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August 23, 2007

Lowest Common Denominator

Filed under: Debate,Idiocy,Media — Psycheout @ 1:44 pm

Today's YouthWhile I’m in favor of the CNN/YouTube debate, one has to draw the line somewhere. I think someone has just found that line.

MySpace and MTV announced today that they will team up on a series of dialogues on college campuses with candidates that will be broadcast on television and on the web.

Is this going to degenerate into a “dialogue” about B-Rock’s favorite rap artist or Rudy Giuliani’s hottest MySpace pal? C’mon! Fortunately there’s been no word on the proposed National Enquirer/Weekly World News live extra-terrestrial chit-chat moderated by the bat boy…yet.

The first hour-long dialogue will feature Democrat John Edwards and is to take place in New Hampshire on Sept. 27. In the Democratic field, Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama and Bill Richardson have agreed to take part. Among Republicans, Sam Brownback, Rudy Giuliani, Duncan Hunter, John McCain, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney have committed.

So Silky Pony, the magical Breck Girl is up first. Perhaps he will offer grooming tips for teens. If this “hip” new format doesn’t fly, expect to see those already confirmed politely back away as fast as they can.

The presidential race is popular fodder for postings on MySpace, the social networking site. And MTV, the original music video network, has had a presence in politics for years.

And that’s worked out so well.

Who can forget the “boxers or briefs” question lobbed at President Bill Clinton in 1994 at a MTV “Rock the Vote” event?

After an awkward pause, the leader of the free world answered, “Usually briefs.”

I can’t help but wonder how Mitt Romney would answer that one.

— Psycheout

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