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August 9, 2007

Smart, Strong Mittens

Filed under: Idiocy,Mitt Romney — Psycheout @ 12:39 pm

Ask Mitt NothingThis isn’t really a big deal, but it is pretty funny.

Mitt Romney spent yesterday morning barnstorming the small farming communities of Eastern Iowa, holding a series of “Ask Mitt Anything” events and urging his supporters to turn out for the straw poll in Ames on Saturday.

All the time he has spent in Iowa, however, appears to have affected the former Massachusetts governor’s recollection of the state he presided over for four years

A woman raised her hand. “Yes, please!” Romney said.

“How many counties are in Massachusetts?” she asked.

“Thirteen,” he said. A few feet away, an aide shook his head and said, “Ten.”

“Oh, no, I think it’s 13,” Romney said.

A spokesman for Romney said he shortly thereafter “corrected the record” to the right answer of 14.

As long as Mitt Romney surrounds himself with competent aides, he won’t need to remember anything. I’m afraid Mitt’s going to have to work harder to get aids.

See also: Dolphins for Romney.

— Psycheout

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