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August 15, 2007

Top Secret Hillary

Filed under: Hillary Clinton — Psycheout @ 4:05 pm

Hillary Clinton HidingHillary Clinton wants to be sure that voters are kept in the dark about her activities the last time she was in the White House. Does this remind anybody of FBI FileGate?

Two million pages of Hillary Clinton’s files as the most active first lady in history are locked up until after next year’s election. Candidates are usually proud of their record. Does she have things to hide?

Of course she does! She needs a walk-in closet and more for all the skeletons in her shady past. And if she does somehow win the Presidency you can bet that those records will disappear forever.

The Los Angeles Times reports that calendars, memos and reams of other records from the office of the first lady in the Clinton administration will stay off-limits to public scrutiny until after the 2008 presidential election, according to federal archivists at the Clinton presidential library.

Well, how convenient for Hilly! What a coincidence. Not that the records that have been released so far shed much light on anything.

While former President Bill Clinton has authorized lots of the records regarding Hillary’s secret health care task force in 1993-94 to be publicly available, more than 1,000 pages have been censored, purportedly because they contain confidential advice protected under the Presidential Records Act.

What is Hillary trying to hide from the American public until after the election? We may never know. Just say no to the Clintonistas.

— Psycheout

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