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March 3, 2008

Deviant Counterattack

Apparently, our moonbat trolls have grown weary of constantly having their comments shut down on a Christian, family-friendly blog.  Instead, they’ve chosen to start a counter-blog, Blogs Not 4 Brownback.

It’s difficult to see what they hope to accomplish by all this. Real Americans visit patriotic websites like B4B for their news and informed commentary. Traitors, anti-American foreigners, and deviants of all stripes will naturally flock to such blogs as well, hoping to corrupt the incorruptible Christian American spirit with their constant haranguing, underhanded deceptions, incessant distortions, and outright hackery. No one listens to them but they themselves, of course. Decent people read the Bible and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Decent people are unlikely to eschew decent activities in order to heed the Satanic influences of a medley assortment of anonymous Internet trolls.

I’m putting their blog in our blogroll, because I think older site viewers need to know what kinds of unspeakably libelous filth leftards will post in their unending efforts to destroy America. Younger readers are strongly cautioned, however, not to peruse the site. Parents should bear in mind that left-wing sites often make hysterical, emotional appeals designed to reach out to the more impressionable minds of the young, in an effort to convert them away from strong Christian habits and into a lifestyle of homosexual debauchery and atheistic nihilism. Due caution should be used when viewing such websites.

I, myself, will not be commenting on such a site. I find it dangerous to award these people with my IP address, alternate email information*, or any other data they might use to hack into this site and make more fake posts about how we’re a hoax. These people are completely shameless, completely ruthless, and they stand in direct, treasonous opposition to all things American, good, and pure. I feel no need to help them, when even my rebuttals would assist them.

* My Blogs 4 Brownback email address is publicly accessible information: Write to me with any concerns or questions. If I don’t get back to you, I apologize. My spam filter catches a great deal, and I use that account exclusively for this blog, so I don’t always have time to check it.

August 10, 2007




August 9, 2007

B4B Hacked!

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HackerIt appears that B4B has been hacked by atheistic Demoncrat Islamofascists. The last post’s categories have disappeared and when I tried to create this one no categories were available.

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Note to the hackers: you cannot silence the truth.

Update: The B4B Hacker Task Force has corrected the problem and it would appear that the problems were caused by a terrorist/hacker group going by the name “The Order of the Monkey” possibly led by one “La Mona” along with accomplice “La Puto.”

Dead HackerThe B4B Hacker Task Force’s motto is: “the only good hacker is a dead hacker.” B4B suggests that La Mona refrain from hacking our site in the future. You have been reported.

In the comment thread, B4B readers are free to state their case for whether these shapeshifing wiccan hackers should be banned.

Update 2: According to Interpol, Kashin-Sho (The Order of the Monkey), is an infamous hacker group with Japanese and American members.  If this is the same group, B4B was very lucky to have survived.

— Psycheout

August 4, 2007

A Cryptic Message

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Binary CodeThis morning while I was checking my email an instant message popped up. I didn’t recognize the sender’s name so I didn’t reply.

«1337h4x» im in ur base, killing ur d00ds

It sounds to me like some kind of islamofascist code. And I doubt it was meant to be intercepted by me. Should I report this to Homeland Security?

It was really strange. To be honest, I’m still a little uneasy about the incident. I don’t even use the instant messenger application so I don’t really know what triggered it.

Actually, there was a second message, equally puzzling, which I’m not sure I should pass along. But here goes. It was:

«1337h4x» im in ur fridge, eatin ur f00ds

I closed the instant messenger program immediately, but it left me a little shaken. I’ll lay odds it was either a terrorist or a liberal (the same thing, really). I can’t help having an odd sense of foreboding.

That aside, I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Consider this an open thread.

— Psycheout