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February 20, 2008

Thank You, Taylor Marsh!

Taylor MarshI don’t really know who this liberal strumpet with the bad hair, Taylor Marsh, is, but she is doing conservatives a huge favor. I wish I’d found out about her earlier, because she puts the McCain campaign to shame as she follows in Karl Rove’s trailblazing footsteps, attacking Obambi‘s strengths and driving up his negatives. This is what the GOP should be doing right now, but it seems we’re still recovering from a bruising nomination fight ourselves. Thankfully Clinton dead-enders like Marsh are doing our work for us. Taylor, you rock!

What idiot leftists like Taylor are attempting to do is something that the GOP would have a hard time doing: turning Democrats on each other, considering that their two candidates are essentially the same old liberal trash. But reading the comment threads at Marsh’s unhinged site warms my heart. There are libs over there proclaiming they would sooner vote for McCain than the “empty suit” that is Obama. They call his supporters cultists. They dig up and discuss Obama dirt and potential scandals that I’d never even heard of. Keep up the great work, libbies!

Clinton and McCainTo a man, the Republicans I know are pretty much dissatisfied with and disillusioned about Yawn McCain. Who can blame them? There’s not much to get excited about; he’s a total sell-out RINO who the MSM tries to paint as some wonderful “maverick,” mainly because he bows to the liberal media’s wishes and stabs conservatism in the back at the most inopportune moments to stay in their good graces.

I read a lot of conservative blogs and most Republicans express a desire to see Hillary Clinton win the Democrat nomination for several important reasons:

  1. Hillary supported the War on Terror, voted enthusiastically for the Iraq war resolution, and will likely be hawkish on defense. She will, more than any other Democrat, put America’s security first compared to cut and run Obama who brags about being against defending America before the vote was taken.
  2. Hillary, like her husband, will be pro-free trade and will govern as a left-of-center moderate unlike the far-left socialist that Obama, the pandering hope-monger, will be. I can’t imagine Barry supporting Welfare reform, for example. Unless it was to increase handouts to lazy slackers and welfare queens.
  3. Republicans are afraid that Obama’s appeal to the secular progressives, the nut-roots, terrorsymps, America haters, BDSers, ignorant rabble who don’t usually bother to vote and even fair-weather Republicans who are easily swayed by plagiarized pretty words will absolutely clobber uninspiring crazy old man Johnny McCain. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, would energize the Republican base to vote against Billary, like no other Democrat candidate possibly could. Voting for McCain is difficult; voting against Hilldog is easy and quite motivating for those of us on the right, and even those on the left who dislike her pro-defense stance.

I first caught wind of Taylor Marsh when I came across a number of links to her post about how Michelle Obama does not speak for her. Here’s what MiBama said, if you hadn’t already heard:

“For the first time in my adult lifetime I am really proud of my country. And not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change.”

Taylor Marsh Taylor deftly skewered Mrs. Obama’s lack of patriotism as well as anyone did on the right. I sure hope that McCain’s campaign is taking notes. It’s obviously largely a non-issue, but Marsh spins as only a true Clintonista could. Well done!

The love I have for this country does not depend on a political campaign predicated on the notion of “change.”

The love I have for this country does not depend on one person, certainly not some politician with a slogan that others have used, which he has re-used.

The love I have for this country does not depend on aiding the winning of someone for president, without a clue what he or she is offering in the guise of one word, “change.”

The love I have for this country does not depend on ignorance of what patriotism requires to serve a personal goal.

OK, it’s a bit rambling and as devoid of substance as any Democrat stump speech, but that she’s using her leftist fever-swamp to attack BHS from the right is astonishing and to be commended. While she does hit on the empty suit, plagiarism, inexperience and power-hungry memes, she really can’t help it if she sounds unintelligent to us. Consider her audience: braindead liberals who support Hillary Clinton. Gotta keep it simple for those folks!

She also covers the Barack Hussein Osama plagiarism story perhaps even better than Red State. Well, maybe not better. It’s actually pretty shallow spin, but her Hillary fan club eats it up and helps to push the meme into the “progressive” blogosphere, something we could never hope to do. Erik should sign her up pronto! It doesn’t matter that the Deval Patrick guy gave permission to Obama to use his material, she still beats Obama over the head with it as if he had stashed bundles of cash in his freezer. It’s truly a sight to behold.

YawnAfter Obama kicked Clinton to the curb in Wisconsin and gave yet another boring, empty speech that only Obamacultists could love, she cleverly asked “Is he still talking?” I LOL’d! Especially when she pointed out the obvious: “Lordy, talk about a man in love with his own voice.” Take that, boy!

And Taylor also put up this great YouTube video of an Obama supporter being caught like a deer in headlights when asked to name Barry’s accomplishments in the Senate. I’d never have seen it since I don’t watch the liberal propaganda on MS-DNC.

Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark! Thanks again, Taylor! You really have the Clinton talking points down. I think Hillary’s campaign should snap you up immediately. At first I thought that the only way the Republican nominee, assumining it’s John McCain, could possibly win is if Hitlery got the nom. Now I’m realizing that your scorched earth tactics just might make it possible for McCain to win even against the Magical Unity Pony.

You are potentially a fine American, despite your unhinged anti-American far-left views. If you were to repent and disown that failed leftist ideology, you would be welcome to join our party (well, not really except maybe to bake cookies and serve coffee). Is Taylor Marsh the next Joe Lieberman or Zell Miller? I don’t know, nor do I actually care. But I do appreciate that folks like her are willing to take down the Democrat party from within. Keep it up, girl!

Update: Even the new Democrats at John Cole’s Balloon Juice are experiencing buyer’s remorse. Name one accomplishment of BHO in the Senate. **crickets** Heh, indeed.

Update 2: Barack Hussein Obama in a nutshell:

Obama isn’t an agent of change folks, he is a throwback to the Pre-Clinton Democratic Party of 1972-1988. Democrats win when they run centrist Southerners such as LBJ, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton. Massive increases in taxation, government spending, and entitlements, capitulation to our nation’s enemies abroad combined with liberal social positions lose every single time.

Obama’s bubble will burst before November. You can take that to the bank. He’s a political infant with half the brains. Welcome to irrelevance, DemocRATs.

— Psycheout


  1. Hillary has proven her shamleful character with her bid for the presidency. CLINTON WAS IMPEACHED!!!

    Clinton Accused of 1978 Hotel Rape, and Clinton Murders video in my blog:

    Please look at my blog:

    Comment by artier — February 20, 2008 @ 12:20 pm | Reply

  2. That was a good read, artier. Thank you!

    Comment by Sisyphus — February 20, 2008 @ 2:12 pm | Reply

  3. You sing her praises, but still call her an idiot? Where is justice?

    Comment by Elephant Bones — February 20, 2008 @ 7:00 pm | Reply

  4. You know, you guys are right. We should just [loving] kill everyone who doesn’t agree with you. Let them live only if they vow to think exactly like you do, down to what you wear and eat.

    Comment by Dio Brando — February 20, 2008 @ 7:04 pm | Reply

  5. Well, Dio, I’ve got the wearing thing down pat. I frequently wear men’s T-shirts to help hide my “sinful” feminine curves.

    There are two extremes of mental behavior. One is to be so closed-minded that no ideas, good or bad, ever percolate into your skull. The other is to be open-minded to the extent that your brains fall out. I try to be in the middle, after having seen what both extremes can do to someone.

    Comment by L — March 7, 2008 @ 10:29 am | Reply

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