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August 30, 2007

Fred! Announces He Will Announce

Filed under: Election 2008,Fred Thompson — Psycheout @ 7:04 pm

Fred ThompsonThe buzz earlier today was that Fred Thompson would soon announce that he was going to announce his intention to announce his candidacy. But that title was too long. How many announcements have there been about an impending announcement? I don’t know. I’ve lost count.

Now that the announcement of the future announcement has taken place, the title for this blog post is somewhat more manageable. What’s interesting about this current announcement of the upcoming September 6th announcement is that it falls one day after the September 5th New Hampshire debate. Fred! will be skipping the debate, naturally. They should probably set up an empty podium for Fred! next to a golf cart. It’s hard to take Hollywood Fred seriously at this point.

At least Fred State is exited about it. Although it certainly seems like I’ve read similar pre-announcements before. Actually I’m not even sure I linked to the most recent one!

My reaction: zzzzzz.

People are tired of this game already. Either crap or get off the pot, Fred!

Update: Fred’s slogan: “Security, Unity, and Prosperity.”  And the crowd smirked.  You’ll have to do better than that, Fred.

— Psycheout

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  1. […] Debate — Psycheout @ 12:21 pm Tomorrow night is the Fox News New Hampshire debate, which Fred! will be sitting […]

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