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July 30, 2007

Nice Try, Rush, But No Sale

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YouTube SnowmanI hate to be critical of conservative commentators like Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh. And I hate being critical of the Brownback campaign. But honesty dictates that I should call them as I see them. Anyone who reads Blogs 4 Brownback on a regular basis knows this to be true.

I’m not sure who Rush is carrying water for, but it’s not the American people.

It appears that Rush Limbaugh is trying to cover for the RINOs who are threatening to skip the September CNN/YouTube debate. And his excuses are pathetic. You’re better than this, Rush. And you know it.

RUSH: The controversy here over the Republicans not participating in the upcoming YouTube CNN debate has led to lots of discussion, as some people think the Republicans are going to have this backfire on them because you gotta go out there and you gotta face the people. If you’re afraid to face the people, meaning the average Americans who upload their questions via video on YouTube, then you’re acting cowardly and so forth.

That’s all correct. But Rush is building to his defense of the cowardly RINOs.

RUSH: Note the Democrats, to this day are scared to death to go on Fox,

Stop right there. Who cares what the DemoRATs do? We’re talking about Republicans (well RINO Republicans, really). Don’t justify cowardly behavior by saying “but the dems did it too!”

RUSH: Now the Republicans say, “You know what, the office of the presidency is a little bit higher, has a little bit more prejudice than subjecting ourselves to questions from idiots dressed up as snowmen and so forth.”

You are wrong, el Rushbo. Nobody was dressed up as a snowman. Buy a clue, pal.

JARVIS: I think they’re revealing themselves to be a bunch of fraidy cats.

I’m afraid Jeff Jarvis is correct here. He only needed a few words to get the truth out. But Rush has to say a lot to provide undeserved cover. He can’t possibly believe this nonsense he’s spouting.

RUSH: They are not trying to avoid talking to you. By the way, they’re going to try to reschedule this thing for December, is what I’m hearing. I never said the Republicans shouldn’t do it because of bias. We all know there’s bias in the Drive-By Media. We all know that CNN’s going to choose questions based on their agenda, based on what they get submitted to them. We know there’s going to be bias.

Quit repeating yourself Rush. We get the point. There’s bias, blah blah blah. Of course there is, but that’s not the point. The man who’s going to be our nominee will be able to face whatever is thrown at him and answer or not answer with grace and dignity. And if the bias is thick and laughable, a candidate could earn some serious bonus points by calling CNN on their nonsensical left-wing bias and abruptly walking off the stage. Staying away because something might happen is as cowardly as the spineless dems who were afraid of debating on Fox. Republicans are better than that. Or they should be.

RUSH: I suggested that it would be a rotten thing to do because it’s demeaning to the office. It lowers the office to the level of the lowest common denominator of pop culture. This is being presented as some revolutionary new thing, and it’s not.

Give me a break, Rush. These are American people, voters, who pose the questions. Not blathering morons like Chris “Wiffleball” Matthews. Are you so high up in the echelons of talk radio, so smug and self-important, that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be an Average hard-working American? One of we the people? I think so.

RUSH: If I were these professional journalists, I’d be a little upset that I’m being aced out of this. The Drive-By Media is in enough trouble as it is without their prestige being put on the line here by claiming that the debate will be better with these yahoos sitting out there with these cameras submitting their stuff via upload to YouTube.

Yahoos? Pathetic, Rush. Simply pathetic. I can’t express how disappointed I am in your self-obsessed elitism. I think it is my prestige that is on the line even mentioning you on B4B. You are an MSM tool yourself, it would seem. And that, in itself, makes me sad.

Update: Even Kathleen Parker is getting into the bash the debate game. What’s wrong with these people? What are they so afraid of? A talking snowman? Give me a break!

Not that the concerns of snowmen aren’t perfectly valid, of course. One of the questions posed during the CNN-sponsored “debate” came from a talking snowman who cited global warming as the most important issue for snowmen.

Get over the snowman already. Why are conservatives so afraid of Frosty the climate change snowman? Are we not men? Lord, give me strength.

What am I missing here?

YouTube invites silliness, which is part of its appeal, but inviting so-called “ordinary Americans” to film themselves posing questions to presidential candidates does not advance democracy, no matter how much hoopla we manufacture.

What anybody can do, anybody can do. Anyone can make a goofy video and ask a goofy question, but the man or woman intending to lead the free world should resist dignifying the charade.

I’m afraid I have to agree with the Weirdos and Hippies over at Sadly No on this issue. And that’s not easy. Well done, Travis.

Update 2: Hot Air cautions against running away from the CNN/YouTube debate.

— Psycheout

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