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July 20, 2007

Sam Brownback’s Optional Flat Tax

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Yesterday, Sam Brownback published an article at Real Clear Politics about his proposal for an alternate or optional flat tax. This is an important topic and we at B4B are glad that Sam has chosen to discuss this issue again.

Here’s his opening paragraph:

People often laugh when I say on the campaign trail that the tax code should be taken behind the barn and killed with a dull axe. In fact, one man in Iowa was so excited by this proposal that he presented me with an axe before I finished my remarks (fittingly, I was speaking in a barn).

That line never fails to make me smile. He continues:

There’s a reason people welcome my proposal to kill the tax code — it’s a monster of inscrutable complexity, and I say that as a former lawyer who took every tax law class I could.

Yes, but how big is it?

Today’s tax code — which is sixteen times longer than the Bible — is unpredictable, manipulative and hinders the economic growth that generates more prosperity for all Americans.

Yikes. Not enough people read the Bible (King James Version, of course). How many people even bother to browse the monsterous tax code? 3.

Past efforts at fundamental tax reform have hit a brick wall of political and institutional opposition. When you attack the tax code head — on, you’re taking on every lobbyist in Washington.

I think he means Hollywood Fred.

That is why I propose an optional flat tax that would exist alongside the current code.

But why?

An optional flat tax would generate economic growth and be vastly more transparent, simple and family — friendly than the current code.

Oh. Well that’s a good thing! I sense that many eyes are glazing over out there and I know that this stuff only appeals to policy wonks and advocates of a better tax system. They can follow the link and read the whole thing and participate in our comment thread.

Rest assured, I have read the whole thing and it is a sound and rational policy for a better way forward. Sam Brownback really thinks through the issues and proposes solutions that will work. We need a smart man to lead this country further into this new century.

We don’t need a pro-abort authoritarian gun grabber, a pretty boy cultist and RomneyCare advocate or a washed up bitter old RINO. We also don’t need a lazy Washington insider, lawyer, lobbyist old actor.

We need Sam Brownback. Support him: it’s the only rational choice.

See also: This positive review of Sam’s proposal:

I don’t think I’m alone in being attracted to the idea of a flat tax.

See also: Previous B4B articles on the issue of taxation.

— Psycheout

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