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July 20, 2007

Giuliani’s House Is Made of Straw

Filed under: Election 2008,RINOs,Rudy Giuliani — Psycheout @ 11:58 pm

Rudy Giuliani doesn’t like to lose. And he’s going to lose…Ames. So he’s packing it in. He refuses to take part in what has been a Republican tradition for as long as I can remember: the Ames straw poll in Iowa. But since he knows he’s going to lose, he’s taking his marbles (which I thought he had already lost) and going home.

…a person in a chicken suit was clucking and holding up a sign saying “Rudy bawked at the straw poll”. Giuliani and fellow Republican Presidential Candidate Arizona Senator John McCain both say they won’t be part of next month’s Republican straw poll in Ames.

Chicken. And what does a RINO Rudy supporter have to say about this cowardly move that is a slap in the face of the traditional Republican nomination process?

Preston says she’d prefer it if Giuliani participated.

“I think they all should be there I think they all should be asked at the same time,” she said. “Otherwise it’s hard for you to choose who you want to vote for.”

It’s not that hard, Gloria, unless you’re trying to choose between the spineless RINOs. But thankfully, pigheaded Rudy is as stubborn as a mule (or is that a donkey):

A Giuliani spokesperson says the candidate won’t reconsider the straw poll decision but adds Giuliani is committed to winning the Iowa Caucuses.

Paraphrasing Shakespeare, Rudy Giuliani is the RINO beast with two mouths. Like the amazing goat boy at the freak show, he is able to talk out of both sides of his mouth simultaneously. Amazing.

See also: Continuous Rudy Giuliani coverage.

— Psycheout


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  3. I would love to see a fake conservative go up against a real one. That would touch many hearts with a wonderful drama. I am going to wager that the candidates will be ‘Hillary the communist’, ‘Fred Thompson the wolf in sheeps clothing’, and ‘Brownback the true Christian’. Actualy these are really the only three kinds of candidates you need to have a complete battle of good vs evil. Quite something.

    Comment by Chris — July 28, 2007 @ 9:38 pm | Reply

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