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October 12, 2007

Making the Wrong Choice

EvangelicalsIn life it’s often easy to look back at times when one was presented with two or more choices and the wrong one was selected. Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20. But foresight can be too. A number of evangelicals have threatened, somewhat wisely, that if, in the worst case scenario, RINO Rudy Giuliani, a crossdressing pro-abortion pro-gay anti-gun liberal, were to get the GOP nomination, that they would vote third party rather than support the Republican party’s nominee. I do agree that, for conservatives with a conscience, Rudy is no choice at all. A Giuliani victory would destroy the Republican party and set back social conservatism for decades. It would likely set the pro-life movement, which has been gaining momentum for decades, back as well. That would be disastrous.

My reaction to the third party threat was, why don’t evangelicals and right thinking social conservatives throw themselves behind a good old fashioned honest to goodness conservative now, rather than wait until it’s too late and then go fishing in the third party dregs for a candidate with legs? It seems to me there are three decent choices: Duncan Hunter, who deserves the Secretary of Defense nod from whoever wins, Mike Huckabee, a decent Baptist Pastor who may not be as strong when it comes to fiscal and economic issues, and Sam Brownback, who is simply the best principled, conservative Republican in the race. Why, I ask, why? Rather than complain about the perceived top tier, why not get behind one of the other candidates and boost him up to frontrunner status? And still I wonder.

MemeIt seems a new meme is being put forth in the media which traditional conservatives should find quite alarming, myself included. Race 4 2008 has brought this to our attention with a post up this evening and I think the issue deserves consideration. The chilling title is The Dawning Realization of the Social Right. If the assertions are true, if the conclusions being made are accurate, it will not be a new dawn or morning in America, rather it will be the emboldening of the social wrong: midnight in America.

Simply stated, some in the media are suggesting that evangelicals and social conservatives are actually seriously considering getting behind Willard “Mittens” Romney. I know you’re laughing or shaking your head at this. And I hope you’re right. Evangelicals backing Mitt, flip-flopper extraordinaire? The Republican John F. Kerry?

It seems like they’d be much more comfortable with one of their own: a social conservative, someone who supported the Reagan revolution, and a Christian rather than a Mormon. So I’m not sure if these whisperings are true or not or if it’s just a liberal media trick to try and convince evangelicals to back their dream candidate. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if this is just a hamhanded attempt at manipulation, propagenda (propaganda with an agenda) if you will.

Romney ButtonI was alarmed at first to see David Brody asking this very question: Will Evangelicals Rally Behind Romney? But then as I read his column, I realized that he was passing along information in the discredited and ultra-liberal New York Times. Agenda pushing again are we, Gray Lady?

Mark DeMoss, a publicist whose clients include the Rev. Franklin Graham, penned a five-page letter, urging evangelical leaders to “galvanize support around Mitt Romney, so Mr. Giuliani isn’t the unintended beneficiary of our divided support among several candidates.” Or, “worse yet,” he warned, “so we don’t abdicate the presidency and the future of the Supreme Court over to Hillary Clinton.”

In an interview, Mr. DeMoss, who is a Romney supporter but is not paid by the campaign, said he sensed an opening for Mr. Romney at this point in the race, with Fred D. Thompson garnering lackluster reviews on the campaign trail and lesser-known candidates like Mike Huckabee continuing to struggle with fund-raising.

Now that’s bad enough, but wait until you read what this DeMoss has to say from his own mouth. He’s a classic concern troll and an obvious Romney shill. He needs to be discredited and ignored and then forgotten. Get a load of this hogwash:

“A lot of things that a lot of conservatives have either been hoping for, or waiting for, are clearly not panning out,” he said.

[Emphasis mine, nonsense in the original.]

FlipperAh, so just give up already and submit to Flipper. It’s hopeless. It’s over. Give up. Give in. Submit. Not on your life, pal.

He said he also wanted to warn his peers that time is running out to rally around someone.

“Look, you can’t wait and see too much longer, or we can tell you what you’re going to get, and it’s something you didn’t want apparently,” he said. “But there’s time to do something about it.”

Concern TrollLook, if I follow your stupid advice, Mossy, I’d surely get something worse than what I don’t want.  I’d be surrendering to it.  No way, no day.

Is that a concern troll or what? He presents a false problem, an exaggerated sense of urgency, and then cheerfully spoonfeeds the wrong solution to that bogus problem. Give up before you try, he pleads.  Give in before you win, he thinks.

In his letter, Mr. DeMoss cited three major concerns. First, he said, there is a very real prospect conservatives will split up their vote and wind up helping to elect Mr. Giuliani, “who clearly does not share our values on so many issues.”

Second, he said, he believes that conservative leaders who are threatening to bolt the Republican Party and support a third party candidate if Republicans nominate a candidate who supports abortion rights, like Mr. Giuliani, would only help elect Mrs. Clinton.

Finally, he said, he was troubled by talk he had been hearing from others that electing someone like Mrs. Clinton would actually be positive for the conservative movement because it would galvanize fund-raising and forces.

Ask Mitt NothingThanks for trying to scare us with your Giuliani and Clinton references.  It seems like you’re really concerned about us and want to help.  Actually, truth be told, he’s only troubled because he wants his buddy Mittens to win. What a charlatan.  Back under the bridge with you, troll boy.  This billy goat is gruff.

It’s obvious that this is a false or trumped up meme being pushed by the liberal media to discourage conservatives and evangelicals. I hope it doesn’t work. I think we’re hardier folk than this. We need to push back. It’s obvious that it’s nonsense because it’s being pushed by The New York Times and Time Magazine, but it’s also appearing in respectable publications like The Washington Times and Christianity Today.

The Washington Times article is fairly weak and mostly about American Values president Gary Bauer, whose arguments regarding Willard are laughable and not at all convincing. As for the NYT, Time and Christianity Today pieces, they are all based on that one aforementioned concern troll, Mark DeMoss, who should be receiving funds from the Romney campaign if he is not. He’s done a good job getting pro-Flipper coverage out there. Don’t fall for it. DeMoss even managed to convince the late Jerry Falwell to meet with Romney last year along with other evangelicals. The man is slick and well-connected, I’ll give him that. But I’m not going to let him make up my mind for me. I know better. We know better.

JesusI thought this would be a good issue to bring up as we head into the weekend, and it might be prudent to get out in front of this meme. This Sunday, be sure to bring this to your Pastor or Minister’s attention. Be sure that he is not being misled into supporting the phony anti-Reagan, a chameleon who seems to hold every position on every issue but actually holds none whatsoever, a man who doesn’t seem to believe in the same Jesus Christ, our Heavenly Savior, that we most assuredly do. A man who believes that “god is only one of countless gods, that he used to be a man on another planet” and that Jesus and Satan are brothers. You can be sure that Mitt is not one of us.

PrayerAnd be sure to mention Sam Brownback and B4B, our website, to him and your other friends in your congregation. They will be glad you did, especially once they learn more about Sam Brownback. Believe me, it works every time. Reaching out and spreading the word has worked for me countless times. One just has to take that leap of faith and make the attempt.

It’s time we got serious and disprove this “rally behind Romney” meme. It’s time to back Brownback. He’s got your back. Have you got his?

— Psycheout


  1. One bipartisan bill that should be pushed is a bill that would call for the execution of practicing Mormons. I think America, especially Utah, would be greatly improved by this.

    Mitt Romney, I am certain, is a closet polygamist.

    Comment by Bob_Corker — October 14, 2007 @ 6:31 pm | Reply

  2. “the Reagan revolution”
    Are you referring to the point at which the Republican party suddenly stopped caring about financial responsibility? Because the history books clearly show that the U.S. national debt skyrocketed during Reagan’s presidency. And guess what? Thanks to GWB, the U.S. government is now $15 trillion in debt. Our great-great-great-grandchildren will be paying off his misguided “holy” war.

    Comment by Confused — October 20, 2007 @ 2:01 pm | Reply

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