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July 12, 2007


Filed under: Election 2008,Mitt Romney,Snark — Psycheout @ 1:43 pm

I’ve already taken a stand against the pollution of the English language, so I’m a little torn about this. But I’ll let you make up your own mind.

The Brownback for President Campaign announced today it is officially proposing a new word be added to Webster’s Dictionary: “Mitt-amorphasis.”

Hmmm, I hate to be critical already, but I think the proper spelling would be “Mitt-amorphosis.” But let’s move on to the definition.

1. (v) A self-directed and self-contradictory cyclical process, occurring in even-numbered years, by which a Massachusetts politician transforms at will.

2. (v) The evolutionary process by which a member of the species homosapiens becomes a dolphin.

3. (v) The synchronized revolution at any given point in time consistent with the changing political winds

Not bad, but I take exception to usage example 3:

3. The mitt-amorphasizing agent caused the politician to grow gills and flippers.

Ah yes, but “Flipper” was a bottlenose dolphin and I thought these creatures had lungs, not gills. I’ll leave it up to B4B Science Correspondent Sisyphus to verify this. I’m just going by what I remember from school. I may have heard this in public school. If so, the information is likely suspect.

The antonyms are listed as: consistent, principled. This would suggest that Senator Brownback is the opposite of Mitt-amorphasis (obviously the antithesis of Mitt Romney), but it’s a little confusing since the proposed word appears to be a noun verb, so how can the antonym be an adjective?

Perhaps they’re just in the brainstorming phase. It’s a good idea, but I think it needs some work before being submitted for addition to the dictionary.

Fortunately, as President, Sam won’t be spending much time devising new words, but he will be charting a new way forward. And that’s what really matters.

Update: I should read a little closer. I wrote noun when the definition clearly shows verb. Still it doesn’t change the basic point, which I think is correct.

Update 2: Perhaps Mitt-amorphosis was already taken.

Update 3: I just want to make clear that I think honesty is the best policy. If I think a campaign move or a policy is ill-advised, I’ll say so. I think this was a silly move by the Brownback campaign although its significance is near zero; the negative effect is nil. This was an official press release for G-d’s sake!

In case anyone from the campaign is reading this (and we know that you are), please please please vet your press releases more carefully. This was a silly and unnecessary thing to do. We at B4B want nothing more than for Sam Brownback, the honorable Senator from Kansas, to get the GOP nomination and we hate to see any missteps, however small. Otherwise, keep up the great work. We’re pulling for you!

— Psycheout


  1. See, this is why good neologisms have to be spontaneous. Also, these people seem to be idiots, for the reasons Psyche mentioned. They even misspelled their own fake word, and the dyslexic guy had to correct them.

    Comment by Salmo — July 12, 2007 @ 2:12 pm | Reply

  2. How can you possibly criticize anything Sam Brownback does?

    If the campaign insists that it should be spelled “Mitt-amorphasis”, then that’s good enough for me. Besides, this could easily be a mole trying to sabotage (that’s a French word) Sam’s campaign, or it could be some Helioleftist “Journalist’s” attempt to discredit Brownback.

    I would simply alert the Brownback campaign of this unfortunate event and let it slide. If he doesn’t correct it, it’s spelled the way he wants; and if he corrects it, it’s sabotage.

    Either way, Sam’s in the clear… Again!

    Comment by MikeM — July 12, 2007 @ 3:13 pm | Reply

  3. Oh the irony. Good on you to post it though.

    Comment by ChenZhen — July 12, 2007 @ 3:37 pm | Reply

  4. Oh, I see, MikeM. You had me confused with a Brownback sycophant. Sorry to disappoint you. But now you know better. I call it like I see it. I always do, in every post.

    That should lend my day to day writings more credibility, now that you know that I tell it like it is. If it took a Mittamorphosis to get you to understand this, it was a worthwhile post in and of itself.

    Comment by Psycheout — July 12, 2007 @ 4:47 pm | Reply

  5. Point two is very unlikely to happen as dolphins are a completely differrent branch of life than humans. Just my two cents.

    Comment by PG — July 12, 2007 @ 5:24 pm | Reply

  6. Although you are correct, in addition to evolution being a myth, we really don’t want any of your filthy nazi money.

    Comment by Psycheout — July 12, 2007 @ 7:36 pm | Reply

  7. Good grief, get off your high horse, Psycheout. It was just a joke, but one that helped point out the oily, untrustworthy nature of Mitt “Flipper” Romney.

    Such a huge overreaction to a light-hearted press release makes you look foolish and disloyal, and it certainly isn’t going to help get Sam elected. Think before you post.

    Comment by Donatello — July 13, 2007 @ 7:27 am | Reply

  8. Although you are correct, in addition to evolution being a myth, we really don’t want any of your filthy nazi money.

    I was using an american proverb here. Wow, I didn´t know that it meant euro-cents. And nazi-money? My friend, today there are more anzis in your country than in mine. And the € is official currency in quite a lot of nations. (Wow, it peaked at 1.38 dollars this week. New record!)

    And evolution is very real. It has happened, it has been watched, evidence has been shown. Real evidence, not the petty claims of all those ID wannabee-scientists.

    Comment by PG — July 13, 2007 @ 7:30 am | Reply

  9. I understand your reaction Donatello, but a good joke is better than a bad joke. And an accurate quip is better than one that appears amateurish at best.

    If the campaign more carefully vets such press releases in the future so that they are more precise and on target because of a little constructive criticism, it will help Senator Brownback in the long run.

    That’s the way I look at it. But I welcome alternate opinions, such as yours. Thanks for speaking your mind, and please continue to do so!

    Comment by Psycheout — July 13, 2007 @ 2:14 pm | Reply

  10. […] conservative commentators like Michelle Malkin and Rush Limbaugh. And I hate being critical of the Brownback campaign. But honesty dictates that I should call them as I see them. Anyone who reads Blogs 4 Brownback on […]

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