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August 11, 2007

Ames Straw Poll Note

Filed under: Election 2008,Sam Brownback — Psycheout @ 12:22 pm

Ames Straw PollB4B will announce the results of the Ames Straw poll when they become available. Be sure to check The Daily Brownbacker as the day goes on. They’re giving on the ground reports with photos of the event.

One thing to note is that more straw poll tickets have been sold this year than in previous years. People are really excited about it this season! It’s an incredible time to be a conservative!

And the Brownback campaign has done a great job getting people to Ames.

It’s almost 11:00 local time, and Senator Brownback has just taken the stage for the first time, to enthusiastic applause. The tent is filled almost completely full with people wearing Brownback shirts and sporting Brownback stickers. It’s pretty shocking how full it got in how short of a time.

Keep praying for Sam Brownback and his supporters. The voting is still taking place.

NOTE: C-SPAN is covering the straw poll and the candidates’ speeches. Right now The Tanc is blathering on about his single issue. It’s on C-SPAN 1 (the main channel, so if you have cable, you can most likely tune it in.

Update: Tancredo’s one-note speech was lame. Cox was weak, and the audience noticed. Not even the sad Led Zeppelin cover and the Rocky theme could save him. Ron Paul’s speech was interesting, but his supporters were a freakshow of truthers, hippies and anti-war types. Huckabee gave a good speech. Duncan Hunter gave a fine speech. Apparently he’s running for Secretary of Defense. And it goes on….

Update 2: Kayne Robinson, former NRA president and Wayne LaPierre, current NRA president, speak. They’re the best so far! Next is Tommy Thompson, who will pull out of the race after today if he doesn’t place first. Good luck, Tommy! Actually it started out like a concession speech. Thompson has seen the writing on wall.

Sam Brownback will be the closer. And if I know Sam, he will bring the house down. It’s time to tune in to C-SPAN, folks!

Wow!  If anyone tries to tell you that Sam’s speech (which brought the house down) wasn’t the best of the day, he’s a liar.  Sam is going to do well if votes are cast based on the speeches.  That was incredible!  Great job, Senator Brownback!

— Psycheout

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  1. […] Actually I think I successfully called this one: Next is Tommy Thompson, who will pull out of the race after today if he doesn’t place first. […]

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