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July 21, 2007

Sam Brownback: A YouTube Campaign

Filed under: Election 2008,Sam Brownback,YouTube — Psycheout @ 8:50 pm

Sam Brownback is running a sometimes underground campaign (due to the MSM brownout), fueled in part by young Americans. The youth is web-savvy and so is the Brownback campaign. They’re using the Internet to reach out to potential supporters and using hip and exciting YouTube technology to do it.

You might not expect a middle-aged farmer’s son from Kansas to have a MySpace profile.

No, but this is no average Kansan.

But Senator Sam Brownback is getting in touch with his inner computer geek while trying to program a path to the White House.

He’s hip. He’s cool. He’s Sam Brownback.

“I believe it’s the way to campaign today, to really use that interactive ability we have via the internet,” Brownback said.

And he does. It’s not an easy task, to chart new political frontiers in Al Gore’s internet, but it’s a great way to reach out to today’s computer-savvy youth.

“I think it’s harder for older voters to get into that sort of thing,” KU student Kelli Sparks said. “But I think the youth is a huge base to mobilize and it’s a huge number of possible voters.”

The candidate who is best able to reach out and communicate their message to the greatest number of voters will get the GOP nomination. Not having large piles of money from special interests like the titanic RINOs in the race, Sam is campaigning smart. And it will serve him well.

CNN will host the first-ever YouTube presidential debate on Monday.

I’ll have to look into that.

In conclusion, Sam Brownback is a man of the future who will move America forward while preserving and reviving its core values. It’s a balance that should appeal to any thinking American.

Think Brownback.

— Psycheout


  1. “But Senator Sam Brownback is getting in touch with his inner computer geek while trying to program a path to the White House.”

    How many times a day do you get in touch with your inner geek psychpatient?

    IS that why they committed you in the first place?

    Be careful, you might go blind. I’m sure that’s what Mrs. V.D. Crock of Poo would tell you.

    I guess you sometimes wish you were a chick magnet like Fred Thompson eh?

    [Ed Note: If you can’t refrain from using vulgar swear words, FredHead, you will be banned. Count on it.]

    Comment by blogs4committingpsychpatient — July 22, 2007 @ 11:16 am | Reply

  2. He’s hip. He’s cool. He’s Sam Brownback.


    Comment by Brandon Explosion — July 23, 2007 @ 2:02 pm | Reply

  3. […] I had seen it all” you can but Sen. Brownback’s MySpace site. Maybe it’s just that the internet has taken over more than your communication skills. After all, there is a movement to be able to cast your vote […]

    [Ed Note: Get back to us when you actually have a website. Until then, this is spam.]

    Pingback by » Surprise Front Runner for Me is Senator Sam Brownback Conservative With a Heart: A guide to think, feel, and live a life of conservative values — July 28, 2007 @ 2:21 pm | Reply

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