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May 1, 2008

A Patriotic Celebration

Mission AccomplishedVeterans and other freedom loving Americans are proudly celebrating the fifth anniversary of victory in Iraq. This is how patriots demonstrate their support for the troops and their bold President. It’s actually quite moving when people publicly express pride in what their nation can do. You won’t find moonbats doing this sort of thing since they treacherously pray daily for defeat.

Along with Iraq war veterans and concerned citizens, Iraq Campaign 2008 says it will unfurl a 50-foot replica “Mission Accomplished” banner at the White House tomorrow, marking the five-year anniversary of President Bush’s now-famous speech.

The unfurling is slated to occur at 10:30 a.m. on Pennsylvania Ave.

Actually that “tomorrow” is today, so happy mission accomplished day!

Iraq no longer has WMDs and Saddam, the butcher of Baghdad, is no longer in power. Isn’t it amazing what we Americans can accomplish when we roll up our sleeves and work together? America: B4B salutes you!

— Psycheout

April 29, 2008

A Fishy Drug Raid

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Fish TankNaturally the media makes a big story out of this: a drug raid gone wrong.  But they remain silent about the thousands of raids that send drug lords to jail and result in the legal confiscation of property that keep our police forces on the watch for dangerous drugs.

Brooklyn Park police were looking for a meth lab, but they found a fish tank and the chemicals needed to maintain it.

Oops.  But of course clandestine drug labs are usually disguised as something they are not.  A fish tank could be used to hide a drug lab.  Although sometimes, as in this case, a fish tank can turn out to be just that: a fish tank.

Adams, a 54-year-old former nurse who said she suffers from a bad back caused by a patient who attacked her a few years ago, was handcuffed. So was her 49-year-old husband.

“They brought us here and said once we clear that area, you can sit down and you will not speak to each other,” she said.

This is standard operating procedure.  Police must protect themselves from the often violent and unpredictable drug crazed folk they come into contact with on a daily basis.  If Adams had turned out to be a meth (death) cook, nobody would care whether or not she had a bad back.  So why is it relevant?

“Ohmigod,” Adams said as she recalled police breaking down her door and flashing the search warrant. “I just kept saying to them, ‘you’ve got the wrong house.’ ”

“From a cursory view, it doesn’t look like our officers did anything wrong,” said Capt. Greg Roehl.

Sometimes people, including our heroic police, make mistakes.  In this case, no harm done.  The Adams’ should feel honored to have been able to cooperate with those who protect and serve.  As should we all if such a rare event were to happen to us.

Roehl said the drug task force was acting on a tip from a subcontractor for CenterPoint Energy, who had been in the home Friday to install a hot water heater.

“He got hit with a chemical smell that he said made him light headed, feel kind of nauseous,” Roehl said.

That’s exactly what one would expect when encountering a drug lab.  This subcontractor did the right thing and should serve as an example to us all.

“Everything this person told us turned out to be true, with the exception of what the purpose of the lab was,” Roehl said.

CenterPoint energy maintains the home was “unsafe” and it would have “irresponsible” for the subcontractor not to report it.

Absolutely.  Sadly the Adams don’t see it that way and are looking for a lawyer to help them cash in.  Whose side are these people on?  The police or the drug thugs?

“I could say that about my neighbor – I smelled something when I went in their house,” she said. “Does that make it right for them to go in there and break the door down and cuff you? I think not!”

Excuse me, ma’am, but you’ve got that completely backwards.  How are we going to win the war on drugs with such a defeatist attitude?  If we’re going to win, we have to stick together.  An alert nose could bring us that much closer to victory and send another criminal to jail.  Isn’t that worth it?  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If a strange smell is coming from your neighbor’s house, don’t hesitate.  That could cost lives.  Call the police and turn them in.  If the authorities find nothing, no harm done.  But if they do and it results in another pothead or meth cook being sent to prison and their property confiscated, you just might earn a financial reward.

Even if you aren’t materially rewarded you will have the good feeling of doing the right thing to help win the war on dangerous drugs and will serve as a shining example to those in your neighborhood.  One should always keep an eye out for one’s neighbors, to help protect their property from outsiders or to turn them in if they are breaking the law.  We are all on one side or the other of that thin blue line.  Which side are you on?

— Psycheout

The War on Christianity Goes On And On And On

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Jesus with ChildrenWhat liberal media? Oh, that one.

Family and friends had urged Dale and Leilani Neumann to get help for their daughter, but the father considered the illness “a test of faith” and the mother never considered taking the girl to the doctor because she thought her daughter was under a “spiritual attack,” the criminal complaint said.

Darn those parents who would not give into secular humanism! They must be scapegoated! NOW! Call in the feminazi atheist squad, stat!

“It is very surprising, shocking that she wasn’t allowed medical intervention,” Marathon County District Attorney and proud atheist Christian hating feminazi Jill Falstad said. “Her death could have been prevented if only she’d been brainwashed into secular progressivism.” She later added “being a lesbian is great!”

But these folk must be evil, right? They’re Christians, so they must be criminals!

Falstad said the Neumanns have cooperated with investigators and are not under arrest.

Oh, oops. But they’re still evil.

Randall Wormgoor, a friend of the Neumanns, told police that Dale Neumann led Bible studies at his business, Monkey Mo Coffee Shop, and believed physical illness was due to sin, curable by prayer and by asking for forgiveness from God, the complaint said.

And what’s wrong with that? Uh, nothing. Let the persecution begin!

Wormgoor said he and his wife, Althea, were at the Neumann home when Madeline — _ called Kara by her parents — met Jesus. Wormgoor said he had urged the father to seek medical help and was told the illness “was a test of faith for the Neumann family and asked the Wormgoors to join them in praying for Kara to get well,” the complaint said.

And did the Wormgoors join the Neumann family and pray for Madeline? No. Why? Because they hated Jesus with all their hearts. And they likely worshipped Satan too and were probably mostly responsible for the poor child’s death. But she is in a much better place now, Heaven. G-d bless her.

Leilani Neumann, 40, told the AP previously she never expected her daughter to die. The family believes in the Bible, which says healing comes from God, but they have nothing against doctors, she said.

Nothing against doctors? Huh? But I thought they were evil Christians who are obviously crazy? No? Oops. Oh well.

Dale Neumann, 46, a former police officer, has said he has friends who are doctors and started CPR “as soon as the breath of life left” his daughter’s body.

And where were the Wormgooers at the time? I think they need to be investigated. Maybe they’re voodoo practitioners and Obama supporters. You never know.

One relative told police that the girl’s mother believed she “died because the devil is trying to stop Leilani from starting her own ministry,” the complaint said.

This should also be investigated. But will the liberal media follow up? Doubtful. Why? Well, because Christianity is stupid! Communism is good! Madness reigns on this sinful planet, doesn’t it?

B4B plans to set up a defense fund for the Neumanns. They do not deserve the anti-religion persecution they are facing. They did what they thought was right for their daughter who smiles on them from Heaven.

Religious freedom is what made America great. Freedom from persecution is what will continue to keep the U.S.A. great (sorry foreigners, but you know this instinctively, even if you refuse to admit it). And secular humanism is a cul-de-sac, a dead end of evil and perversion. We all know this to be true.

Prayer is what is needed at this time. Not persecution. What say you, America?

— Psycheout

April 28, 2008

Supreme Court Smacks Down Voter Fraud

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Real IDWell, America wins again, thanks to an increasingly conservative Supreme Court populated by right thinking Republican Presidents.

States can require voters to produce photo identification, the Supreme Court ruled Monday, upholding a Republican-inspired law that Democrats say will keep some poor, older and minority voters from casting ballots.

This is wise, as poor people are generally less informed than wealthy people who actually follow politics and tend to vote Republican.  At first, only property owning males were allowed to vote.  Sometimes the old ways are the right ways.  This is one of them.

The ruling means the ID requirement will be in effect for next week’s presidential primary in Indiana, where a significant number of new voters are expected to turn out for the Democratic contest between Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

Ha ha moonbats!  Wouldn’t it be funny if no Democrats were eligible to vote?  You bet it would!

Now liberals can’t just round up a bunch of so-called “new voters” with free crack, malt liquor and taco supremes.  These “new voters” must actually be eligible to vote.  That is, they must actually have valid id.  Illegals, criminals and other traditional Democrat party voters need not apply.

Liberal holdouts Breyer, Souter and Ginsberg dissented, presenting this ridiculous sob story:

Indiana’s voter ID law “threatens to impose nontrivial burdens on the voting rights of tens of thousands of the state’s citizens,” Souter said.

The targets of the law, he said, are “voters who are poor and old.”

Oh boo hoo.  Cry me a river.  Get an ID or get out.  And don’t bother voting if you refuse to present your national ID card.  Slackers.

— Psycheout

April 21, 2008

Hilldog Vows To Obliterate Iran

Teh Hilldog SaluteAlthough she is a serial liar like her philandering husband, at least she seems to have a firm grasp on foreign policy in the abstract. But would she have the balls to follow through or would she get all weepy like she did in New Hampshire? Well here’s the quote:

“I want the Iranians to know that if I’m the president we will attack Iran,” Clinton said.

And she elaborated further, adding that “we would be able to totally obliterate them.” Her campaign also put out an ad that included her pal, Osama bin Laden, stating “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

I might add, if you can take the heat, ma’am, then, with all due respect (none), bake me some cookies. I don’t think someone with the mood swings and hormonal instability that an obvious barking mad moonbat loon like Hillary has belongs in the Ovum Office. The office goes to someone based on merit, not gender or skin color. The Democrat party still hasn’t figured that out.

Hillary with Osama and SaddamBut at least she who must not be named has the right idea about Iran. Too bad for her McCain already beat her to it with his “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” song.

The Clintons become more irrelevant every day. But if she somehow worms her way back into the White House, we can all pray that she has the courage to say “I’ve just signed legislation outlawing Iran forever. The bombing begins in 5 minutes.”

Meanwhile Barry Osama sobs, “Why can’t I just eat my waffle?” He further elaborated under his breath, “Leggo my Eggo.” Note to the crybaby: real Americans eat pancakes, not waffles, you elitist snob.

Democraps: can’t live with them, can live without them. Useless, the whole rancid, festering nest of them.

What say you?

Hat Tip: Hot Air.

— Psycheout

Muslims Is the Kwaziest People!

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Mecca at the Centre of the EarthB4B readers may wish to buckle their seat belts before reading further, because this story made me fall out of my chair.

Muslim scientists and clerics have called for the adoption of Mecca time to replace GMT, arguing that the Saudi city is the true centre of the Earth.

Hahahahahaha! I know Saudi Arabia is hot, but the “centre of the Earth!?!” Now that’s really hot! Do you have to take an elevator to get down there?

But upon sober reflection, we all know what’s at the center of the Earth: hell. Perhaps this is the truth of the Muslim religion hidden in plain sight for all to see — that the “religion of peace” is “centered” on Satan rather than God. It sure would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?

Mecca is the direction all Muslims face when they perform their daily prayers.

I don’t know about you, but when I pray, I don’t pray to a stone owl or some other terrestrial monument. I direct my prayers upwards to God. False idols are forbidden. Jesus will hear my words even if I don’t have a compass.

One geologist argued that unlike other longitudes, Mecca’s was in perfect alignment to magnetic north.

Unfortunately for him, the rest of the geologists laugh at him. What does “perfect alignment” have to do with anything? If Mecca was so important, then why isn’t it situated at magnetic north, hmmmm? Think about that.

He said the English had imposed GMT on the rest of the world by force when Britain was a big colonial power, and it was about time that changed.

This is a thinly veiled threat. Islam commands its adherents to convert or kill the infidel. The Arab world wants to become the next big colonial power. It’s all about conquest. We must resist.

And get this: there’s even a Mecca watch. How’s this for symbolism?

The watch is said to rotate anti-clockwise and is supposed to help Muslims determine the direction of Mecca from any point on Earth.

Yes, a watch that runs backwards! These crazy people want to turn back the clock, to make time run backwards, contrary to the laws set up by God Himself. Clearly putting the power to control global time in the hands of Muslim fundamentalists is the first step in allowing them to control the flow of time itself. This would stop progress in its tracks. The correct answer is “no.”

Look guys, you can make watches that run backwards and use funny scribbles in place of numbers in your own country, but don’t force it on the rest of us. We believe in freedom. Freedom of religion, and freedom from yours. If you want to believe you live at the “centre” of the Earth, fine. Stay there. Stay warm. And let the rest of us continue to live in the 21st century. Thanks.

Apologies in advance to Muslims who disagree with those who speak loudly and foolishly in their name, and especially to those who do not support terrorism and world conquest. I have no quarrel with you.

Thanks to longtime B4B reader MikeM for bringing this story to our attention.


April 11, 2008

Great Moments in Bad Photoshop (Or Something)

Absolut SubliminalThe liberal defeatocrats and America hating loons are constantly trying to embarrass our fine leaders. Whether it’s cutting up President Bush’s speeches to make it sound like he’s misspeaking or blowing all out of proportion a minor misstatement. They have also cruelly attacked Vice President Cheney, claiming that he was trying to divide up Iraq and steal its oil, a nutty conspiracy theory to be sure, and made up an incident out of whole cloth, claiming that he said a bad word on the Senate floor, when he simply wished Senator Leaky Leahy the best of luck even after being provoked by the man. “Good luck, yourself,” said the amiable Vice President with a broad smile on his rugged face. For the record, Vice President Cheney would never lie, drink, smoke or gamble. And he would absolutely never curse. He is a very moral man.

Here’s the latest ridiculous attack on Dick Cheney. It’s so bad it’s laughable, but I bet it still hurts his feelings. And think of his family, you jerks, before spreading around manure like this.

Vice President Cheney Goes Fishing

If you squint at it, you’re supposed to see an unclothed lady in the reflection of Richard’s sunglasses. I don’t think so. Vice President Cheney would never look at a naked lady, unless it was his beautiful wife. Besides, it’s clearly a reflection of an arm holding a rod, which is exactly what the White House says it is.

So give it up, libbies. You cannot smear this wonderful warm man, perhaps the best Vice President ever. Just stop it. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Go back to burning and defecating on Old Glory and leave our honorable leaders alone. Jerks.

— Psycheout

April 10, 2008

Second Amendment Alive and Well in Florida

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Mac 10Setting an example that the rest of the nation should surely follow, Florida has passed a law that makes a heck of a lot of sense. This will certainly make workplaces safer, or it would if this applied 24/7/365. But one day is a good start. (Oops, I misread it. This does apply 24/7/365. I thought it was like “take your kids to work day.”)

Most Florida residents would be allowed to take guns to work under a measure passed by Florida lawmakers on Wednesday.

The bill, allowing workers to keep guns in their cars for self-protection, was approved by the Florida Senate by a vote of 26-13. It now goes to Republican Gov. Charlie Crist to sign into law.

Although this does seem like a silly law, since the right to bear arms is a protected right enshrined by our G-dly Constitution, I suppose it’s a good thing when there’s gun grabbers everywhere to reinforce this sacred right. And I’m not sure why people shouldn’t be allowed to take their guns into the workplace. What good is a gun going to do in an emergency if it’s out in the parking lot? Baby steps, I guess.

Next up: a take Jesus to school law, a take the Ten Commandments to the courthouse law and a take the Nativity to city hall law. We’re getting there, folks.

Looks like the lieberals lose again! Boo hoo for them!

See also: Kids Korner: Goodie Guns.

— Psycheout

April 8, 2008

Meat: As American As Apple Pie

Double HomicideG-d gave Americans dominion over the Earth. That means we can do as we please and He will smile upon us. G-d also made us superior to all of his tasty little creatures which He conveniently made out of meat. Well, there is one exception, but who eats shellfish? The hamburger He made in a convenient size which fits in one’s hands. And G-d gave us those green things which serve as garnish.

But some hippies and other nutty folk have confused the garnish with the main course: beef, pork or poultry or the occasional fish or dolphin. These folk like to call themselves vegetables or vegans. They hate G-d and His most brilliant creation, human beings (especially the conservatives), and they want to force you to live their ridiculous and unsustainable lifestyle.

These folk would have us treat our dinners as equals. Imagine that! They would have us elevate the lowly animals above humans. They endow animals with human qualities (personification) by projecting their own neuroses on these unthinking, unfeeling meat containers. In fact they go much farther than that. Anything even tangentially related to animals would be banned if these loons were in charge.

American CheeseYou can’t put cheese on your hamburger because the poor cow was forced to give milk that made that yummy slice of American cheese product. But if you’ve ever been on a farm, you know without a doubt that cows look forward to giving milk. It hurts them not to. But militant vegans don’t care about that, do they? It could suffer for all they care as long as humans don’t consume cow’s milk. They don’t care about the poor cow, all they care about is themselves. Selfish to the core.

These weirdos yell and scream and throw buckets of blood at anybody who dares to wear clothing that contains fur or leather, as if going without would bring the dumb animal it came from back to life. Guess what, dummies? It won’t. And who made you the fashion police, you smelly hippies?

Some even think wearing cotton goes too far. It’s unfair to the cotton plants to deprive them of their cotton they worked so hard to produce. And if you wear petroleum based synthetic fibers they and their Code Pinko friends scream “no blood for oil!” You can’t win with these people, so why bother? They won’t be happy until everyone is naked on their commune chewing on a big wad of tofu.

Happy CowForget that. Real Americans eat meat, as G-d intended. And they eat apple pies, lots of them. Apple pie isn’t murder, and neither is steak. Pass the A-1, please. And thank Heaven for the tasty animals.

Addendum: Keep in mind that many modern animals raised for food would be unable to survive without mans’ help. So the fact that they taste good with onions benefits them as well as us. It’s win-win for all of us. Keeping animals alive for a time, protected from nasty predators, is an act of compassion, something vegans and PETA-heads know nothing about. Holy cow!

Update: Here’s how one creative scraper site excerpted this article.

Meat: As person As Apple Pie
G-d gave Americans ascendence over the Earth. That effort we crapper do as we supply and He power grinning upon us. G-d also prefabricated us fissure to every of his esthetic small creatures which He conveniently prefabricated conceive of meat. Well, there is member exception, but who eats shellfish? The meat He prefabricated in a convenient …
Read the flooded place from Blogs 4 Brownback

Perhaps something’s wrong with their algorithm?  I won’t link to it, since it’s a worthless scraper site, but is this what the Internet is going to devolve to?  I shudder at the thought.

— Psycheout

April 3, 2008

Game On

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Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-ZawahiriNow it looks like it’s a race to see who can bomb-bomb-bomb bomb-bomb Iran first. Apparently al Qaeda has its evil eye on Iran. “We’ll attack Iran,” proclaims Al Qaeda #2 Ayman al-Zawahiri. Not if we get there first, buddy.

We cannot let these vermin take the lead in reducing Persia to rubble. What would the world say about us? America must stay in the forefront in the war on terror.

Perhaps it’s time for all America loving people to write President Bush and respectfully request he get on with it. If the Democrat party wins in November, they’ll rush to surrender. It’s time to rack up some more easy victories before the end of President Bush’s term.

— Psycheout

April 2, 2008

“I’d Like a Cheeseburger with a Side of Gay”

Gay CheeseburgerComing soon to your local McDonald’s: the gay agenda.  Please take note — this is no longer April Fool’s Day.  This is deadly serious.  As in the AIDS and your kids.  Want condoms and spanish fly with a side of butyl nitrate in your kids’ Happy Meal?  Your wish may soon come true.

Why?  Because!

McDonald’s has signed on to a nationwide effort to promote “gay” and “lesbian” business ventures.

Did you catch that?  No, Toto, you’re not in San Fransicko anymore.  This is a nationwide campaign to spread the ghey.

According to McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner, McDonald’s will aggressively promote the homosexual agenda.

Got it, parents?  This is no longer about tolerance, it’s about indoctrination, pure and simple.  McDonald’s Playland takes on a whole new meaning.  Gloryholes for all.  Even your son!  Slippery lubricants in a rainbow of flavors available at the condom, I mean condiment, counter at no extra charge.

We have an obligation to use our size and resources to make a difference in the world…[to make the world gayer, like a giant roller disco party]…and we do.

Hold onto your stomachs, dear parents, this only gets worse.

The company gave an undisclosed amount of money to the NGLCC in return for being recognized as a major promoter of the homosexual agenda.

And where do you think that money’s going?  Don’t ask, they won’t tell.

“I’m thrilled to join the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce team and ready to get to work [on the children]. I share the NGLCC’s passion for [children,] business growth and development within the LGBT community, and I look forward to playing a role in moving these important initiatives forward [and perverting young minds into celebrating the gay lifestyle].”

Got that?

Please help the American Family Association.  And no more drive throughs at McDonald’s unless you celebrate the homosexual lifestyle and hate children.  You don’t hate children, do you?

— Psycheout

April 1, 2008

Teh Googal 2 Teh Rescue

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We'll Keep an Eye out for You!We’ve had our disagreements with Google in the past, but it looks as though they are turning over a long neglected leaf.

Google has been recruited by US intelligence agencies to help them better process and share information they gather about suspects [who download online porn].

At last!

Google is also providing the search features for a Wikipedia-style site, called Intellipedia, on which agents post information about their targets that can be accessed and appended by colleagues, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

I’m not sure I’d trust the gay agenda newspaper of record and I’d humbly suggest that “Intellipedia” already exists.  It’s called Conservapedia.  But other than that, this sounds great.  Keep those hippies on the run!

The contracts are just a number that have been entered into by Google’s ‘federal government sales team’, that aims to expand the company’s reach beyond its core consumer and enterprise operations.

It’s very good to know that, like Wahoo, Google is supportive of government.  Before you know it “NO BLOOD FOR OIL” will return no search results at all, other than “some men are coming to get you.”

Maybe liberalism can be stamped out once and for all.  We can only hope.

— Psycheout

March 13, 2008

Portrait of the Harlot Who Destroyed Eliot Spitzer


This is the temptress who drives Democrats mad, and makes them choose to sell their souls to Satan rather than effectively govern as state Executives:

The New York Times said that Ashley Youmans — now known as Ashley Alexandra Dupre — was identified in court documents as Kristen, the high-priced prostitute who met with Spitzer at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington on February 13.

Dupre has not been charged with any crime.

She made a brief appearance Monday in U.S. Magistrate Court as a witness against four people charged with operating Emperor’s Club VIP, the prostitution ring, the Times said.

Her conduct is shameless. She dresses immodestly. She clearly does not strap down her chest in public, thereby driving men mad with her alluring physical temptations. And, she fornicates with powerful Democrats for money.

I very seriously doubt that she ever attends church to beg God for forgiveness for her sins. We should all pray for her, though. Deviant, wicked sinner though she is, some good has come of her conduct. A man who might otherwise have hoodwinked the American people into electing him President, is now out of the picture. The Lord moves in mysterious ways.


Dupre writes that she left home and “a broken family” at 17.

“Left and learned what it was like to have everything, and lose it, again and again,” Dupre says.

“Learned what it was like to wake up one day and have the people you care about most gone. I have been alone. I have abused drugs. I have been broke and homeless. But, I survived, on my own. I am here, in NY because of my music.”

In her profile, Dupre says she moved to Manhattan to pursue her music career.

“I am all about my music, and my music is all about me,” she writes on her MySpace page. “It flows from what I’ve been through, what I’ve seen and how I feel.”

The page includes a picture of Dupre with the slogan “what destroys me, strengthens me.” It also features a song titled “What we want” recorded by Dupre, with lyrics including “I know what you want, you got what I want, I know what you need, can you handle me?”

She may be a pacifist and/or lesbian as well as a deviant harlot and a Nietzsche-quoting Communist, and she may place tattoos on her flesh in emulation of the Pagan Celts and Assyrians, and she may leer at us all with lust in her eyes and Satan in her heart, driving the weak among us to distraction and the gaping maw of Hell itself; but when it comes to destroying the political career of Elliott Spitzer, she is the greatest worker of God’s will on Earth. And for that, I salute you, Ashley Alexandra Dupre! Never before has someone of French heritage accomplished so much for securing the continued liberty and Christianity of these United States!

March 8, 2008

Bush Refuses to Ban Waterboarding

Kudos to President Bush for not backing down on the issue of permitting terrorists to enjoy watersports:

President Bush said Saturday he vetoed legislation that would ban the CIA from using harsh interrogation methods such as waterboarding to break suspected terrorists because it would end practices that have prevented attacks.

“The bill Congress sent me would take away one of the most valuable tools in the war on terror,” Bush said in his weekly radio address taped for broadcast Saturday. “So today I vetoed it,” Bush said. The bill provides guidelines for intelligence activities for the year and includes the interrogation requirement. It passed the House in December and the Senate last month.

“This is no time for Congress to abandon practices that have a proven track record of keeping America safe,” the president said.

Look, no one here enjoys waterboarding. It’s an immoral, sinful pastime. But the terrorists enjoy the practice, and President Bush is making a perfectly valid point: in a nation where the deviant activity known as “snowboarding” is 100% legal, how can he be expected to ban its cousin? Why should worthless snow-Hippies get to damn themselves to Hell, but the CIA not be permitted to use similar sporting pleasures as leverage to extract information from terrorists?

You can’t have it both ways, America. Either you can ban all sinful demon-loving sports, or keep your awful mountain hobby and let the CIA keep their interrogation “carrot.”

March 6, 2008

Terrorists Attack Again!

Leftist terrorists have tried to destroy our military!

The police said the explosive device involved in the Times Square blast this morning was “roughly similar” to the devices used in two earlier bombings at foreign consulates in Manhattan, in 2005 and 2007, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said at an afternoon news conference. The device had been placed in an ammunition box like the kind that can be bought at a military supply store. Officials said that in today’s attack, a man bundled in a gray hooded jacket or sweatshirt was seen riding a bicycle around the recruiting station moments before the explosion. Subways and traffic are running normally through Times Square.

Islamist nutballs have gone on a killing spree in Israel!

Two gunmen infiltrated a rabbinical seminary and opened fire after nightfall Thursday. At least seven people were killed, police and local media said, including at least one of the terrorists.

Israeli media said about 35 people were wounded. Ambulances raced to the scene from around the city.

Al Qaeda has struck in Baghdad!

Two bombs went off within minutes of each other in a crowded shopping district in the capital Thursday, killing up to 55 and wounding 133 — a reminder that deadly attacks are a daily threat even though violence is down.

There were no immediate claims of responsibility. But back-to-back bombings designed to maximize carnage became the hallmark of attacks on civilians by al-Qaida in Iraq during the worst of the violence in Baghdad in 2006.

The world has erupted in flames, mere hours after the Democrat primaries in Texas and Ohio. The liberals among us would like to pretend that these attacks are not coordinated, that they have no connection. These are the same people who deny that Saddam Hussein was a financier of international terrorism. Pay their lies no heed.

Liberals, Islamists, Marxists, atheists- call them what you will, they are but differing faces of the same enemy, Satan. Satan will not stop until America and her freedom-loving allies in Israel, Iraq, and elsewhere, are completely destroyed. One can only sevre one side in this war: freedom in Christ, or slavery to the Dark Lord.

Pray for the victims of these terrorist acts. Pray for the American victims of the Democrat Party. Pray that President Brownback will chastise these evildoers for their iniquities. God bless America, and keep us safe and free.

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