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October 8, 2007

Don’t Drool, Fred!

Filed under: Debate,Fred Thompson,RINOs — Psycheout @ 10:05 pm

Ol' Fred ThompsonRoger Simon sets the expectations high for Fred Thompson in tomorrow’s debate.

All he has to do is not fall asleep.

All he has to do is not throw up.

All he has to do is not drool.

Ha ha ha! But can Fred! do it? It will be interesting to see how the man once touted to be the conservative savior fares in the debate. He recently picked up the endorsement of George “Macaca” Allen and wowed fairgoers by riding around in a golf cart.

Here’s a preview of tomorrow night’s debate:

Matthews: So, Sen. Thompson, tell us where you stand on SCHIP.

Thompson: I don’t really know about SCHIP, Chris. I am more of a Chips Ahoy! man. They are some kind of delicious.

Matthews: SCHIP is the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. It is not a cookie.

Thompson: Well, Chris, Chips Ahoy! is not just a cookie. It is the chocolate chunks everybody wants.

Ron Paul will blame neocon zionists for the lack of chunks in his cookie. And the audience will blow chunks, or toss cookies if you prefer. And as to Fred!‘s debate preparation:

“I’ll have to do a few things to get ready for that, that’s for sure,” he told me. “I am probably a little rusty on my sound-bite delivery. Unfortunately, that is kind of what it boils down to. But hopefully I will be able to hang with them.”

And that’s all he has to do. Hang with them. Or else he will surely hang alone.

Either Fred Thompson will fall asleep or he will put us to sleep. Either way, it will be an interesting debate. Or not. Fortunately there will be at least one real conservative on the stage: Sam Brownback. He’s the one to watch, no question about it.

— Psycheout

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  1. […] just a few minutes (4pm EST) on CNBC and will run for two hours.  As previously mentioned, this is Fred Thompson’s first debate.  If you don’t get CNBC or can’t get to a TV, you can view it […]

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