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December 17, 2007

Dewey Defeats Truman!

Dewey Defeats TrumanYesterday there was a lot of buzz about who Congressman Steve King (R-IA) was going to endorse. Up until the last moment, Romney supporters were crowing about how their man was going to get it and that the endorsement was going to help push him over the top to win Iowa.

Here’s how MSNBC’s coverage played out as the story broke:

And the endorsements keep coming… Congressman Steve King (R), one of Iowa’s most strident critics of illegal immigration and a champion of the state’s rural conservatives, has endorsed Romney.

King’s endorsement of Romney could serve to further the Massachusetts governor’s case against Huckabee, whom Team Romney hopes to paint as weak on immigration.

And Romney supporters cheered. But wait….

*** UPDATE *** King just announced that he’s supporting Thompson.

Then Thompson’s supporter cheered. Good for him.

What was particularly funny was this:

Team Romney is in the back of the room looking bewildered. They were all here, leading all the press to conclude that it was an endorsement for Romney.

Aww, look at all those sad little faces. They marched into the room triumphantly, like Hitler marching into Paris, leading the press to believe Romney had it. The truth of the matter is that Romney’s got more money to hire brownshirts, er supporters. (Sorry, the metaphor tried to run away with this paragraph.)

Those poor little guys. Politics ain’t beanbag, boys.

— Psycheout

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  1. I’m sorry, but this doesn’t prove ANYTHING.

    Comment by TrogdortheEnlightened — December 17, 2007 @ 7:40 pm | Reply

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