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August 29, 2007

Come Fly Vatican Airlines

Filed under: Religion — Psycheout @ 4:39 pm

Vatican AirlinesAn interesting idea whose time has come. Flights to the world’s holiest sites. This might be a good time to book that last minute vacation.

The Vatican has its own bank, its own postal system, its own pharmacy and its own soccer tournament — but until now, no official state-sponsored airline.

That will change when the Holy See teams up with a small Italian charter company, Mistral Air, to launch a low-cost charter service to ferry pilgrims to many of the most important Catholic shrines, including Lourdes in France, Fatima in Portugal, Czestochowa in Poland and Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

There would be nothing quite as satisfying and enriching as combining one’s faith with one’s vacation.

“The spirit of this new initiative is to meet the growing demand by pilgrims to visit the most important sites for the faith,” according to the Rev. Cesare Atuire of the Vatican pilgrimage office.

And you can rest your head easy: you’re on Vatican Airlines, not some secular Satanic carrier.

The plane’s headrests will bear the inscription, “I search for your face, Oh Lord.”

What a fantastic idea!

— Psycheout


  1. It’ll “ferry pilgrims to France?”

    Should the Vatican be encouraging them to sin like this?

    Comment by Fascinated and Confused — August 30, 2007 @ 12:02 pm | Reply

  2. “Should the Vatican be encouraging them to sin like this?”

    I wonder. This is all beginning to sound like part of the homosexual agenda. I mean, just take a look at the jumbo jets. Get real. Real worshippers know they should be crawling on their knees to these sites, so a bus tour is a happy middle ground. If god had wanted us to fly, he’d have given us wings.

    Comment by THeDRiFTeR — September 2, 2007 @ 12:11 pm | Reply

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