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July 21, 2007

Campaign 2008: Less Is Gore

Filed under: Democratic Idiocy,Election 2008 — Psycheout @ 6:33 pm

Sorry, rabid lefties, your boring hero will not be droning on and on this campaign only to lose yet again. It’s been confirmed. So give it up.

ABC News’ Teddy Davis Reports: During a Friday book signing in Washington, D.C., one of former Vice President Gore’s daughters seemed to go further than her father in saying that a 2008 White House run was not going to happen.

How does the saying go, from the mouth of babes….

“He’s really not going to get in the race,” said Kristin Gore when asked if she has any special insight into her father’s political plans. “He’s really liberated working on things he cares about.”

Smirk. Al Gore is liberated. How sweet. Can you leave a shred of doubt for those who want to re-instate the draft for liberated daddy, al-Bore?

The former vice president regularly says that he has “no plans to be a candidate for president.” But by stopping short of a “so-called Sherman statement,” completely ruling out a presidential run, speculation has continued to surround the future plans of the man who won the 2000 popular vote for president.

Keep stringing them along, Al, so the dummies on the far-left keep watching your boring movies and “rocking out” to pollution like “Dead Earth.” He may be a crummy and foolish politician, but he does know how to market to the stupid.

As to election 2008, less is more when we hear less from Gore.

Keep hope alive, moonbats!

— Psycheout

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