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August 8, 2007

Mitt Romney: National Service = Get Me Elected

Filed under: Idiocy,Mitt Romney — Psycheout @ 9:33 pm

Willard 'Mittens' RomneyNeither Romney nor his sons will have served in the military, but father says that working on getting him elected is equally a national service. Unbelievable!

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Wednesday defended his five sons’ decision not to enlist in the military, saying they’re showing their support for the country by “helping me get elected.”

Here’s the quote:

“One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I’d be a great president.”

Mitt says this at the same time he’s calling for “a surge of support” for the troops in Iraq. Like father, like sons?

Romney, who did not serve in Vietnam due to his Mormon missionary work and a high draft lottery number, was asked the question by an anti-war activist after a speech in which he called for “a surge of support” for U.S. forces in Iraq.

I disagree with the idea that military service and helping one’s rich daddy get elected are equivalent, Slick Romney.

Am I wrong?

Update: Jason over at Race 4 2008 seems to think that the Romney boys supporting their rich daddy is national service.  Oh well.

For Romney and those who agree with his stances it is perfectly acceptable to say by supporting him you are supporting the nation as it would be for any candidate.

So by that definition, B4B is one of the most patriotic sites on the Internet.  We are performing a national service.  On that we agree.

— Psycheout


  1. I don’t know anything about Senator Brownback’s family: does he have children who are of military-elligable age? If so, would you ask the same question about them?

    I’m not trying to “slam” you by asking this: I just thought that figuring out where you would stand if it was a Brownback child would help you to look at the Romney brood’s decision in a new light – as opposed to the “light” of Romney being just another politician that you don’t like.

    Comment by indyandy — August 8, 2007 @ 10:20 pm | Reply

  2. I don’t think that Romney was equating military service with serving in a campaign. His point is that there are many ways a person can serve this country. I also agree with him that his sons are doing a service to this country by helping him get elected. Because like it or not, Romney is exactly what America needs right now. If he doesn’t end up getting elected, it will be such a shame.

    Comment by JP — August 8, 2007 @ 10:22 pm | Reply

  3. What’s sad is that Mitt seems to actually believe all of this. Must be all those doobies he smoked back in his Bob Marley days.

    Comment by Jeff Davis — August 8, 2007 @ 11:27 pm | Reply

  4. It seems hypocritical for a candidate who never served in the military (same for his adult children) to criticize another for doing the same. And where is his family – I sure don’t see them involved with his campaign. This strikes me as a lame attempt to redirect the attention away from his own shortcomings.

    Comment by joel cannon — August 9, 2007 @ 12:15 am | Reply

  5. Apparently he doesn’t realize they’d do more to get him elected by serving in the military and showing they’d been raised as patriots rather than as narcissists.

    Comment by Helen Bock — August 9, 2007 @ 7:28 am | Reply

  6. Has Brownback or any of his immediate family served in the military?

    Comment by Brandon Explosion — August 9, 2007 @ 8:24 am | Reply

  7. I mean him, wife, children etc.

    Comment by Brandon Explosion — August 9, 2007 @ 8:31 am | Reply

  8. Hypocrit. Brownback has never been to Iraq. Either have you.

    Comment by Nate — August 9, 2007 @ 9:18 am | Reply

  9. I wouldn’t want any Mormons in my platoon. We’re here in Iraq serving Christ’s purpose, not Brigham Young”s!

    Comment by Sgt. Rock — August 9, 2007 @ 10:13 am | Reply

  10. I wouldn’t want any Mormons in my platoon. We’re here in Iraq doing Christ’s work, not Brigham Young’s.

    Comment by Sgt. Rock — August 9, 2007 @ 10:48 am | Reply

  11. Has Brownback or any of his immediate family served in the military?

    I’m afraid you missed the point: Mittens has degraded the brave patriots who serve their country in the armed forces by claiming our fighters’ service is equivalent to working for his campaign-team.

    Senator Brownback has never made such an absurd statement, nor does he equate military service with political campaigning. I do not see how you can ask Senator Sam to justify a statement he DID NOT make.

    Comment by Tristan J. Shuddery — August 9, 2007 @ 10:57 am | Reply

  12. Romney was clearly not equating the two. This is coming from a non-Romney supporter.

    Comment by Brandon Explosion — August 9, 2007 @ 11:18 am | Reply

  13. You’ve only partially quoted Romney here, and as well all know telling only part of the truth is as good as telling a lie. But, I suppose you take after your man Brownback who is so great at telling “partial truths” in his robot phone calls.

    Romney did not say his sons are helping his campaign in place of serving in the military. He pointed out military service is done on a volunteer basis in our nation, and he respects his sons’ decisions not to serve. He went on to say people still can serve their nation in many ways, and that he does view his sons service in his campaign as service to the country as well.

    While I’m not volunteering for any campaigns, I tend to agree that political involvement does represent a service to our nation, regardless of the party affiliation. You fail to put his sons’ sacrifices in context. These men have walked away from their homes and high paying jobs to volunteer in an effort they believe in strongly.

    Furthermore, a _little_ detail many people like you fail to highlight is the fact that 95% +/- of the American public at any given time are not serving in the armed forces. Does this make us 95% unpatriotic and selfish? Does this make those who choose to serve as LEOs, or to serve in the Peace Corps, or to volunteer as a team sports coach or scoutmaster in their local community any less patriotic or giving to their community and nation.

    BTW, did you know 3 or 4 of his boys are in their 30’s, with the oldest nearly 40? I don’t know what imaginary world you spend your day in, but last I checked the VAST MAJORITY of enlistments come from the 18-24 year old ranks of society.

    At best this post reflects your ignorance, and at worst your intellectual dishonesty. Be proud… you just reflected every reason I can’t stand Brownback in one hit piece with this post.

    Comment by Matt Marshall — August 9, 2007 @ 3:40 pm | Reply

  14. Matt, the maximum enlistment age as of last year was 42. How honest of you to pretend not to know this.

    The Army has raised the enlistment age to 42 (for Active Duty, Reserves, and Army National Guard), made possible under provisions of the Fiscal Year 2006 National Defense Authorization Act.

    And Romney’s boys would do just fine in the military.

    “Experience has shown that older recruits who can meet the physical demands of Army service generally make excellent Soldiers. They are mature, motivated, loyal and patriotic, and bring with them a wealth of skills and experience to our Army,” said Col. Donald Bartholomew, U.S. Army Recruiting Command Assistant Chief of Staff, G5.

    Comment by Psycheout — August 9, 2007 @ 4:01 pm | Reply

  15. I guess that helping daddy win an election is more important to our nation than winning the war on terror. Typical RINO. He wants a surge of support for the troops, but not from his sons.

    Comment by Psycheout — August 9, 2007 @ 4:09 pm | Reply

  16. Matt Marshall,
    Being a Little League coach is the equivalent of serving in Iraq? This is the Big Leagues boy get your butt over here and learn the difference.

    Comment by Sgt. Rock — August 9, 2007 @ 7:37 pm | Reply

  17. It’s his sons’ decision whether or not to serve (volunteer army) so quit whining like a pansy psycheout, and quit grasping at straws.

    Comment by Brandon Explosion — August 10, 2007 @ 8:07 am | Reply

  18. […] — Psycheout @ 12:17 pm Mittens Romney felt the chill in the air and retracted his earlier statement that his sons’ support for their dad’s run for President is equivalent to fighting the […]

    Pingback by Romney Flip-Flops on Sons’ “Service” « Blogs 4 Brownback — August 14, 2007 @ 12:18 pm | Reply

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