threat even though violence is down.

There were no immediate claims of responsibility. But back-to-back bombings designed to maximize carnage became the hallmark of attacks on civilians by al-Qaida in Iraq during the worst of the violence in Baghdad in 2006.

The world has erupted in flames, mere hours after the Democrat primaries in Texas and Ohio. The liberals among us would like to pretend that these attacks are not coordinated, that they have no connection. These are the same people who deny that Saddam Hussein was a financier of international terrorism. Pay their lies no heed.

Liberals, Islamists, Marxists, atheists- call them what you will, they are but differing faces of the same enemy, Satan. Satan will not stop until America and her freedom-loving allies in Israel, Iraq, and elsewhere, are completely destroyed. One can only sevre one side in this war: freedom in Christ, or slavery to the Dark Lord.

Pray for the victims of these terrorist acts. Pray for the American victims of the Democrat Party. Pray that President Brownback will chastise these evildoers for their iniquities. God bless America, and keep us safe and free.

February 12, 2008

Islamists Hate Love

Hate LoveThey admit as much themselves:

Saudi Arabia has asked florists and gift shops to remove all red items until after Valentine’s Day, calling the celebration of such a holiday a sin, local media reported Monday.

“As Muslims we shouldn’t celebrate a non-Muslim celebration, especially this one that encourages immoral relations between unmarried men and women, ” Sheikh Khaled Al-Dossari, a scholar in Islamic studies, told the Saudi Gazette, an English-language newspaper.

Every year, officials with the conservative Muslim kingdom’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice clamp down on shops a few days before February 14, instructing them to remove red roses, red wrapping paper, gift boxes and teddy bears. On the eve of the holiday, they raid stores and seize symbols of love.

The virtue and vice squad is a police force of several thousand charged with, among other things, enforcing dress codes and segregating the sexes. Saudi Arabia, which follows a strict interpretation of Islam called Wahhabism, punishes unrelated women and men who mingle in public.

These deviants despise all human emotion, and don’t mind telling you so. I can understand having a problem with fornication and homosexuality, as such behavior is genuinely sinful against the True Faith of Christianity. But to besmirch a Christian like Saint Valentine in the name of “religion” is an occult practice, quite predictable when one is talking about a moon god idolatry like Islam but completely inappropriate in light of the revealed truths of Christianity.

Saudi Arabia is our enemy, just as surely as Syria, Iran, and Iraq prior to our recent missionary efforts. None of these nations are inhabited by people who share our values, our beliefs, or our basic human emotions. All they know are hatred and fear for God and God’s works. Like our own liberals, they despise humanity and the better angels of humanity’s nature. They’d rather beat a child for praying to Jesus than hug that child. They’d rather behead a woman for showing her hair than gently chide her for failing to strap her chest down. Their values are consistent with their ancient Persian overlords, whereas ours hail from Christ, and from the noble Greek tradition of freedom typified by the Greek resistance to Persia (as recently shown in the priceless national treasure of a film, “300”).

We are at war with Islam. We have always been at war with Islam, even before the Muslim charlatans took on that name with their pretence of monotheism. We will always be at war with Islam, until God triumphs and Satan is cast into a lake of fiery perdition along with all his works and his followers. Muslims have two choices before them: the path of Christianity, or the path of damnation. By turning their backs on Saint Valentine, they turn their back on Christ Himself, and choose the latter course.

(BTW, it’s fitting that the Communist News Network is griping about the loss of the color red. For dissimilar reasons, they too have rejected Christianity and chosen the pathways of damnation. They shall suffer in accordance with their crimes.)

Praise God, and cast aside Satan and all his wickedness!

January 28, 2008

Camel Spiders: Demons in Action

This is a perfect example of the tactics of this shadowy menace. Granted, scorpions are hardly saints themselves, but surely their sins are venial compared to those of camel demon-spiders. Clearly, we can see that Satan punishes his followers in this life as well as the next. There are no rewards for evil.

Furthermore, this video shows that even as babies, camel spiders are pure evil. This one is a tadpole compared to the size it will eventually attain, yet already its hands are stained with the blood of passersby. No wonder these beasts delight so much in the destruction of our brave soldiers. Clearly, they must be exterminated in order for Iraq to remain free.

I will pray for the scorpion. He was only a pawn in the Dark One’s game.

January 25, 2008

Camel Spiders: Saddamite Demons


No discussion of the War in Iraq can be complete without a mention of the gravest foe our troops face over there: camel spiders. Compared to them, the jihadists and assorted evildoer loonies are a minor inconvenience. Camel spiders are the demons directing the show.

By coming to this website you’re probably wondering “are camel spiders real?”. If you asked yourself those questions, then the answer is yes, but the truth is very different from what may have heard from your friends.

Indeed it is, my misleading moonbat friend. Camel spiders can be roughly as large as medium-sized dogs, can travel at over 20 miles per hour, enjoy disemboweling camels for sustenance, and have been known to eat sleeping or dying men in the desert. Throughout history, any warrior missing in action in Mesopotamia was usually written off as camel spider fodder. That still holds true today.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the testimony of the soldier who took the above photo:

From someone stationed in Baghdad. He was recently bitten by a camel spider which was hiding in his sleeping bag. I thought you’d like to see what a camel spider looks like. It’ll give you a better idea of what our troops are dealing with.

Enclosed is a picture of his friend holding up two spiders. Warning: not for the squeamish! This picture is a perfect example of why you don’t want to go to the desert. These are 2 of the biggest I’ve ever seen. With a vertical leap that would make a pro basketball player weep with envy (they have to be able to jump up on to a camels stomach after all), they latch on and inject you with a local anesthesia so you can’t feel it feeding on you.

They eat flesh, not just suck out your juices like a normal spider. I’m gona be having night mares after seeing this photo!

Camel spiders were frequently used by Saddam Hussein to torture confessions out of the victims of his terrorist regime. The mere mention of these nefarious beasts was often enough to extort a tearful confession from his victims, punctuated by tears and shrieks as they begged for a merciful death rather than exposure to the desert demons. Saddam, whose league with the forces of darkness is common knowledge at this point, as likely as not ordered his Baathist henchmen to disregard such pleas for humanity.

Less is known about the role of camel spiders in the ongoing insurgency of dead-enders. Very likely, though, camel spiders are frequently used in connection with IEDs. These creatures, which crave darkness and shadow and blood like the wholesome rabbit craves carrots and lettuce, are very good at spotting the best place for hiding an object alongside a road. All too often, insurgents could use the presence of camel spiders as a dark omen from Satan that this is an opportune spot to plant a bomb.

Moonbats, of course, will deny many of these facts, as is their wont. But even they concede they know very little about the behavior of these demoniac monstrosities.

The biology, behavior, and ecology of solifuges remain relatively poorly studied, despite the extensive work by Punzo over the past decade and prior work by Muma and others

Of course it’s poorly studied. Despite the proliferation of both camel spiders AND liberals in Perdition, no liberals have returned to discuss the infernal activities of these hideous demons.

One thing remains certain. Our brave soldiers face not only cowardly human enemies in battle, but they also face slinking, lurking, crawling, burrowing demon-nemeses as they sleep. These vicious brutes make the insurgents seem downright honorable in comparison. At least the insurgents will only kill your body. They won’t eat your flesh or try to devour your soul while you sleep. After our victory over our human adversaries in Iraq, our next President would do well to begin an extensive war of annihilation against our in-human foes, the “arachnid” demons who can slice scorpions in half with their fangs and steal a baby from its very cradle.

God help us all. God bless America, and God bless our brave fighting men.

January 14, 2008


Multi-national Corps IraqSavor the pain of our enemies:

Some 60 suspected militants were killed and 193 arrested in the first week of Operation Iron Harvest, a major sweep against Al-Qaeda jihadists in four Iraqi provinces, the US military said Monday.

At least 79 weapons caches consisting of over 10,000 rounds of small arms ammunition, over 2,000 heavy machine gun rounds, over 4,000 pounds (some two tonnes) of home-made explosives and around 100 homemade bombs were discovered in the raids, it said in a statement.

Iron Harvest is part of the countrywide Operation Phantom Phoenix launched last Tuesday.

It is being carried out in the central provinces of Diyala, where it is focused, and Salaheddin, and in the northern provinces of Nineveh and Tamim.

Those are 60 terrorists who didn’t live to set off suicide bombs in the streets of New York City or Houston. Those are 60 terrorists you’ll never have back Osama Bin Laden on his insane jihad against God and America. Those are 60 more spots filled in Hell, bringing us 60 deaths closer to the Final Judgment and the return of Our Lord to rulership of the Earth.

Don’t let the liberals fool you. We’re winning the War on Terror, one bullet at a time. And God loves us for it.

God bless America.

November 30, 2007

Terrorism Funding Slashed, Terrorism is Doomed!

Boom, there it isIn a shrewd move, President Bush is slashing counterterrorism funding:

The Bush administration intends to slash counterterrorism funding for police, firefighters and rescue departments across the country by more than half next year, according to budget documents obtained by The Associated Press.

The Homeland Security Department has given $23 billion to states and local communities to fight terrorism since the Sept. 11 attacks, but the administration is not convinced that the money has been well spent and thinks the nation’s highest-risk cities have largely satisfied their security needs.

The department wanted to provide $3.2 billion to help states and cities protect against terrorist attacks in 2009, but the White House said it would ask Congress for less than half — $1.4 billion, according to a Nov. 26 document.

This makes perfect sense to me. Terrorism has been contained in Iraq, so spending our tax money on cities is a waste of resources. Why should my salary finance some Democrat cityslicker’s wasteful pork reelection project for his brother-in-law, instead of going to where it belongs- the terrorist-killing heroes fighting for our freedom in Iraq? The increased funding could be just what it takes to push us to final victory in Iraq, destroying terrorism there and ushering in a new age of freedom in the Middle East. Bush is wise to provide funding for that, not for some corrupt politico’s scams.

The plan calls outright elimination of programs for port security, transit security, and local emergency management operations in the next budget year. This is President Bush’s last budget, and the new administration would have to live with the funding decisions between Jan. 20 and Sept. 30, 2009.

President Brownback will have no problem whatsoever with these proposals. He knows that killing terrorists is something better accomplished over there than over here. He knows that sometimes you have to stop throwing good money after bad money. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he figures out some kind of special tax that enables us to get our money back from the wasteful cozeners in the cities like New York, Philadelphia, Boston, etc., who stole it in the first place.

Stealing counterterrorism funding from decent American taxpayers is no more than an economic form of terrorism. President Bush is right to cut the cash spigot; his successor would be wise to get the money back.

November 9, 2007

Traitors Always Show Their True Colors Eventually

Yellow DogYellow dog Democrats with a yellow stripe down their back (not to mention the legs of their pants) are waving the white flag in Iraq.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she would bring a new Iraq measure to the House floor shortly to provide $50 billion in funds for the war, while requiring U.S. troops to begin redeploying out of Iraq immediately and conclude by the end of next year.

“In last year’s election, the American people called for a new direction; nowhere was that direction more called for than in the war in Iraq,” Pelosi told reporters. “And so in the next day or so, we [will] once again bring to the floor legislation that makes a distinction, a clear distinction: choose a new direction from the Bush foreign policy in Iraq.”

The California Democrat said the bill would leave a small force in the country to pursue Al Qaeda, protect U.S. interests and train Iraqi security forces. The bill would also require that U.S. interrogators abide by guidelines set forth in the Army field manual and that troops spend more time at home between deployments.

The Democrats have constantly aided and abetted the terrorists at every turn, so this new measure is no surprise. (Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if Nancy Pelosi introduced legislation to posthumously award Benedict Arnold the Congressional Medal of Honor.)

What is surprising is that President Bush hasn’t done anything to stop these maniacs. As the Democrats have shown, they control enough RINO votes to override his vetos of their treason.

When will President Bush realize that more serious measures need to be taken to stop these domestic insurgents? Democrats are unwilling to defend their country. They are unwilling to stop abetting the insurgents. They are unwilling to listen to reason, they are unwilling to listen to warnings about what the Islamists will do to the moonbats once they’ve taken over America. They only understand force and violence, the universal language in which God’s mercy and vengeance are delivered upon the iniquitous.

A whiff of grapeshot is all it has ever taken to crush every leftist insurgency since the First Consulate. How much longer will Bush tolerate the slings and arrows of the unrighteous? How much more of this treason and defeatism can we, as a nation, endure? When will Bush takes arms against a sea of sinfulness, and assume the powers he needs to save America from its own weakness?

Surely God intends for Bush to enjoy a smooth transition to the Presidency of Brownback. (I, for one, believe the recent McCain announcement was a cunning ruse to weed out the RINOs from among his supporters.) How can Bush do so if the Democrats permit the Islamists to seize power in Iraq? Such a move would constitute the greatest defeat in American history. Osama Bin Laden would exult as his henchmen deployed in American cities across the nation. Suicide bombings on a daily basis would make 9/11 look like a peaceful memory. If the Democrats aren’t stopped, Islamism will become a fact of life in God’s United States. Eventually, our nation will be destroyed, but first it shall undergo unspeakable devastation.

Please, Mr. President. Destroy these Democrats before they destroy us all. Make use of the power which God has granted you for goodness, patriotism, and the preservation of the American way of life.

November 1, 2007

We Won

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Al Qaeda in IraqBad news for the terrorsymps on the left. They wanted you to believe that victory in Iraq was impossible. They wanted to cut and run. They desperately wanted us to surrender in the War on Terror. Well, guess what? They were wrong. We won.

“Al Qaeda in Iraq is defeated,” according to Sheik Omar Jabouri, spokesman for the Iraqi Islamic Party and a member of the widespread and influential Jabouri Tribe. Speaking through an interpreter at a 31 October meeting at the Iraqi Islamic Party headquarters in downtown Baghdad, Sheik Omar said that al Qaeda had been “defeated mentally, and therefore is defeated physically,” referring to how clear it has become that the terrorist group’s tactics have backfired. Operatives who could once disappear back into the crowd after committing an increasingly atrocious attack no longer find safe haven among the Iraqis who live in the southern part of Baghdad. They are being hunted down and killed. Or, if they are lucky, captured by Americans.

Take that, moonbats! This is the worst thing ever for your anti-American defeatism. Face it: we were right and you were wrong. Now is not the time to surrender. Total victory is close at hand. So sorry to have disappointed you. A little mopping up and we can move on dot com. You and your pals lost, we won. Eat it, lefties.

— Psycheout

October 30, 2007

Turkey Came Early This Year

TurkeyLooks like Turkey is trying to get itself destroyed even sooner than we’d thought:

Turkish Cobra attack helicopters blasted suspected Kurdish rebel targets Tuesday near the southeastern border with Iraq in a second day of fighting in the area. The prime minister said an escalation of military action was unavoidable.

Three soldiers and six rebels have been killed in fighting, according to local news reports.

As the military pressure continued, the government called a Cabinet meeting for Wednesday to discuss possible economic measures against groups supporting the Kurdish rebels, private CNN-Turk and NTV television reported.

Turkey is reportedly considering a string of economic actions against the self-governing Kurdish administration in Iraq’s north, where rebels are based. The region is heavily reliant on Turkish electricity and food imports, as well as Turkish investment in construction.

The Kurds will probably destroy the arrogant Turkish military. But if they don’t, and if Ankara decides to take on our Iraqi allies, we’ll just have to finish the job. America can’t be expected to endure these aggressive encroachments indefinitely. Not from Syria, not from Iran, not from their special northern buddy the Turk.

These nations are diametrically opposed to freedom in the Middle East. Luckily, we have some friends that are willing to risk their lives and their homes for liberty. The Kurds, the Iraqis, the Israelis, the Armenians, the Greeks, the Afghans, and the Georgians will all be with us when we decide to liberate the Middle East from these disgusting, tyrannical, Islamist regimes. Other nations will surely join in too: the Russians might, for example, as well as our noble British compatriots.

Turkey should’ve been eliminated in 1923, but Ataturk lucked out and killed off the Greeks. He then burned Smyrna to the ground in the greatest atrocity since the Armenian genocide. Why was this nation permitted to endure? Because the French, in their lust for Syrian suzerainty, were willing to strike a separate peace with Mustafa Kemal. Ditto Stalin, ditto Mussolini. With friends like Turkey had, who needs enemies?

And now that nation has the nerve to attack our true friend, the Kurds. How can we be expected to put up with this incursion on the freedom of our friends and allies? I say, strike now, and eliminate the Turkish menace now and forever. It’s better for us, better for our allies, and better for the Turkish people.

October 25, 2007

Idiotarian of the Day: Ted Rall

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Leftist HumorYes, the vile Ted Rall, a favorite of the left, strikes again. He hates the troops and he hates America. According to Ted our troops are idiots, and it’s just fantastic when they die. Hooray! In Ted’s own words:

Only idiots signed up, only idiots died. Back home, the average I.Q. soared.

What an eloquent and nuanced voice of the left. The anti-war Kos Kidz must be collectively sniggering with glee.

What’s your prize, Ted? Since you hate America so very much, how about an all-expenses paid trip to Club Gitmo? You certainly deserve it. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Follow the link to see the whole thing. Just don’t punch your monitor.

— Psycheout

October 10, 2007

Today’s Brownback Buzz

Senator Sam BrownbackWith the CNBC Republican debate in Michigan already behind him, this is still going to be a busy week for Senator Sam Brownback. He continues to make campaign appearances in Iowa as the week winds down. In addition, there are a couple of significant Brownback events that will be of interest to those of us in other parts of the country.

Live Online Chat

Live Chat

Wednesday morning, Oct 10, Sam will be participating in a live online chat courtesy of the Washington Post between 11am and 12pm EST. Questions may be submitted prior to or during the event here. Information about other online chats with the Presidential candidates can be found here. It appears that Sam Brownback will be the first participant.

Update: The online chat has finished.

Political Dispatch Interview

InterviewSam will be interviewed Thursday, Oct 11, by Political Buzz for their “Political Dispatch” interview, which will be posted on Friday. B4B will post a reminder when it goes online. Shoot them an email if you have a question you’d like asked.

Bipartisan Summit on Iraq


On Friday, Oct 12, Presidential candidates Sam Brownback (R) and Joe Biden (D) will hold an unprecedented joint bipartisan summit to discuss the Brownback-Biden-Boxer political solution for Iraq, “the only Iraq-related policy plan the Senate has adopted this year.”

Learn more about this “political surge” and the upcoming bipartisan summit in an article penned by Senator Brownback himself, Why I’m Campaigning with a Democrat.

And read on for more information and some background on the Brownback-Biden plan.


September 28, 2007

Support the Surge

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SurgeBut, you say “the surge is working, so why do I need to support it?” Not that surge, silly. The political surge. “What political surge?” you ask. “Precisely,” comes the reply. Curtain falls.

The military surge in Iraq may be succeeding beyond anyone’s wildest dreams but it’s time to capitalize and start working on the long term solution to the Iraq question. And, naturally, Sam Brownback has the answer. And, fortunately, most in the Senate seem to finally be realizing that simple truth.

On Wednesday the Senate gave overwhelming support to Sam Brownback’s Iraq plan (co-sponsored by Biden), the three state solution. Now it’s time for the House to follow suit. Here’s Senator Brownback’s response to the 75-23 victory:

I am very pleased that my colleagues in the Senate recognized on a bi-partisan basis that we must have a political surge in Iraq to match the military surge that our troops have waged with courage and valor. The men and women of our Armed Forces have performed valiantly and successfully in quelling the turmoil in Iraq,” Brownback said. “What has not matched the effort of our troops has been the political and diplomatic effort needed to end violence among the three factions in Iraq–Sunni, Shiite, and Kurd–so that stability can be reached.”

The Daily Brownbacker has a petition for you to sign if you want victory in Iraq. I respectfully suggest that all Brownbackers and other good Americans sign it. It’s the right thing to do: support the solution. Support Sam Brownback. Support America.

— Psycheout

July 6, 2007

Sam Brownback’s Iraq Solution

Unlike other politicians and Presidential candidates, Sam Brownback is thoughtful enough and brave enough to suggest an alternate course for the ongoing struggle in Iraq. We should pay attention and give his plan careful consideration. Tell me this isn’t Presidential material:

Ideas are plentiful in presidential campaigns — some very good, many of them bad. Regardless of a candidate’s philosophical bent, when one of them puts forth a solid proposal, it is time to listen. Such is the case with the suggestion of Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., and Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., to extricate the United States from Iraq without going to either of the two extremes of immediate troop withdrawal or victory by insurgent rebels. In both the Republican and Democratic presidential debates, Biden and Brownback are showing us a way out of Iraq, if only we would listen.

The Biden-Brownback plan would assist Iraq by giving each of the three ethno-religious groups — Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds — a substate under the overall federation to pursue their interests. In effect Biden and Brownback would create a sort of “United States of Iraq.” The plan would end the oil feud by dividing revenue equitably among the three groups — a cheap price for us to yield, given oil’s estimated $15 billion annual value, versus our paying more than $100 billion a year for the war (we were wrong that oil would pay for the war).

A United States of Iraq. I like the sound of that. It sounds like the tolling of the Liberty Bell.

Brownback stated, “I have been endorsing and speaking often around the country about this notion of a federated system in Iraq, of the need for a three-state, one-country solution, with Baghdad as a federal city, where we have a Sunni area, a Shia area and a Kurdish region…. This sort of sectarian division of areas is allowed in the Iraqi constitution. The Kurdish area is (already) being operated by the Kurds. The oil revenues,… equally divided up around the country, are the glue to hold this system together…. I urge the (Bush) administration to push this, and even bring these leaders together in-country or outside of the country to push this form of political solution.”

Senator Brownback has been talking about this solution for quite some time. Have you been paying attention? But can such a plan work?

This concept has worked before — in Bosnia. A decade ago, Bosnia was being torn apart by ethnic cleansing. The United States intervened decisively to keep the country intact by dividing it into ethnic federations. Muslims, Croats and Serbs were allowed to retain separate armies. With the help of the international community, Bosnians have lived the past 10 years in peace. They are in the process of strengthening their central government and disbanding their military forces.

The more Brownback speaks, the more Presidential he sounds. But will Republican voters break the RINO spell cast over them by the pretenders, the current front-runners, known collectively as Rudy McRomney? Will they pay attention to the one true principled conservative Republican?

I have faith in G-d and the intelligence of the American voter. Brownback continues raising campaign contributions and quietly running a successful (slow and steady) race. Sam Brownback needs to cut through the veneer of MSM lies and distortion but it is no easy task. When the American people are able to hear the good Senator’s message I know that they will make the right choice.

— Psycheout