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September 11, 2007

Ten Questions

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Ten QuestionsDeal W. Hudson has posted an interview with Sam Brownback over at the new Inside Catholic website:

Senator Sam Brownback was traveling between events while campaigning in New Hampshire when I spoke to him last week.

Despite criticism, Brownback has kept the abortion issue at the top of his agenda for the nation, and recently finished among the top three candidates in the Ames Straw Poll. I called him to ask about the reaction of voters to his message, and especially to his uncompromising emphasis on the defense of life.

Read the whole thing.

Hat Tip: Defend Life.

Interesting reader comment:

I met Senator Brownback at the March for Life in 2004 and spent time talking with him on prolife issues behind the podium. As I was turning to leave he suddenly stopped me and said “Wait..I have something I want to give you..”As he fumbled in his pocket he continued..”Mother Theresa gave me these and told me to give them to whoever I thought might want them..” And he handed me a Miraculous Medal. Now Sam had no idea whether I was Catholic or not. He couldn’t see my own medal (which has since been replaced with the one he gave me) it was freezing and I was well bundled. What struck me was it didn’t matter whether I was Catholic or not, he was not afraid or ashamed to share his faith – almost unheard of by most politicians in DC. That day I remarked that I wish he would run for president someday – he would have my vote in a heartbeat. I pray I will get the opportunity to cast me vote for this kind and gentle, yet staunchly prolife heroic leader. Amercia needs Sam Brownback – and so does the Catholic Church. We are tired of pro-abort Catholics embarrassing our Church!


— Psycheout


  1. Give me freedom, or give me Brownback!

    Comment by Adam Nelson — September 11, 2007 @ 5:46 pm | Reply

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