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August 3, 2007

Deal Hudson Gets It

Filed under: Faith,Mike Huckabee,Sadness,Sam Brownback — Psycheout @ 3:48 pm

TearsThe Mike Huckabee campaign really needs to do more than disavow Pastor Rude’s email (he was a volunteer for Huckabee), he needs to condemn the insidious “whisper campaign” in the strongest possible terms. This is not an isolated action taken by a lone renegade. It actually may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Deal W. Hudson (Executive Director, Morley Institute for Church & Culture) explains:

In the midst of the Huckabee-Brownback controversy over the anti-Catholic e-mail of Rev. Rude, I received a confidential e-mail from an Evangelical in Ames, Iowa.

He wrote to me in response to my open “Letter to Rev. Rude,” asking the pastor to explain his description of himself as a “recovering Catholic.”

This Evangelical is familiar with Rev. Rude, his church, and the Evangelical community of Ames.

He tells me that comments about Catholics like those of Rev. Rude are “common.”

Perhaps I am naive, but I was very disappointed to hear that.

This individual believes that Catholics and Evangelicals should be working together and that such comments are unacceptable in the Body of Christ.

Given the situation on the ground among Evangelicals in Iowa, and presumably some of those who support Gov. Huckabee, I think it is important for him to denounce anti-Catholicism explicitly.

The hostile dismissal of the Huckabee campaign, particularly that of campaign manager Saltsman, to the requests of the Brownback staff to issue such a denouncement appears more unsettling in light of this sad news from Ames, Iowa.

Emphasis and links added.

Deal W. Hudson is absolutely right and has been doing an excellent job covering this story.

— Psycheout

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