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August 8, 2007

Mitt Romney: Don’t Talk About My Religion (I Will)

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Ask Mitt NothingSince my objective post about Mittens & Mormonism was so well received, it must be nearly time for another. B4B only reports on what the candidates say or what the media says about them. It’s not our fault if people get angry when we talk about religions (including those with magical underpants).

FoxNews recently posted an article, entitled Mitt Romney: I’m ‘Not Running To Talk About Mormonism’ that should get all sorts of Romney supporting underpants, magical or otherwise, in a twist. (I love it when B4B stays ahead of the curve.)

But first, let’s take time out for a Flipper break.

Romney, a Republican and former official in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has said he supported abortion rights when he first became governor, but as he learned more about the practice, and embryonic stem cell research, he ended up opposing it.

Like another Massachusetts guy, he was for it before he was against it. And not talking about Mormonism, eh?

Mormon law is critical of abortion procedures as well as those who support it. Romney pointed out in the interview that the religion does not excommunicate those who openly support abortion rights.

It’s bad, but it’s okay. And don’t you dare talk about my religion, you bullies, meanies, bigots!

Growing visibly agitated at times both on-air and then off — as seen on a video clip of the interview — the former governor told Mickelson his faith is not the issue, his potential leadership as president is.

And you can see the video here:

Anyway, heeeeeeere’s Flipper!

“I’m not going to have a conversation about what my church views are because … that’s not the nature of the office I’m running for. And there are people in my church who are pro-choice.”

…including Mittens himself. But he’s so cute and so electable! He’s just like Reagan! NOT.

FoxNews sent me a memo saying that they report, you decide. So you’ll have to follow the link to make your decision. Think Brownback, forget Romney.

NOTE: This is Blogs 4 Brownback, and not Blogs of Brownback. So fire away at us, but vote for Sam Brownback.

For balance, see also: Mitt Romney and Mormonism.

— Psycheout


  1. Well, I must admit….I came away impressed with Mitt Romney after watching this. I can actually imagine him being a good president. I really don’t care about his Mormonism. I know quite a few mormon people, and they are some of the most decent people I know. Quite frankly, to have a mormon president would be refreshing.

    Comment by JP — August 8, 2007 @ 2:47 am | Reply

  2. I too found Romney impressive and very able to handle himself. As for what you describe “only reports on what the candidates say or what the media says about them” – your picture here is clearly offensive and you are spreading hate with your untolerable views. Since you are for Brownback, can I assume he is as hate filled and untolerable?

    Do you know Mormons? They are decent, God-fearing, people who believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Just because there are things they believe that you don’t, doesn’t make them “A cult” or crazy or a danger to the world.

    Your own man – Brownback – had his religion tested in the 60’s when Kennedy ran for President. People said the same thing then about Catholics that you are saying now about Mormons. Do you think Brownback would take issue with someone talking about Priest child abuse? Or anything else someone might find “weird” about Catholism.

    You are a biogt. Plain and simple. And I assume now that Sam Brownback is to.

    Comment by JohioW — August 8, 2007 @ 6:57 am | Reply

  3. Don’t assume anything based on what Psycheout says. He’s just a pathetic voice on the internet…

    Comment by Brandon Explosion — August 8, 2007 @ 8:40 am | Reply

  4. You really are helping Romney with these types of posts. You don’t seem to understand peoples reactions. When posts are clearly offensive and attack candidates personally the voters will switch their support to another candidate.

    (Didn’t you understand the applause at the debate when Romney said, “I’m sick and tired of people who think their holier than thou because I haven’t been prolife as long as they have.”) I’m sure Brownback loses support every time you post this type of bigotry.

    Comment by Religious and Right — August 8, 2007 @ 9:12 am | Reply

  5. The more I read this blog the more I believe Al Sharpton is behind it. Who else goes around putting down other peoples religion? This the the USA, not Afganistan. Romney has more brains and experience than that self righteous Brownback tool.

    Comment by Nate — August 8, 2007 @ 1:58 pm | Reply

  6. I. Simple truth: Intelligent, reasonable and smart people are repulsed by this kind of attack

    II. Stupid, bigoted and ignorant people believe this kind of article. These are the very people who will vote for Brownback, meaning America will be led by imbeciles!

    Comment by dan — August 8, 2007 @ 2:16 pm | Reply

  7. Thank you psycheout for posting that video. Watching it made me think even more how great of a president Mitt Romney would be. I don’t agree with a single comment you made, nor do I appreciate you posting that photoshoped picture of Mitt and his wife in what you term “magical underpants.” I would hope that whatever faith you belong to doesn’t teach you to be so inconsiderate of other people’s beliefs.

    Comment by Josh — August 8, 2007 @ 8:00 pm | Reply

  8. […] Brownback Blog tries – and fails in spectacular fashion – to put a bad spin on Mitt’s Mickelson takedown.  […]

    Pingback by Blogs for Mitt » Blog Archive » Monday News Roundup — August 13, 2007 @ 7:34 pm | Reply

  9. Maybe Brownback should be required to give a thorough representation as to why he switched from Protestant to Roman Catholic… or better yet why his church engaged in the inquisition in which and untold number of hundreds of thousands of people questioning the teachings of the degenerated Christianity of that day were beaten, imprisoned, and even murdered for not buying into the non-biblical teachings. If Brownback is comfortable in having to deal with this kind of subject matter, than he can keep bad mouthing Mitt Romney for his religion….otherwise I would suggest he turn tail and run from this, because it is overwhelmingly embarrassing. Just debate Romney and the others on the issues and leave the Mormon church out of it…by the way, this church many of you are calling a ‘cult’ is the 4th largest Christian religion in the USA.

    Comment by Bob Thomas — August 15, 2007 @ 11:56 am | Reply


    Will Mitt Romney be his own man if elected, or would he be controlled by Religious Leaders?

    I hope it is not the case, but if my story is any indication, religious leaders will take Mitt Romney aside as needed and help him remember just where his ultimate loyalties lie. I, as well as Mitt Romney, have made sacred agreements to support the interests of Gods future kingdom, as we see it. But are individual religious interests and National interest necessarily the same? In the case of a President Mitt Romney, is what is good for the Mormon people, equally good for all the citizens of the USA?

    The possibility was bore out in 2003, while serving my second term as Mayor/CEO of the City of Chillicothe, Missouri. On February 9, I was taken into church offices and verbally threatened, by President and Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley via Stake President, and attorney, Detlif Lehnardt in a private meeting, with excommunication if I did not write every Missouri State Legislator and rescind my recently proposed Legislation to the Missouri House of Representatives. I believe Federal Law (Tax Code Title 26 section 501) states that a Church cannot engage in such activity. Whether or not President Hinckley actually said this is in question, however, President Lehnardt had no problem invoking his name as the originator and force behind it. Needless to say, I disobeyed, because in good conscience, I did not believe I could legally be denied due process.

    Bubs Hohulin, current Missouri State Representative, and at that time, email assistant for Senator Carl M. Vogel of the Missouri Senate told me that I should listen to Gordon B. Hinckley. The fact that the law had been broken didn’t matter. Where in our loyalties does the rule of law rank? Is it possible to serve both our religious institutions and political institutions honorably and simultaneously without compromise, or does one always take precedent over the other? Let’s hope Mitt Romney is his own man, and whether he is elected or not, I hope for the good of the country, that religious leaders with agendas will stop trying to control our political process behind the schenes or from the pulpits.

    Jeffery Curtis Foli
    Former Mayor
    City of Chillicothe, Missouri


    Comment by jeff foli — November 20, 2007 @ 12:57 pm | Reply

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