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April 13, 2008

Gold Medal Award for Excellence

Gold Medal Award for ExcellenceSpeaking for myself only.

For no reason in particular, brother site and lefty moonbat blog John Cole’s Balloon Juice has been awarded the Gold Medal Award for Excellence.  Why is this significant?  Well, Balloon Juice used to be a conservative blog and has since taken an insane turn to the left.  But regardless of whether you agree or disagree with his anti-American rants, John Cole continues to be the same angry blogger he’s always been.  And Balloon Juice continues to be a very entertaining site.  There’s no denying that.

For that reason, and that reason alone, John Cole’s Balloon Juice won, unanimously, the Gold Medal for Excellence award.  Congratulations, John.  Keep up the entertaining and unhinged posts.  It’s what free speech is all about: the right to be utterly and assuredly wrong in a loud, proud voice.  And B4B is obviously a non-partisan site.  We simply know excellence when we see it.  And we’ve seen it over at John Cole’s Ballon Juice.

I encourage all of our readers, especially those who hate America and everything she stands for to visit John Cole’s Balloon Juice.  It’s really out of this world.

— Psycheout After Dark

April 9, 2008

The Very Best: A B4B Retrospective (Part I: The Beginning)

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B4B - Behind the BlowBlogs 4 Brownback, arguably one of the most important conservative news sources on the Internet, turned one year old in February. That day has come and gone and so has that year. A number of changes have taken place since that historic day, but one thing remains the same: B4B continues to be a beacon of conservatism, shining a great beam of purifying light that tears through the liberal lies of the Main Stream Media. They have ignored us, attacked us, ridiculed us, feared us and loathed us but have been unable to stop B4B. Why? Because we deliver the truth. And the truth will always out.

B4B was born way back on Feb 23, 2007. Sisyphus started the ball rolling in the right direction. Remember Welcome? The Internet changed forever on that day. But the world wasn’t aware of it yet. That was yet to come.

Never one to shy away from the truth, Sisyphus was there on day one, March 1st, greeting Johnny McCain’s candidacy with the respect it deserved. “Prepare the Rotten Tomatoes,” he cried. And you can bet he did just that.

A week later, a little known author known as Psycheout appeared, focusing like a laser beam on Sam Brownback’s exciting candidacy and launching the popular Brownback on YouTube series. My how things have changed. Both Sisyphus and Psycheout have since become household names, known the world over for their pursuit of truth, justice and the American Way. But getting to the top would be a bumpy road for them both, and would take a terrible toll on the hardworking B4B staff along the way.

Over the days and weeks that followed, B4B continued to bring the important news to its ravenous readers, and Sisyphus began to stretch out his wings, demonstrating his unquestionable command of science issues. Who can forget Is There Anything Less Scientific Than Science? I know I can’t! The seed had been planted.

Sam Brownback Day came and went. Moonbat leftists burned American flags, again. Then they pooped on them! And Sisyphus dared to ask, Why Do Liberals Hate America? With a mirror thrust in their faces liberals recoiled in horror and ran for the hills like the vampires they are. And this would not be the first time that Sisyphus would face down evil. He would do it time and again. Even his wife feared for his safety. But he kept on. G-d had big plans for him.

Nearly three months into B4B’s relentless journalism and just days after the death of Jerry Falwell, Sisyphus dropped the bomb that woke up America and the world. The curtain was pulled back and things would never be the same. “Heliocentrism Is an Atheist Doctrine” would soon be a rallying cry for conservative Christians on college campuses across the country. The scientific community was rocked by the post and did its best to contain the impact. It was the topic of discussion around water coolers and across the Internet. That discussion continues to this day.

And yet B4B was just getting started.

Soon the Mainstream Media would take notice. Ignoring B4B wasn’t working. Soon they would go on the attack. The Denver Post, Raw Story and even MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann himself would blast B4B with everything they had. The clash was inevitable. Nothing could stop it now.

Welcome to The Very Best: A B4B Retrospective.

This concludes Part I: The Beginning.

— Psycheout & The B4B Research Staff

Teens Against Porn: Smut Out!

Howdy, ya’ll! Tyler’s in the house! You know, there are a lot of great resources out there on the net battling against the evils of pornography, but it’s an uphill battle. There are thousands of so-called “adult” sites out there trying to lure your children into the downward spiral of porn addiction, the porn industry and prostitution. Thankfully there are good sites out there too, like Teens Against Pornography.

Teens Against Pornography

Be warned that the site contains mature content that should not be viewed by teens under 14 without parental guidance. This is the real deal, kids. The truth about porn, its dangers, and why you shouldn’t ever fall under its evil spell, even after you’re 21. The toll caused by addiction to porn just isn’t worth it.

You are not alone! You have questions. You have fears. We know, we’ve been where you are. We are right here with you. All you have to do, is join the community. We will pray for you. We will hold you accountable. We will offer advice and techniques for claiming victory over the area of sexual purity in your life.

Speaking of sexual purity, it’s never too late to get your life on the right track. Just because you may have slipped up and given it up before, doesn’t mean that your body is an all-they-can-eat buffet. The power to reclaim your chastity and become a born-again virgin is within you, with the help of Jesus and his anti-porn posse. You can find other nice people like yourself, chaste and unsoiled, over at Purity Partners who agree that giving it up before sealing the bond of Holy Matrimony just isn’t cool. Just say no. You ain’t no ho.

Another great resource that will never steer you wrong is Porn Busters. You won’t find popup ads with beckoning harlots and pictures of midgets fornicating with farm animals or urinating on each other over there. Oh no! Just God’s honest truth about the evils of porn and how to fight against it in your own life.

Also praiseworthy is the fine work done by the XXXChurch to help educate porn addicts and those who love (but are disgusted by) them about the insidious nature of the sex industry and how to stamp it out with a righteous vengeance. They distribute King James Bibles at porn centers and conventions and help to save young porny girls who are begging for help to escape the bondage that they find themselves in.

You see, porn doesn’t just damage consumers of filth, but also those who are forced to engage in its production. They all deserve our sympathy and prayers of course. But if they don’t abandon their sinful ways, they deserve the eternal damnation they shall receive as a painful reward for a lifetime of debauchery.

These are just a few resources to help those fighting the porn demons in their own lives. Pass them along to friends, especially those loners you know. And remember that in God’s eyes, lusting after a voluptuous harlot is exactly the same as (if not worse than) adultery.

Can you imagine what He thinks of masturbation? Think about it, and just don’t do it. If your hand offends thee…do what thy must. What is more important? Giving into Satan for an empty and sinful reward or a blissful afterlife in Heaven? Choose.


FBI: Joe Lieberman Is a Fool or a Liar, or Both

Joe Liberman and President BushDuring the 2006 primary campaign, before the longtime liberal Senator and unprincipled turncoat switched from Democrat to Independent (for political and ego reasons), Joe Lieberman was fighting for his political life. Anti-war loon and Kos Kidz Kandidate, Neddy Lamont, was poised to oust the Senator in the upset of the season. And then something silly happened. The day before the hotly contested primary vote, Joe’s humbly named campaign site,, went down in flames. It crashed. Hard.

The Lieberman campaign squealed foul, blaming Neddy’s campaign of nasty and uncivil shenanigans. Lieberman’s campaign squawked and squawked, demanding that Neddy cease and desist these horrible attacks on poor little Joey’s lame website. Some voters may have been driven to pity poor Joe and perhaps even vote for him, but not enough. Others were likely turned off by Joe’s manly tears. An FBI investigation was launched. Joe switched parties rather than admit defeat when Neddy got more votes in the primary. And the story faded away.  Until now.

At last we have the answer. And the answer should come as little surprise.  The crash was caused by…drumroll pleaseJoe Lieberman’s campaign itself!

“The server that hosted the Web site failed because it was overutilized and misconfigured. There was no evidence of (an) attack.”

So much for that. Joe Lieberman is easily the cream of the liberal crop. He actually has supported our nation and her troops when she and they needed him to do so. But a liberal cannot change his spots. If even Joey Lieberman can’t be trusted, what does that say about the rest of the liberal scoundrels?

The name “Sore Loserman” really does fit.  Truly pathetic.

— Psycheout

April 1, 2008

Teh Googal 2 Teh Rescue

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We'll Keep an Eye out for You!We’ve had our disagreements with Google in the past, but it looks as though they are turning over a long neglected leaf.

Google has been recruited by US intelligence agencies to help them better process and share information they gather about suspects [who download online porn].

At last!

Google is also providing the search features for a Wikipedia-style site, called Intellipedia, on which agents post information about their targets that can be accessed and appended by colleagues, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

I’m not sure I’d trust the gay agenda newspaper of record and I’d humbly suggest that “Intellipedia” already exists.  It’s called Conservapedia.  But other than that, this sounds great.  Keep those hippies on the run!

The contracts are just a number that have been entered into by Google’s ‘federal government sales team’, that aims to expand the company’s reach beyond its core consumer and enterprise operations.

It’s very good to know that, like Wahoo, Google is supportive of government.  Before you know it “NO BLOOD FOR OIL” will return no search results at all, other than “some men are coming to get you.”

Maybe liberalism can be stamped out once and for all.  We can only hope.

— Psycheout

March 3, 2008

Deviant Counterattack

Apparently, our moonbat trolls have grown weary of constantly having their comments shut down on a Christian, family-friendly blog.  Instead, they’ve chosen to start a counter-blog, Blogs Not 4 Brownback.

It’s difficult to see what they hope to accomplish by all this. Real Americans visit patriotic websites like B4B for their news and informed commentary. Traitors, anti-American foreigners, and deviants of all stripes will naturally flock to such blogs as well, hoping to corrupt the incorruptible Christian American spirit with their constant haranguing, underhanded deceptions, incessant distortions, and outright hackery. No one listens to them but they themselves, of course. Decent people read the Bible and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Decent people are unlikely to eschew decent activities in order to heed the Satanic influences of a medley assortment of anonymous Internet trolls.

I’m putting their blog in our blogroll, because I think older site viewers need to know what kinds of unspeakably libelous filth leftards will post in their unending efforts to destroy America. Younger readers are strongly cautioned, however, not to peruse the site. Parents should bear in mind that left-wing sites often make hysterical, emotional appeals designed to reach out to the more impressionable minds of the young, in an effort to convert them away from strong Christian habits and into a lifestyle of homosexual debauchery and atheistic nihilism. Due caution should be used when viewing such websites.

I, myself, will not be commenting on such a site. I find it dangerous to award these people with my IP address, alternate email information*, or any other data they might use to hack into this site and make more fake posts about how we’re a hoax. These people are completely shameless, completely ruthless, and they stand in direct, treasonous opposition to all things American, good, and pure. I feel no need to help them, when even my rebuttals would assist them.

* My Blogs 4 Brownback email address is publicly accessible information: Write to me with any concerns or questions. If I don’t get back to you, I apologize. My spam filter catches a great deal, and I use that account exclusively for this blog, so I don’t always have time to check it.

January 1, 2008

4chan: Totally Gay; Update: Still Totally Gay

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4chanOn every website, you’ll find what’s known as trolls. These are retards who enjoy nothing more than ruining a good thing for everyone else. On most sites, they are a mere nuisance and thankfully in the minority. But on 4chan, the trolls rule. What do they rule? Nothing really. It’s pathetic.

4chan was started as a joke by some guy calling himself “moot.” He came from a website called “Something Awful” and his goal was to create Something Awfuller. And moot succeeded. 4chan is just about the worst site on the internet.

4chan is populated by unruly children, the retarded (known as /b/tards), pedophiles, child pornographers, anarchists and the utterly unemployable. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. So you must be cautious.

Futaba Channel4chan is a cheesy rip off of 2chan, also known as Futaba Channel, a message board that was mostly ignored since its clientele speak mostly obscure Asian languages that the rest of the world couldn’t care less about. 2chan was made famous among the seedy otaku culture when “Train Man” (densha otoko) attacked a young lady on a train and was egged on by others on the 2chan message board when he chronicled his disgusting exploits.

4chan is a site where the mentally ill congregate and share anime porn and child porn amongst themselves. They also pride themselves on making bomb threats, attacking other websites that dare to criticize their amoral activities, and just being generally stupid and obnoxious.

Fox News exposed the 4chan leader, “Anonymous” in a recent expose that showed just what kind of sick individuals populate this degenerate website. Take a look:

Shocking, isn’t it? From the kind of bile and nonsense that 4chan pond scum vomit out here on our comment threads, it is clear that they have no taste whatsoever, except perhaps for the taste of blood and excrement. They come here crapping out the same mysterious word over and over again “desu” or “nsep” and seem to enjoy such tasteless garbage as “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and Rick Astley, one of the gayest “musicians” ever conceived.

Much like an Islamic jihadi site, 4chan should be shut down. It is blocked in many countries who recognize that it is a terrorist front for idiocy. B4B has been targeted for attack by these repulsive creatures many times, especially when I dared to point out that Anime Encourages Murder and that the furry subculture is disgusting.

Anonymous Never ForgiveThere can be no doubt, that 4chan is totally gay. The internet hate machine needs to have its plug pulled for the benefit of the world. I hope 2008 is the year that it finally happens. Several threats have been made against this very website and those threats have been reported to the FBI and Interpol. But still, Anonymous is out there. He may yet come for you.

As a result of writing this article, I may have to go into hiding like Salman Rushdie. Before that happens, let me state once more for the record: 4chan is totally gay. Thanks for reading.

Update: Thanks to the predictable 4chan morons proving my hypothesis. The comment thread demonstrates how stupid and gay these people really are. And strangely enough, they just can’t get enough of Rick Astley. Dance, meat puppets, dance! Fools!

Update 2: Since 4channers are notorious potty mouths and have no life other than their gay little porn site and have no jobs, they will probably be pasting Rick Astley and Fresh Prince lyrics here all night long. However, we at B4B actually have lives, so most of that junk will go into the moderation queue. So don’t get your sorry little gay feelings hurt if your comment isn’t deleted right away. We have other things to do, unlike you. Your comments will be laughed at in the order received, retards. Thanks again for helping prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that 4chan is totally gay.

— Psycheout

December 23, 2007

Blogs 4 Huckabee

I Like MikeDon’t ever say that we don’t give you folks anything. Here’s an early Christmas present for you: a new site dedicated to tracking and celebrating the Huckaboom currently underway.

After spending nearly a year with the incredibly talented bloggers Sisyphus, Psycheout, Larissa B., Randall Smithson and the rest of the B4B Team, I’ve decided the time was right to strike out on my own. Special thanks go to Sisyphus and Psycheout for the technical help in getting things set up. The new blog looks awesome!

Mike Huckabee is going places. He’s always been my second pick after the honorable Senator Sam Brownback, one of the nicest and smartest people on the planet. I’ve met him, and we had a great laugh when I told him my name. Ha ha ha!

Although I do understand the fine Senator’s reasoning for endorsing his good friend and colleague, Senator John McCain, the Senator from Arizona has to be my third choice behind Huck. As a Baptist preacher and a serious-minded man with a theology degree (enabling him to understand the menace of Islam and how to win the War on Terror), my man Mike puts God in the proper perspective: He comes first. And that’s the way it ought to be.

Mike Huckabee for PresidentI will continue to help out as always here at B4B. This has been a second home to me, and it has always been an honor and a privilege to take part here at one of the greatest blogs on the planet. Yet with Giuliani all but out of the race (thank the Lord) and Romney beginning to buckle, it’s time to get behind the man who is best qualified to be our President out of those who are running. That man, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is Mike Huckabee.

I like Mike. And you will too, if you don’t already.

I hope to see you over at Blogs 4 Huckabee. A new team is being assembled for a new covenant. I know Psycheout is already doing some fantastic ground-breaking blogging of his own over at Blogs 4 Conservatives, and Sisyphus is continuing to knock ’em dead here with his incredible, inciteful commentary and his special expertise in all things science-y.

Please?I hope they and you will also feel at home over at B4H. I hope their talents and your surfdom as blog readers will find a home away from home there as well.

Please consider making Blogs 4 Huckabee a daily ritual, along with the original B4, Blogs 4 Brownback. And for objective reportage, you simply can’t beat Blogs 4 Conservatives, can you?

Why take a chance? Bookmark them all!

Without a doubt, this is the golden age of blogging. I hope you, our loyal readers, will stick with us through this renaissance within cyberspace.


Sam Brown
B4B Admin

December 6, 2007

Time To Crack Down on Internet Porn

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Internet LockdownIt looks like Internet perverts and porn pushers alike have lost a big one. Is this the first step to making the entire Internet family friendly? We can only hope.

The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a bill saying that anyone offering an open Wi-Fi connection to the public must report illegal images including “obscene” cartoons and drawings–or face fines of up to $300,000.

And this could change the Internet almost overnight. Cheers could be heard across the nation, across the world.

That broad definition would cover individuals, coffee shops, libraries, hotels, and even some government agencies that provide Wi-Fi. It also sweeps in social-networking sites, domain name registrars, Internet service providers, and e-mail service providers such as Hotmail and Gmail, and it may require that the complete contents of the user’s account be retained for subsequent police inspection.

Even the traditional consumers of porn, the Democrat party, supported this important and necessary bill. And I applaud them for that. Anyone who stands up for family values, against their own prurient interests, deserves credit where credit is due.

Before the House vote, which was a lopsided 409 to 2, Rep. Nick Lampson (D-Texas) held a press conference on Capitol Hill with John Walsh, the host of America’s Most Wanted and Ernie Allen, head of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Allen said the legislation–called the Securing Adolescents From Exploitation-Online Act, or SAFE Act–will “ensure better reporting, investigation, and prosecution of those who use the Internet to distribute images of illegal child pornography.”

And how could anyone disagree with that, keeping the Internet SAFE? I’m sure that there won’t be much discussion about this non-controversial legislation that benefits us all. But feel free to comment about how wonderful this is.

We are bravely moving forward together into a new age of information, a renaisance, where the Internet is safe for all. Hallelujah!

Update: Well, that was quick. Liberal KGO talk show host indicted for child porn.

Bernie Ward, a popular liberal San Francisco radio talk show host and former Catholic priest, has been indicted on federal child pornography charges, authorities said today.

Ward, 56, surrendered to federal authorities earlier today but the specifics of the allegations against him are under seal, officials said.

Ward hosts a nightly news talk program on KGO 810 AM as well as GodTalk on Sundays. He had been a priest with the Society of the Precious Blood order.

Yikes. Another left winger bites the dust.  Child Pornographers are naturally concerned about their image in light of this arrest.

— Psycheout

November 27, 2007

Fake Blogs

Faux BlogsThere has been an annoying proliferation of fake blogs lately. Fortunately Sam Brown and the rest of the B4B Team do a great job of moderating the comments, so you never see links to these fake blogs. You may not even know that they exist. As a side note, we get more than 500 spam comments per day here. (59,166 spam comments vs 16,383 legitimate comments to date.) Keeping up with them is a tiresome and disheartening task. Anyone who works on a blog knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Spam comments normally either say something short and stupid or long and stupid, having nothing to do with the topic and link back to their own websites hawking discount pharmaceuticals (viagra, cialis, phentermine, methamphetamine, etc.). Spam comments often contain dozens if not hundreds of links, usually to porn sites. These are annoying enough, but fairly innocuous and easy for the spam filter to catch. I have been documenting some of the stupider spam to hit our filter for quite some time.

Fake blogs are a different beast altogether. Fake blogs tend to be of the news aggregator type. Basically they grab a bunch of text from someone else’s blog post and try to get a trackback from their target. We delete these trackbacks immediately. Why? First of all, it pollutes the comment sections. Second of all they attempt to drive traffic to their own sites, again hawking pharmaceuticals, porn, phoney insurance, etc. Linking to these fake blogs would also boost their site ranking. This I will not do.

One of the main problems with these fake blogs is that they obfuscate search engine results. The content that we produce here appears on dozens of fake blogs trying to get traffic based on our material. That is their purpose, after all. They want to get you to their site, so they can serve you advertising and try to fool you into buying their worthless crap.

Search tools like Technorati and Google Blog Search need to make the attempt to or do a better job of filtering these fake blogs from their search results. To see the kind of fake blogs I’m talking about, take a look at blog reactions you’ll find on Technorati or Google Blog Search. Blogs with names like “auto insurance quote,” “ephedra,” “order codeine,” “b1g p3n1s” and the like are these fake blogs I’m taking about. “University Update” is another fake blog that’s been around for many months and has been consistently leeching off our valuable and thought provoking content.

Typically these automated posts begin with “_ wrote an interesting post today on _. Here’s an excerpt: …” or “Wow! While surfing the net today I found a great post written by The Queen of England. Here is an outline: …” (Note: They almost always get the author’s name wrong.) And they not only link to and steal the content of our posts, but they routinely link to individual comments, even the stupid ones. Example: “Wow! Spacebrother wrote a really interesting post today. Here is an excerpt…” There’s several things wrong with that, least of all that Spacehippie has never written anything of interest in his entire life.

I know this post about Internet pollution is rather technical in nature, but to make it simple: those who run fake blogs and blog spambots deserve to be shot dead. Any questions?

And don’t answer with “I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting.” TIA.

Update: More general information about this annoying subject can be found under these topics: blog scraping, scraper site, comment spam, spamdexing. Even more generally, the word “scumbag” applies quite nicely.

TurdUpdate 2: Profile of a turd. Most of you have heard of Blogger. Signing up is free and once you do, you can set up and run a blog of your own. Enter newbie, TTSAY. I say newbie because this person just set up a blogger account this month. This user already has set up at least 61 free blogs (more may not be listed), all named “buy meridia.” Yet TTSAY has never written a post himself. Instead TTSAY has stolen content from other blogs, including this one.

This is not the purpose of free blogs and this is not the intent behind fair use. TTSAY is a douchebag and a leech. Blog providers should really crack down on this disgusting conduct before people are drowning in this cesspool of useless duplicated content and abandon blogs altogether.

— Psycheout

November 19, 2007

Dumbing It Down

The Average B4B Critic - A MoronThe quality of the writing skills of our commenters, especially the liberal and perverted critics who come here to rant, utilizing incomprehensible spelling and atrocious grammar, is dragging our blog down. At right is what we consider to be the median (average Joe) in the vast pool (or toilet bowl) of our dissenting commenters.

To put it kindly, they’re dribbling morons. Just read a few of their incomprehensible and horribly misspelled rants and try to find the coherent thought. It’s harder than solving a trick puzzle in an advanced copy of Where’s Waldo in which the striped-shirted, hat-wearing fellow is completely absent. One simply cannot find it.

When I read some of the comments from those who rail against us, I just shake my head. Do these people stand upright? Do they have opposable thumbs? Do their brains somehow detach and wander off on their own? Are their remaining brains stored in jars? I don’t know how Sam (our moderator) can deal with you folk. Honestly. You guys belong in a zoo. Do you sleep on straw and roll around in your own filth? Do you stand on four legs or two? Seriously.

DunceWe would appreciate very much if commenters would at least familiarize themselves with basic middle school (junior high) vocabulary and grammatical skills. It’s not asking that much, is it? If you were born in a barn, have no teeth, never read an entire book (esp The King James Bible), can’t think of anything to write but leftist talking points, please don’t bother.


October 3, 2007

Furries: A Twisted Freakshow of Utter Depravity

A Blogs 4 Brownback Special Investigation

I Love FurriesDoing research on the Internet about various general interest topics, one is bound to come across the darker side of the web, a seamy underbelly of the sick and the depraved. Thanks to the Internet, hobbies, interests and obsessions which used to be frowned upon are celebrated and encouraged. Any perversion, no matter how far out it is, has its own gathering of like-minded deviants in cyberspace.

Normally society would shame these folk and make them realize what they are doing is wrong. But on the Internet, cliques of perversion are all too easy to find. It’s easy for the most mentally ill among us to find acceptance with those of their own kind. Sad, isn’t it? Rather than getting well, these people dive deeper down into the spiritual abyss, egged on by those with similar dysfunctions.

Elfen Lied ViolenceLast week, I did an investigative report on the dangers of anime, especially of the violent variety. It was quite well received and linked approvingly by websites across the Internet all over the world. For this I am thankful. But we were also linked to by those who sought to justify the darkness inherent in their particular obsession. Those frantically discussing this exposure at other websites included, of all things, furries. More frightening even than rabid animaniacs and narutards are those clustering together in the revolting yiffy subculture of furries.

I think it’s time that we took an unflinching glimpse at what your own children or relatives may be taking part in. Pray that they are not. You may never recover.

Parental AdvisoryDue to the subject matter, this post is intended for mature audiences only. I suggest that younger folk go hang out at Rapture Ready, Kids & Teens, Christian Teens or one of the many other websites that your parents have approved for your Internet time. This topic is for the grownups only. Thanks!

Before you read on, this is your last warning. Some things are best not known. The following will disturb you. I don’t care who you are or how jaded you might be. You have been warned. Any discomfort you might experience as a result of this article is not the fault of B4B.


September 28, 2007

Anime Encourages Murder; Updates: More Murders

A Blogs 4 Brownback Investigative Report

Higurashi AxeWhat Is Anime?

Many of you are probably aware of Japanese anime (Japanese animation or Japanimation) because of popular kids shows like Pokemon, Speed Racer or Star Blazers. Prior to release in the west, these shows have been cleaned up from their original violent and sexually explicit hentai (perverted) form which most Japanese cartoons seem to take. Fortunately these shows are edited and redubbed without all the violent and sexual content when they are released in the United States.

Make no mistake about it though: unlike in America, in Japan cartoons aren’t just for children. Probably due to the high cost of big budget live-action productions, a number of programs are produced for Japanese adults in the animation format. Often these are shown late at night to keep them away from children, but even the cartoons shown to children are violent, sexual in nature and make numerous references to magic and demons with no mention of G-d or Jesus. That’s because most Asians do not believe in G-d, but rather in primitive religions such as Buddhism or Shintoism (paganism).

NOTE: Be sure to see the list of terms at the end of this article.

Higurashi LogoHigurashi no Naku Koro ni (When they Cry) and Violence

Recently a couple of gruesome events took place in Japan which require the attention of parents in Japan and the world, including the United States. In usually peaceful Japan, violent acts mimicking an anime have rightly shocked the Japanese public and caused a number of television stations to suspend broadcast of the anime series.

Tokai Television Broadcasting Co. (Tokai TV) has decided to cancel screenings of the anime “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai” because of violent scenes it contains, it has been learned.

The broadcaster made the decision following an incident in which a Kyoto Prefectural Police officer was murdered in an ax attack by his 16-year-old daughter. The anime contains a scene in which a girl is pictured swinging an ax, and after Tokai TV received information about the anime from viewers, it decided to cancel the program.

Higurashi MangaI had read elsewhere that the girl was an aspiring mangaka (manga, Japanese comic book, artist). So it is pretty simple to conclude that she was heavily into anime and manga. The image on the right comes from the Higurashi manga – it’s quite similar to the crime (click the image to enlarge).

This troubling incident took place last week. It’s still newsworthy however, since it’s not an isolated case. Although another similar incident has occurred since then, it seems the series (24 30-minute episodes) is continuing anyway.


August 10, 2007




August 8, 2007

Homosexual Moonbats Ruin a Wonderful Epic Trilogy

This is what happens when leftards get access to Youtube. A wonderful family classic about love of one’s lineage throughout the ages is corrupted into a Sodomite fantasy.

And you wonder why we want to put these deviants in prison. What next, yet another revolting picture about homosexual cowboys lying to their wives and defying their God?

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