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October 9, 2007

Michigan GOP Debate; Update: Debate Review

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DebateThe debate will air in just a few minutes (4pm EST) on CNBC and will run for two hours. As previously mentioned, this is Fred Thompson‘s first debate. If you don’t get CNBC or can’t get to a TV, you can view it online live at CNBC or Click on Detroit.

“Your Money Your Vote” will be reaired later tonight on MSNBC.

Update: 45 minutes in and Fred Thompson is still awake! He’s beating the expectations so far!

Update 2: 1 hour 20 minutes in and Fred Thompson is still awake! He did get the first question after the break, so maybe he was getting a little groggy. And he mentioned something about eating one’s seed corn or something. This is getting really exciting. The debate goes on.

Update 3: Apparently CNBC/WSJ are going to give it to McCain for the win. They liked his joke about wanting 0% interest rates. Fiscal conservatives always like a good belly laugh.

Update 4: Read on for my objective impressions of the candidates and the debate. You won’t want to miss it!

Psycheout’s Objective and Impartial Debate Review

Brownback was soft spoken but right on target as always. Although it’s impossible to disagree him on the issue, people seem to have a hard time getting excited about him. And it doesn’t help that the media does its best to ignore him. The media prefers to focus on the phony conservatives. I wonder why? Sam’s not a flashy celebrity and he doesn’t do magic tricks. Oh well, Presidenting isn’t show business, but campaigning is.

Brownback and Biden are the only politicians actually trying to find a political solution for Iraq before Jan 2009. They’re holding a bipartisan summit on the three state solution on Friday and were supported by the Senate 75-23 as well as by the Iraqi President. I salute them for that. All Americans should.

Hunter sounded good, he’s a shoe-in for Sec Def. He’s a great social conservative, but his strength lies in military and defense issues.

Huckabee sounded all right, when he wasn’t trying to act macho (out of character for Huck), but he is a tax and spend liberal on fiscal policy. So no good.

Tancredo sounded like he’s about to bow out. Illegals, illegals, illegals. If he were half as interested in other issues he might be a decent candidate. But he isn’t so he’s not. He’s going to run for his congressional seat again. You can count on it.

Thompson was completely boring and disappointing. The moderators kept going to him first after a break to keep him from falling asleep. They really kissed his backside at the end, too. Sickening. Aw shucks, Fred, go back to lobbying and acting, please. Mittens had a good prepared barb for Fred!, but it was so phoney. Yuck.

Romney was slick and slippery and really creeped me out. A Republican version of Bill Clinton aka Slick Willie. I wouldn’t trust Willard as far as I could throw him. It’s really sad that Republicans fall for his act. He’s stood on every side of every issue. I could never vote for Mittens.

Giuliani, what a conceited boor. I can’t stand the guy. He’s a pro-abort, gun grabbing authoritarian who can’t be trusted with Supreme Court nominations. But he’s somehow “electable” according to CW. Bzzzzt. No way, Rudy.

McCain didn’t seem overly angry and cranky and actually sounded pretty reasonable for a washed up politician. CNBC seemed to declare him the winner. Bully for him. Next.

Ron Paul (Doctor No) sounded like a crazy person again. Hey, that’s because he is! I’m always waiting for him to say “Who am I? Why am I here?” He’s good on domestic policy, but his naive isolationist foreign policy positions are completely nuts and would endanger our country if implemented. And his truther and white power fanbase is omega annoying. Naturally his online fanboys spammed the poll. Ron Paul with 75%? For that performance? Don’t make me laugh.

John Cox…glad he wasn’t there.

Chris Matthews was surprisingly restrained. They should keep him on that medication for his Softball show on MSDNC.

Actually one of the more interesting questions posed to the candidates was if they would support the GOP nominee whoever it was.

Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo basically said no, if their values weren’t represented (implication: nay on Giuliani and Romney). They said what a lot of social conservatives are thinking and believe me, they will sit it out if the nominee is not pro-life.

Romney and Giuliani basically answered “Yes (because it’s going to be me, heh heh).” Jerks.

— Psycheout


  1. I only saw bits and pieces of the debate, unfortunately ’cause I was at work. When I saw Brownback up there, I couldn’t help but think of you guys though. I’d throw out a hearty “Go Brownback!”, and my coworkers would give me some pretty wierd looks. I don’t care. I like to root for the underdog.

    [Ed Note: Well done, ChenZhen!]

    Comment by ChenZhen — October 9, 2007 @ 11:01 pm | Reply

  2. […] @ 4:54 am Tags: Biden-Brownback, Brownback Buzz, Iraq, political solution, politics chat With the CNBC Republican debate in Michigan already behind us, this is still going to be a busy week for Senator Sam Brownback. He […]

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    Please explain to me why Brownback would support a pro-choice running mate. This is blasphemy. This is a shame, since otherwise Brownback would be 100% correct on this issue.

    Now, a few other issues:

    1. Brownback favors trade relations with COMMUNIST China. We should cease all mingling with atheists if we can.
    2. Brownback seemed to support the GOP Medicare bill. This is stealing my tax dollars for some filthy person on welfare.
    3. Once again, these illegal aliens (that will vote Democrat, mind you) are being granted amnesty. Brownback voted YES on allowing these unpatriotic wetbacks to participate in Social Security. Now, Social Security should be privatized or done away with, and Brownback does not seem to support this.
    4. CAFTA will increase wetback immigration and likely bring some perverse Central American culture into America’s, and Brownback seems to be a reliable supporter of this. While Hispanics are usually intelligent on abortion and homos, they vote Democrat and live off Welfare. Of course, like NAFTA (which also increased association with Atheist Canadians), CAFTA will outsource our jobs from good Americans to inferior countries.
    5. He seems to want to increase NATO to include Eastern Europe. Do we have to peacefully get along with Eurocommies AND Islams?

    I don’t need to go into the war on Iraq, which is giving Iraqis rights at the expense of Evangelical lives and tax dollars. Bush, being a United Methodist (mainline Protestants are Imposters), is probably wiretapping Evangelicals right now with this Patriot Act. Brownback remains silent, even though he sits on a House subcommitee reviewing the war. He also says that he never read the National Intelligence Estimate.

    While Jewliani and Rum-ney running rampant with their anti-Christian values, anti-gun, and pro-wetback points of views is far worse, as well as McCain’s past love for taxes and current love for campaign reform and pro-wetback positions turning me off (you need to condemn him much more), is Brownback really that perfect? The only difference I can see between him and Reagan Wannabe is that Wannabe likes first-term abortions and funded the NATIONAL ENDEARMENT OF THE ARTS. Pure atrocity: fornication should not be trumpeted in public. Gingrich LIKES the atheist public schools, globalization, and Communist China, all abominations unto the Lord. And Huck, the Values Voter’s choice? Explain his enormous minimum wage increase, his love for wetbacks, and his tax raising policies. And the child obesity weight requirements? America needs morals, not a diet. However, I do like his creative law banning pregnant fornicating women from smoking.

    Tancredo, Hunter, and Gilmore seem good choices. But Paul is the best. State’s rights is an excellent plan to bring back morals into government, and Paul has never voted for anything unconstitutional.

    Comment by Bob_Corker — October 10, 2007 @ 8:35 pm | Reply

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