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July 30, 2007

Fred Thompson: Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime?

Filed under: Election 2008,Fred Thompson — Psycheout @ 7:20 pm

DimeIt looks like the unstoppable Fred!mentum isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

According to many right wing pundits Thompson would raise boatloads and take over the Republican race. In the light of Thompson’s anemic fundraising efforts (apparently he doesn’t like to actually do the work), some are ‘re-evaluating’ their opinion:

Some are already saying a prospective Thompson run is a flop. “I just don’t see it anymore,” said a key Republican who had been extremely enthusiastic about a Thompson candidacy. “That number is really underwhelming. There were indications it could be double that. They’ve been saying that people were waiting for Fred, and the money was going to pour in. He looks like he’s already losing momentum.”

A phoney like Fred! needs a lot of money to fool voters into supporting him. And it isn’t pouring in as thick and as fast as Fred!Heads were expecting.

His strategy of sitting on the sidelines (being the lazy man that he obviously is) isn’t exactly paying off. Either declare or get out. Preferably the latter. We need a President who is committed to the cause of taking on the terrorists and renewing American values. I don’t think ol’ Fred! has the energy or inclination to do either.

Stay in Hollywierd Fred!, we don’t need you.

Update: Hot Air has more, as always.

Update 2: Race 4 2008 has this:

Though the figure was widely reported Monday, the narrative following the amount seems to be one of a struggling would-be campaign.

Not so, say campaign officials.

Oh, well that takes care of that.  Fred!‘s campaign officials said so.

— Psycheout

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