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December 21, 2007

Mitt Romney in a Nutshell

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NutshellThis from Byron York over at The Corner. Jim Rappaport, formerly the head of the Republican party in Massachusetts on Romney’s slipperiness.

[Rappaport] said Romney “has a strong record of showmanship as opposed to actual performance.” Discussing Romney’s relationship with the Massachusetts state legislature, Rappaport said of the former governor, “His word is no good…Mitt Romney would say one thing in a meeting and literally go out of the meeting to the press and tell the opposite story.

“There was no desire in the legislature to be accommodating to him because they couldn’t trust him.” Romney, Rappaport continued, “will be clear today on what he believes today, and he’ll be clear tomorrow on what he believes tomorrow, but they may be different things.”

See also: Say Anything, yet another example of Mitt’s propensity to say anything to get elected, even if it’s false.  It’s very Clinton-esque, depending on what the meaning of “is” is.

— Psycheout

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    You are welcome!!!!!

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