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April 30, 2008

Quotable Quote of the Day

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Thumbs Up!The stark contrast between wisdom and idiocy in our comment threads is sometimes startling.  But wading through them proves to be worthwhile when one comes across gems like this:

To you, reliable sources require a flag in the fireplace, a cross in the toilet, and excessive praise reaped upon Darwin. If it gives compliments to the Republican Party or Bush, it is automatically bunk to you.

This is Bob Corker as his best.  He is responding to a constant complainer in the thread, whining that he doesn’t trust B4B’s facts and citations (“As for reliable sources, I haven’t seen any of those here yet.”), even though we link to mainstream news sources and always cite our sources in plain view.  Our whiner on the other hand never cites sources and provides nothing other than baseless complaints.

Well done, Bob.  B4B’s comment threads would not be the same without you!

Hat Tip: Thanks to Tyler Dresden for pointing this out and recommending this post via email.

— Psycheout

April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Peter!

Longtime B4B lurker Peter, who discovered Jesus and the richness of the Republican party through B4B, has a request on his birthday, so here it is:

Happy birthday, Peter! Keep voting Republican! And be sure to write in Sam Brownback in 2008.

Happy birthday, old friend!

— Psycheout

April 7, 2008

Shamnesty for MoxoM

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MoxoM the MosquitoNobody has been banned longer than MoxoM, the useless (his handle stands for MOron X Over a Million). He will be glad to know that his hundreds of stupid comments held in moderation for months have been freed. Free at last, free at last, thank G-d Almighty, MoxoM the pervert and proud member of NAMBLA is free at last.

Now try to behave yourself, you sick freak.

A Clarification: “Shamnesty for MoxoM” does not mean that “B4B is now MoxoM’s personal toilet to defecate in and vomit upon.” It simply means that some of his less vile comments will appear here from time to time (when they adhere to the rules) rather than none at all. Moxom, do not waste your time leaving your gutter trash and profanity laced restroom scrawls in B4B’s comment threads. That’s what your own website is for. Keep it up and you’ll be sent back into exile for another few months.

— Psycheout

April 4, 2008

Obligatory Friday Open Thread

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The B4B Research Staff called in sick today, so I have no idea what’s going on. So it’s your turn. Put on your B4B Staff hat and your Heliocentrism Tee and let the world know what’s going on that’s important on this day.

The world reads B4B first, so this is your chance to make a name for yourself. Use it wisely.

Oh, here’s some news that’s altogether too meta. WordPress updated the look of the pages behind the scenes, where you post and delete comments submitted by Moxom and other spammers. And they look horrific. I may never post again.

Apparently adding links is broken. Arrgh. Doing HTML by hand is something other than else. I’m not even going to attempt inserting an image.

According to WordPress, the time is now 2:24 am on some day somewhere. My Heliocentrism clock tells me it’s more like early evening. Please, folks, don’t fix things that aren’t broken. And don’t break things that aren’t fixed. Or something.

Update: This post didn’t appear the first time I tried, probably because the WordPress clock runs backwards. If you never see this post, please leave a comment and let me know. Thank Jesus today was a slow news day.

— Psycheout

April 2, 2008


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Hello Friend!Howdy y’all!  I’m Tyler Dresden from Houston, Texas.  I’ve been invited to keep the spirit of Brownback and America alive here in 2008.  I really appreciate the invite and promise to be fair and balanced to y’all except the dirty stinking liberals.  Why?  Because they’re lame, that’s why!

I’m new to this whole blog thing, so please be patient.

And if you’re a liberal troll, just go away.  I don’t have time for you.  Neither does God.


April 1, 2008

Whither Sisyphus?

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SisyphusThe trickle, then the flood, then the torrent of emails is becoming impossible to ignore. From Sally in Minnesota:

Where is Sisyphus?

Betty Sue in South Carolina asks a similar question:

Hey y’all. I love B4B. But where’s Sisyphus?

Waldo from Wisconsin queries:

What ever happened to Sisyphus? This new guy, Psykeout really bites. Come back Sisyphus! We need your wisdom!

Mike from Illinois asks:

Sam Brown. Where is he?

Samantha Eggar pleads:

Please bring back Lyssie. She was the voice of sanity in this mysogonistic world.

Douglas chimes in with:

Relee was the best you ever had. What happened to him? Do you have his phone number?

I wish I had some info to impart. But I have been away for awhile and don’t know what’s happened to Sam, Relee and Sisyphus. As to Lyssie, I have no idea.  She never talked to me much.  So keep up the positive email and stop asking me a bunch of darn fool questions.

If you’re so worried about the B4B Team, why not buy a T-shirt or a bib or something?  You’ll feel much better.

Thanks in advance.

— Psycheout

March 18, 2008

Status Update

I’m back in New Jersey now.  My wife has suggested that we retreat here, away from the scene of my sinful attraction to lustful strumpetry.  She also doesn’t want me to post on this blog as much for a few days.  Overexposure to leftist ideology is having a deleterious effect on my spiritual and moral well-being.  So, please bear with me if I’m somewhat sporadic in posting this week.

 Consider this an open thread.  I’ll give you a topic:  was “Devil’s Advocate” a degenerate, depraved piece of liberal filth, or was it a deeply Christian film demonstrating the moral failings of secular humanism?  Discuss.

March 10, 2008

Welcome, Bob!

I’m very pleased to announce that Bob Corker is the newest poster on the blog.  Bob is a long-time commenter, one of the better ones we have around here.  I’m very sure you’ll all enjoy his posts, as they rally true American patriots to the banner of freedom.

In other news, Elliott Spitzer is a complete swine who needs to be incarcerated with a burly 6’5″ weight-lifting gang member who gives him the alias “Susan.”

March 8, 2008

Special B4B Announcement

I’m starting a completely new job on Monday, which will involve commuting for about 2 hours each day.  I will, essentially, be at work from 5 am until 7 pm.  I am going to try to continue posting in the evenings, but if you notice a drop in the number of posts per week, here is the explanation.

 On a related note, BJ Tabor, Bob Corker, Marty McPain, and any of the other decent American Christians who frequent this site and do not yet have posting privileges here, please send me an email if you are interested in becoming contributors to the site.

 Thank you for your time.

March 5, 2008

So, Huckabee’s Out. Now What?

In a sad moment for American political history, Mike Huckabee has bowed out.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee bowed to “the inevitable” and dropped out of the Republican presidential race Tuesday night after an improbable run for a politician little known beyond his home state a year ago.

Huckabee announced he was giving up his bid for the White House after John McCain swept Tuesday’s contests in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island, giving the Arizona senator the delegates needed to claim the party’s nomination in September.

“It’s been a heckuva run,” he said.

Huckabee urged his supporters to back McCain in November and said he has no “Plan B” for his political career.

The last true Republican has left the race. The GOP nominee will now be a RINO who opposes free speech and embraces bigoted Catholic-bashers. The RINOs have won the Party, and I strongly urge all Christians to leave the building.

In a way, this is a positive development. Huckabee was the last obstacle to the Brownback write-in campaign. My faith is too strong to allow me to believe that God hates America this much. As far as I can tell, He wants to test our resolve and our piety. We have a clear choice this November: vote for a Satanist Communist Islamist (be it Billary or Hussein Osama), vote for a Socialist RINO with Know-Nothing 19th-century Nativist leanings (McCain), or write-in a candidate. That candidate will be Brownback, and his victory will shake this hypocritical Babylon to its foundations. God has not yet forsaken His faithful. That is a promise, America. That is a promise.

Go, and pray for what comes. We face a challenging time of darkness before the light shall again shine down upon us.

Vote for America! Vote for Brownback!

January 15, 2008

Cross-Posting Announcement

CrosspostingI have decided to begin cross-posting my posts at both Blogs 4 Brownback and Blogs 4 Huckabee. This way, I can show my support for Huckabee on a website dedicated to his nomination and election, while giving Blogs 4 Brownback readers their traditional fix of the Divinely-revealed Truth which God has chosen to show me. Both candidates will benefit from my analysis and experience, and the liberals will find themselves outflanked, outgunned, outmanned, and confounded, as they are hounded by my onslaughts at every turn.

Show your support for God, America! Vote Huckabee! Huckabee will keep America Christian, and see to it that Brownback is our next President!

January 7, 2008

Apologies on the Lack of Posting…

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I’ve been doing my part to help Huckabee win in New Hampshire.  Hopefully, in a few days I’ll have more time for posting.  Gotta run now, vote Huckabee!


 PS Stick a fork in Romney and Giuliani.  Those two are well done.  They’re finished.

December 27, 2007

Special Announcement

UrgentI had a mind-shattering epiphany last night, a nightmare vision that I have to share with you all. I find that I can no longer, in good conscience, support Senator Brownback directly in his campaign for the Presidency. Instead, I feel compelled to endorse Michael Huckabee, the candidate who will “tack” Brownback into office.

Last night, I was praying in the closet (as usual). I prayed to the Lord for a Brownback victory, and that President Brownback be given the power to smite the enemies of God. Suddenly, it seemed to me that a yawning abyss opened before me. Within, I saw a nightmare city I can’t describe, and don’t want to.

Hellish VisionUnutterable dark emanations of unspeakable horrors that cannot be named, cannot be grasped by the rational minds of Children of God loomed before me. These witch-lights showed a scene of utmost depravity, of inconceivable blasphemy. Women and children cavorted with dogs, goats, donkeys, and men of all tribes, religions, and deviancies. Drug dealers ran open-air forums, even injecting passing policemen with their sinful wares with complete impunity. Churches were draped in gasoline-soaked American flags, then set afire. Terrorists roamed the streets in jeeps, shooting anyone who wore a crucifix or made the Sign of the Cross. The Democrat Party had a special torture center for Americans who dared to vote their conscience, which they let Al Qaeda run for them.

It was horrible. As I stared down into this unimaginable den of iniquity and abomination, I felt my mind beginning to cross over the threshold into madness. Then an angel came to save me. A sudden fluttering of light, the abundance of feathers, and lovely morningsongs from Heaven pulled me back from the brink. I looked up, and found myself staring into the face of the harbinger of Ultimate Beauty.

Angel“Sisyphus, I am a messenger from God,” he said. “This horrifying thing you see before you is the city of San Francisco, in the year 2011, should the Democrats win the election. What is worse, the leftards will use the thought-control technology they’ve been quietly perfecting for the last 50 years to beam this filth from the sin-centers of San Francisco and Manhattan directly into the minds of young people from Iowa, Kansas, and the other wholesome parts of the country. God has sent me to tell you that this cannot be allowed to happen. He has offered the crown to Senator Brownback, but like Saul before him, Brownback has proven unworthy of it. Therefore, as He did with David, God has anointed Huckabee to be His chosen king on Earth. You, His faithful servant, must obey His edicts.”

Then the angel disappeared, the Hellish vista vanished, and I found myself screaming and crying in my closet.

AriseI feel I cannot, in good conscience, show a stiff neck to Heaven. I must alter my endorsement, switching it to Governor Huckabee. My hope is that this move will cause Brownback to relent, to reenter the race and allow God to grant him victory. God may yet be clement. God is merciful, and we must all pray that Brownback will cease to anger Him. I also harbor a secret hope that President Huckabee will appoint Brownback his Vice President in a move to allay Catholics, then find himself forced to step down while in office. God may yet secure the Presidency for Brownback in such a fashion.

Those are my secret hopes. But one cannot go against the Will of God. Therefore, I am changing my endorsement to Michael Huckabee. A good man, who will make a great President. And if Brownback can’t take over, maybe God can at least see to it that Huckabee converts to Catholicism himself before 2016. One can always pray for the best for one’s friends and allies.

December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Baby JesusHello, folks! I’ll be travelling most of today. We’re going to visit my parents. I probably won’t post anything for a few days now.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Everyone I know, pretty much, celebrates Christmas. You don’t even have to be Christian to celebrate Christmas. Most of the atheists and Jews I’ve met celebrate it, too. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, that means you’re a Communist or an Islamist. Or worse.

But the important thing is that God was born tomorrow, 2,007 years ago. Stop for a moment and ponder that. God, in the form of the Son, walked the Earth alongside our ancestors. God died for their sins, and ours. God rose from the dead, transcending death and enabling us to do likewise. The entire miracle of Christianity started tomorrow, in a small manger on the outskirts of Bethlehem, 2,007 years ago. A miracle we fight to uphold the sanctity of to this very day, protecting our freedom to worship God in peace even at the cost of our own lives. A miracle celebrated by all, even Godless heathen sinners who disguise their latent Christianity by calling it Ramadan or Kwanzaaa or Festivus or whatever other blasphemous terminology they invented in their basement to justify their petty evils.

Merry Christmas, Americans and moonbats alike. God bless America, and let us all praise Jesus.

December 23, 2007

Blogs 4 Huckabee

I Like MikeDon’t ever say that we don’t give you folks anything. Here’s an early Christmas present for you: a new site dedicated to tracking and celebrating the Huckaboom currently underway.

After spending nearly a year with the incredibly talented bloggers Sisyphus, Psycheout, Larissa B., Randall Smithson and the rest of the B4B Team, I’ve decided the time was right to strike out on my own. Special thanks go to Sisyphus and Psycheout for the technical help in getting things set up. The new blog looks awesome!

Mike Huckabee is going places. He’s always been my second pick after the honorable Senator Sam Brownback, one of the nicest and smartest people on the planet. I’ve met him, and we had a great laugh when I told him my name. Ha ha ha!

Although I do understand the fine Senator’s reasoning for endorsing his good friend and colleague, Senator John McCain, the Senator from Arizona has to be my third choice behind Huck. As a Baptist preacher and a serious-minded man with a theology degree (enabling him to understand the menace of Islam and how to win the War on Terror), my man Mike puts God in the proper perspective: He comes first. And that’s the way it ought to be.

Mike Huckabee for PresidentI will continue to help out as always here at B4B. This has been a second home to me, and it has always been an honor and a privilege to take part here at one of the greatest blogs on the planet. Yet with Giuliani all but out of the race (thank the Lord) and Romney beginning to buckle, it’s time to get behind the man who is best qualified to be our President out of those who are running. That man, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is Mike Huckabee.

I like Mike. And you will too, if you don’t already.

I hope to see you over at Blogs 4 Huckabee. A new team is being assembled for a new covenant. I know Psycheout is already doing some fantastic ground-breaking blogging of his own over at Blogs 4 Conservatives, and Sisyphus is continuing to knock ’em dead here with his incredible, inciteful commentary and his special expertise in all things science-y.

Please?I hope they and you will also feel at home over at B4H. I hope their talents and your surfdom as blog readers will find a home away from home there as well.

Please consider making Blogs 4 Huckabee a daily ritual, along with the original B4, Blogs 4 Brownback. And for objective reportage, you simply can’t beat Blogs 4 Conservatives, can you?

Why take a chance? Bookmark them all!

Without a doubt, this is the golden age of blogging. I hope you, our loyal readers, will stick with us through this renaissance within cyberspace.


Sam Brown
B4B Admin

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