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July 30, 2007

Heads Up on The Tanc

Filed under: Tom Tancredo,Weirdos — Psycheout @ 1:03 am

America Is FullEver since our most recent post on the seedy Tancredo-Tanton connection, the anonymous tips have been flying into our email address. It turns out that Tanton (syn: weirdo) may be more repulsive than we had at first thought. His tendrils seem to touch every part of the pro-abortion, population-control, anti-immigration axis, if our sources are correct. It’s really quite shocking.

Our research staff has been working diligently on verifying and collating these mountains of tips, and if they prove to be true, Tom Tancredo may very well be dropping out of the 2008 campaign soon.

If the explosive information we have received to date is half as important as our lead research staffer thinks it is, Thomas Gerard Tancredo may even resign from his House seat.

Stay tuned. This just might be the most explosive week yet in B4B’s history. You won’t want to miss it.

This could well be a story you recount to your grandchildren. Be sure to remember that you first heard it right here at B4B.

While I’m sure that Tancredo supporters agree with the message “America Is Full,” I wonder if they’ve taken a moment to realize that Tom Tancredo and John Tanton are empty.  Somehow I doubt it.

— Psycheout

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  1. […] feministas and pro-abortion wackos would have us surrender, have us cut and run from the population competition. The Duggars, like all […]

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