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October 18, 2007

Kill My Baby, Please

Filed under: Controlling Birth Control,Faith,Family — Psycheout @ 1:04 pm

A BabyOne word: homeschool.

School officials have given the green light to a Portland middle school to offer birth control prescriptions through its student health center.

The plan, offered by city health officials and approved on a 7-2 vote by the Portland School Committee, makes King Middle School the first middle school in Maine to make a full range of contraception available to students in grades 6 through 8.

That’s CHILDREN aged 12-14. Maine 12 year olds are having sex? Isn’t that illegal? Shouldn’t this behavior be discouraged rather than encouraged? Yes. But don’t tell that to liberal social engineers. They enjoy having sex with children. This is an outrage!

“It’s very rare that middle schools do this,” said Divya Mohan, a spokeswoman for the National Assembly on School-Based Health Care.

I’ll say. But you can be sure this is coming to a liberal school near you. It’s a great argument in favor of homeschooling.

Diane Miller said she felt the plan was against religion and against God. “We are dealing with children,” the former school nurse said. “I am just horrified at the suggestion.”

Another opponent, Peter Doyle, said he felt the proposal violated the rights of parents and puts students at risk of cancer because of hormones in the pill.

But forget about the well documented cancer risk. We need more children having sex. Abortion clinics need more clients!

Supporters said a small number of students at King are sexually active, but they need better access to birth control.

Translation: more children, more pre-marital fornication.

“This isn’t encouraging kids to have sex. This is about the kids who are engaging in sexually activity,” Richard Veilleux said.

Liar. Pervert.

Don't Kill Me, MommyIt’s time to get on your local school board and torpedo attempts to encourage our children to have pre-marital sex when they should be studying and flying kites. Despite being on your school board holding back the line of state-sponsored perversion, homeschool. It’s the right thing to do when the schools are going to Hell at top speed.

This should sicken the heart of any right thinking American. Just say no. It’s time to encourage abstinence-only education and purity balls in your town. Today. Do it for the children.

— Psycheout


  1. Please do homeschool YOUR kids and keep them away from mine.

    Comment by Zebulon — October 18, 2007 @ 1:23 pm | Reply

  2. Abstinence only education increases teen pregnancy rates. Sad but true.

    Comment by Salmo — October 18, 2007 @ 2:20 pm | Reply

  3. I heard on the radio that Brownback has bowed out of the race.

    Tell me it isn’t true.

    Comment by ChenZhen — October 18, 2007 @ 4:34 pm | Reply

  4. So many adulterers, so little stones…

    Comment by Bob_Corker — October 18, 2007 @ 4:48 pm | Reply

  5. So, how do you feel about Brownback dropping out of the race?

    Comment by J. — October 18, 2007 @ 4:52 pm | Reply

  6. Hmmm…

    You know, Psycheout, if Brownback does drop out of the race, I would be willing to consider giving you an authors position on my site – if you are willing to consider supporting Romney. I know the campaigns have had their disagreements in the past, but, lets face it, Romney is a great guy. He’s strong on taxes, strong on spending, strong on defense, and great on social issues. You are not going to find a candidate with a strong family than he has (Obviously, Brownback’s is just as strong), and he is clearly a man of deep faith and strong morals. If you want to stop Rudy, and still get a strong, competent candidate in the White House, Romney is your guy.

    let me know

    Comment by Matt A. — October 18, 2007 @ 6:58 pm | Reply

  7. Thanks for your kind offer, Matt. But I’m not giving up yet on supporting true conservatism. I don’t think Romney is even close to it.

    We’ll be in touch.

    Comment by Psycheout — October 18, 2007 @ 7:21 pm | Reply

  8. Sleep on it for a night, and let me know.

    Obviously, it will have to be a personal decision on your part, but I think that a review of Romney Strategy for a Stronger America (line below) might help you change your mind.

    Comment by Matt A. — October 18, 2007 @ 7:28 pm | Reply

  9. I don’t think Brownback is really dropping out of the race. He’s learned the lessons of campaigning and is working the angles by “dropping out” now. Later dates, the Will of the Majority, and the convention await!!!
    On the sex education/have-sex-today-kids-and-kill-little-snowflakes-now front: All studies have proven that men shouldn’t have “The Talk” until they are 25 and women shouldn’t have it until 32. Maine is insane and should be kicked out of the union. We can always make Puerto Rico a state so we don’t have to change the flag. One caveat, Tennessee and Alabama, to mention a few areas, should still teach boys at 11 their left foot from their right so the right path to G*d, Evangelicalism, doesn’t lose the propagation fight to the Catholics up North and the Mormons out West.

    Comment by carsick — October 18, 2007 @ 7:53 pm | Reply

  10. It’s sad to see Brownback leave the election, I admire him for a lot. He was never my candidate I do confess, but I have a lot of respect for him and the things he has done and stood for. I admit that I’ve come to this website to advertise for my candidate, but I’m coming not at a place of ‘my candidate is better than yours’ but from a place of saying that we have issues that are important to us that we can stand for, and I believe Duncan Hunter is the best to fight for the same issues with the same spirit of passion, perseverance, and integrity as Sam Brownback and I hope we can join together to fight for what we both believe in.

    I run a website for Duncan Hunter, where I recently wrote a piece displaying my admiration for Brownback and the corresponding reasons I support Duncan Hunter which can be found here:

    God bless!

    -SK Johnson

    Comment by thelastinkling — October 18, 2007 @ 11:05 pm | Reply

  11. for the first time since I found the B4B site I actually almost agree on a post here. Supplying birth control for 12 to 14 year olds sounds like an invitation to have sex with children. However, today sex among our young people is all too common and perhaps birth control is one way of cutting down on teen pregnancies. It would be wonderful if we could just keep our children from having sex until they are adults, but in reality this just isn’t going to happen, children have always been curious about sex and always will be, the only way to prevent them from having sex would be to tie them up and keep them in a closet. Face it, if you are a little girl and you want to have sex with a man, it’s the man that would go to prison, so there is no real deterrant for the children, only adults go to prison for having sex. But if they want to have sex with another child, neither would go to prison, so they just do it, and unfortunately, the biggest lure for them is the fact that we, as parents, are against it, so many of them do it just because they know we don’t want them to. What we need is some kind of punishment for children (not prison of course, but something severe enough to make them think about consequences before they hop in bed) that would serve as a deterrant. But, if they are going to do it anyway, then some form of birth control should be made available, would you rather find out your 12 year old had sex with her 13 year old boyfriend, or she was pregnant?
    As for a child having sex with an adult,, regardless if the act was with the childs consent, the adult should just be executed, prison only delays his next molestation, death prevents it.

    Comment by Arn — October 19, 2007 @ 8:25 am | Reply

  12. hey, guys… with Brownback out, you really need to think long and hard about joining the Huckabee team… he’s the only true conservative left.

    Comment by washedandforgiven — October 19, 2007 @ 9:02 am | Reply

  13. unfortunately, the biggest lure for them is the fact that we, as parents, are against it, so many of them do it just because they know we don’t want them to.

    So parents should invite adults into their homes to have sex with their children so that they won’t want to? I’m confused. I don’t think I would want to fool around with this misguided reverse psychology.

    Comment by Psycheout — October 19, 2007 @ 10:05 am | Reply

  14. […] Kill My Baby, Please « Blogs 4 Brownback Posted by jaimrie Filed in Uncategorized […]

    Pingback by People.. Seriously. « Levee. — October 19, 2007 @ 11:00 am | Reply

  15. If you can remember back when you were a budding teenager, the only thing you wanted to do was have sex and rebel against everyone. If these kids want to have sex, they will; no matter how uninformed they are about what they’re doing. At that age, parents like you abstain from talking to your children about topics like sex, so they have to turn to other sources for information: magazines, internet, friends–whom all talk about sex most of the time.

    You really need to be more angry that parents aren’t able to control and guide their children, such that the schools are forced to make birth control available to middle-schoolers. It is NOT the schools responsibility to encourage, or discourage sex among its students- it is the responsibility of that childs guardian.

    You cannot decide what children will do. They do not have the years of experience and wisdom like many of us. It is their duty to themselves to figure out the world–and the more you tell them to deny behavior (especially that one), the more they will try.

    [Ed Note: We’re talking about 12 year olds here. They’re children, not little adults. And yes, it is the responsibility of a child’s parent or guardian to teach right from wrong, but it certainly makes it more difficult when the school undermines these lessons by handing out birth control like candy and condoms like balloons to 12 year old children.]

    Comment by Ed — October 19, 2007 @ 2:11 pm | Reply

  16. There have been studies about abstinance only education. The percentage and statistics about children in abstinance only education are almost exactly the same as those from schools that promote condoms and birth control. There is no real reason for abstinance only education, in fact, it probably causes more teen pregnancies because the kids don’t have the idea to keep a condom in their purse or wallet “just in case,” so when the moment comes, they don’t not have sex, but rather, have sex without a condom.

    Comment by Beth — October 19, 2007 @ 3:22 pm | Reply

  17. Having a condom “just in case” only ensures that the child will have sex. Without it they are more likely to think twice. With one, they likely won’t even think once.

    Comment by Psycheout — October 19, 2007 @ 3:33 pm | Reply

  18. Condoms or not…..Brownbacks officially out of the race. lol

    Comment by Spacebrother — October 19, 2007 @ 3:35 pm | Reply

  19. I prefer education that says EVERYTHING abstinence-only education does, then explains the physical consequencces of unprotected sex and that, whie condoms fail, they are still preferable to the preacher’s daughter becoming pregnant at the age of 10 when she tries that whole sex thing just to see what all the fuss is about. 😉

    Comment by Confused — October 19, 2007 @ 11:59 pm | Reply

  20. Having a condom “just in case” only ensures that the child will have sex. Without it they are more likely to think twice. With one, they likely won’t even think once.

    I call B.S. on this one. Kids think nothing of having sex, WITH OR WITHOUT A CONDOM. That’s why there is a teenage pregnancy problem in the first place–TEENAGERS DON’T THINK. At least if they have a condom, they aren’t getting pregnant.

    Comment by Confused — October 20, 2007 @ 12:05 am | Reply

  21. Addendum to my other comment, #20:

    Teenagers aren’t adults, but they aren’t like 2-year-olds either. If you had any teenage children, you would know that they are eager to become adults, and to assert their independence in any way they can–even by defying their own loving parents. I may not have had sex at 10 the way some have (If the statistics are saying 14 is the average age, and there are virgins my age, you know it must be happening somewhere, disgusting as it may be) but I can certainly remember doing things as a teenager that I knew would make my parents angry: calling male friends on the telephone to get homework assignments on days I was sick, watching television while I did my homework, listening to Britney Spears (I have no idea what I was thinking there–I need to see if I still have that old CD so I can use it for target practice), and allowing a lesbian to sit within 3 desks of me in class (I think she was 2 rows over).

    Comment by a TRUE Christian — October 21, 2007 @ 7:05 am | Reply

  22. […] few days ago I replied to blogs4brownback entitled “Kill my baby, Please.” Where he says […]

    Pingback by Blarguments :: Response to “Kill My Baby Please” — October 23, 2007 @ 4:36 pm | Reply

  23. underage/pre-marital sex will happen most of the time whether theres contraception involved or not.

    most kids do it to rebel, i did it out of curiosity to be honest, when i was 15.

    if a kid is taught “sex is bad”, they’ll still do it even if they are christian. its a sin, yes, but god forgives all sins IF you truely repent. they’ll do it to find out WHY its so bad.

    if you teach a kid what sex is, what happens and all the risks involved, its still going to happen BUT they will be more informed and more likely to not get pregnant or infected.

    making contraception openly available (with good education about it) is a good thing because it makes kids safer, its better to have acess to condoms and use them and be safe while trying new things than to not be able to get them but maybe want to, and then ending up pregnant or with an STI.

    plus at the age of 12 when i was told about condoms, my mum showed me one n i just blew it up n put it on my hand to slap my sister with ’cause its funny.

    im nearly 17 and i still want to blow them up!! (for the record, when i did it at 15, it was with my current boyfriend before i get judged for that…and we’re engaged so really, dont judge me)

    Comment by Just Regular Sam — October 24, 2007 @ 2:06 pm | Reply

  24. Wow, JRS, you really don’t understand how this place works.

    First, Psycho and Syphilis write something. Then, we use our God-given logic and reason to objectively analyze the articles. Then, we comment on why we agree/disagree. Then if we disagree even the tiniest little bit, the editors pick apart every single typographical error, then claim that you’re a Satanist and that you hate America.

    You’re just adding fuel to the fire by not using proper grammar. There’s a thing called a “Shift” key you might want to look into.

    Comment by a TRUE Christian — October 28, 2007 @ 6:45 pm | Reply

  25. “It would be wonderful if we could just keep our children from having sex until they are adults, but in reality this just isn’t going to happen, children have always been curious about sex and always will be, the only way to prevent them from having sex would be to tie them up and keep them in a closet.” -Arn

    It would be wonderful if parents would be parents again. That’s the biggest reason for this problem.

    Force them to become the guardians of their children’s children and I guarantee you’ll see a swift reduction in teen pregnancy in no time flat!

    Comment by Buck — December 21, 2007 @ 6:19 pm | Reply

  26. I read the following testimonial on a well-known pagan resource, and I thought you all ought to read it (emphasis mine):

    My little sister is fourteen and her school teaches abstinence-only, and she has had to ask me questions that when I was in school were a lot easier to find. Okay, I don’t want my little sister to have sex right away, and I want her to be prepared for the emotional and physical “baggage, ” but she didn’t know how a condom was used. Or how often to change one. She didn’t even know that she could get STDs through non-vaginal intercourse!

    Well, I made a point to inform her. And you know what? What all the abstinence-only teachers were worried about was “tell them about how to do it safely and they will do it more.” Now that my sister knows how to be safe, and that safe is STILL not always going to protect her, she is choosing to be abstinent all on her own.

    Slave-owners withheld information about how to read from their slaves; everyone now looks back and knows for certain that this was a power issue. How is that different than withholding information from our children, no, the general public, about sex? Not only is this controlling, it’s dangerous. I went to Sue’s website, as it is an excellent source, and found even more scary, TRUE thoughts:

    Over 80% of the abstinence-only curricula contain ‘false, misleading, or distorted information about reproductive health.’…. for instance, that ‘the popular claim that condoms help prevent the spread of STDs, ‘is not supported by the data’’… claiming that 5% to 10% of women who have legal abortions will become sterile. Gender stereotypes are treated as scientific fact, with one curriculum teaching that women need “financial support”, while men need “admiration”…One curriculum incorrectly lists exposure to sweat and tears as risk factors for HIV transmission… youth who pledge abstinence are significantly less likely to make informed choices about precautions when they do have sex.”

    And also:

    “Research has found that if 10 students had taken the purity pledge of ‘abstinence only’, 9 had broken that pledge within 2 years. Although they had fewer partners, they were less likely to use condoms to practice SAFER SEX and they had the same rate of Sexually transmitted infections as other students. The study was conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and the Centers for Disease Control on 12, 000 students.”

    Someone once told me their argument against actual SEX education was that the curriculum they had learned in school had too much information on practicing safe-sex in a homosexual relationship, so it promoted homosexuality.

    Okay, now, WHAT? When I had sex-ed (lucky me, I graduated in time to not be kicked by abstinence-only), they only very briefly touched on the fact that STDs could also be spread through anal sex, mutual masturbation, oral sex, and sharing of sex toys. All of these subjects are applicable to heterosexual relationships AS WELL AS homosexual relationships.


    Because I knew what the truth was, and that, even while safe sex is better, it is still never 100%, I was abstinent longer.

    You see that? Teaching children the truth about sex and human reproduction causes them to choose abstinence all by themselves, even if their religion doesn’t require it! (Wicca and other Pagan faiths have no teachings about pre-marital sex one way or the other.) Meanwhile, abstinence-only education has been proven to fail miserably at its original goal of preventing teen sex and its consequences. Score one for the “teach children how their own bodies work” crowd!

    Comment by L — April 30, 2008 @ 11:24 am | Reply

  27. You guys are awesome 🙂 keep up the good work.

    Comment by Totally Adult — June 19, 2009 @ 12:05 am | Reply

  28. i think it disgusting to have kids that are having sex because there mind gets abused and busy thinking of sex only. and no resolution to realjobs, education,and the important thing that matter as a young adult and the fact to live a healthy life with out depeneding on some one of the oppsite sex.

    Comment by katia — February 27, 2010 @ 1:25 pm | Reply

  29. I just wonder where you get this jacked up shit you forever spout.
    Kids will naturally do things like that, and you think we should be studying and flying kites!?
    Fuck that, how old fashioned are you?, man you think anything different is an offense to your non-existant “God”, you make me sick to my stomach.

    Comment by Jalix — May 15, 2011 @ 3:12 pm | Reply

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