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July 20, 2007

World Net Daily Interviews Sam Brownback

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Everybody knows that World Net Daily is an excellent online news source. Anybody who doesn’t should definitely check them out.

Today they posted an exclusive interview with Senator Sam Brownback, the principled, conservative Republican. And when the media blackout is pierced, it’s always worth a peek. Let’s take a look.

The subtitle is good and it highlights a quote of Sam that I highlighted in a recent edition of Brownback on YouTube:

‘I want to be [the] president who appoints [that] justice who overturns Roe’

Read interview excerpts below the fold.

On violence and sex on broadcast television:

I see it as a coarsening of the overall culture, making the culture more violent, vulgar and perverse. We have literally thousands of studies showing the more violent entertainment you have the more violent children will act. We are seeing the impacts of marketing sex in society, and the language in the country could certainly use some civility.


And just as a dad, the father of five children, my wife and I raising these kids, we’d like to have the culture back us up and support us in an effort to raise good children, not always attacking us….

On the Supreme Court:

Many of these big social movement issues have been won not going through the legislative body but going through the courts like abortion in 1973 in Roe vs. Wade, or even the judicial activism being pushed on the definition of marriage. These are items that I believe activists courts should not be in, and the court would be better off being a court than a superlegislature and it would be more in holding with being a rule of law nation.

On the UN and the proposed North American Union:

I do not support a North American Union. I disagree fundamentally with that and I think the United States should be governing itself and not being governed by multilateral unions, the United Nations.

Amen! More on the UN:

I think the United Nations has proved in too many cases to be feckless in its ability to do anything, whether it’s non-action in Rwanda, the genocide that took place there, the difficulties in the Sudan and now we’re in a second genocide in Darfur.

Boil it down to a soundbite for us, Sam.

I have had real problems with the U.N.

Absolutely. No one-world government. How about free trade and tariffs?

I want to make clear, I’m a supporter of trade. I believe in trade and I think we ought to have an open trading system as far as allowing goods and services to move back and forth between nations subject to regulation and inspection, but as low if not zero tariffs as possible.

On illegal immigration and securing our borders:

The nation should enforce the border and enforce our laws. I think that’s what the country has spoken and said they want to see the borders secured and the laws enforced.

Let’s talk solutions, Sam.

I’ve supported and voted for building the fence and funding the fence. I think that will be helpful in securing the southern border. I think we can enforce at the workplace a much better enforcement system. And we need to make it simple for the employer, so that they can contact Social Security or some other entity, particularly Social Security though over the Internet and find out if a number from somebody that’s applying for work with them is a good number or a bad number.

Yes!  Slam dunk!

Sam also answers questions about protecting marriage, ending abortion, the war on terror, and renewing our culture.  You need to read the whole interview so I’ll let you go there to read about those topics.

What?  Okay, by popular demand, let’s see what Sam has to say about renewing our culture:

I’d like to be able to direct it on the need to rebuild the family and renew the culture. Those are the central institutions that really need help and they are the ones we have to build up to sustain the will to fight in this long-term fight against militant Islam.

As always, our readers were absolutely correct.  That was worth it.  Read the whole interview.  It’s very enlightening and should cheer Brownback supporters and give supporters-to-be some food for thought.

Support Sam Brownback: it’s the only rational choice.

— Psycheout

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