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July 9, 2007

What We’re Up Against

Filed under: Homosexuality,Justice/Law — Psycheout @ 11:06 pm

Elections don’t matter? Balderdash. Republicans sitting the 2006 election out should stand up and take notice. And register and vote. Demonstrating his wisdom and willingness to stand against the tide of the homosexual agenda, Senator Brownback stood his ground. Nearly everybody else (including most Republicans) caved in.

The U.S. Senate on Monday confirmed as a federal judge a woman who attended a same-sex commitment ceremony, overwhelmingly rejecting the concerns of a Republican senator running for the White House.

The vote was 83-4 in favor of elevating Michigan state judge Janet Neff to federal district court.

Way to hang together, Senators.

Neff in 2002 attended a same-sex commitment ceremony for the daughter of long-time neighbors.

Charming. That’s family values for you.

Time will prove Senator Brownback correct. Don’t say we didn’t tell you so.

He [Senator Brownback] reiterated concerns, however, she may fail to uphold the Michigan law against same-sex marriage.

Count on it, friends. Traditional American values and traditional marriage are being dismantled brick by brick.

Elections do indeed have consequences. Register and vote Republican. Support Senator Brownback’s campaign. It’s the right thing to do.

— Psycheout


  1. Great minds think alike! I posted on the very same thing this morning. It is just a matter of time before the queers and sodomites ruin Michigan just like they have California.

    Jesus come quick!

    Comment by Mrs. T.D. Gaines-Crockett — July 10, 2007 @ 6:45 am | Reply

  2. You didn’t ruin California, Gaines-Crockett.

    Comment by Adam Nelson — July 10, 2007 @ 9:37 am | Reply

  3. “Elections do indeed have consequences. Register and vote Republican. Support Senator Brownback’s campaign. It’s the right thing to do.”


    Comment by Sisyphus — July 10, 2007 @ 9:55 am | Reply

  4. SO basically, you´re just pissed because noone listens to Sammy?

    Well, I don´t want to say this, but….

    Has anyone with a clear mind ecspected something else?

    “Elections do indeed have consequences. Register and vote Democrat. Support Senator Obama´s campaign. It’s the right thing to do.”

    It´s soo easy, it ain´t fun. Almost.

    Comment by PG — July 11, 2007 @ 10:26 am | Reply

  5. You idiots. Brownback will not be president. Ever. His political idealogies are obscurred by his blind faith. Anyone remember seperation of church and state? It should apply here, but apparently it doesn’t. Hell will freeze over before they let that moron set foot within a hundred yards of the White House.

    Comment by f — August 10, 2007 @ 4:15 pm | Reply

  6. Why hello, there, little earthlings. My name is Bill, and I’m bisexual. Every night, my three girlfriends and two boyfriends and I get together and masturbate each other in time to Marylin Manson. Sometimes we draw pentagrams on the ground, cut each other, lick up our blood. Sometimes we use our blood as lubricant. We love what we do, Dirty Sanchez and all, and you can’t convince anyone otherwise. I have a shaved head and love Allah and the Bhudda. Sometimes I wonder why we have a monetary system at all. I think we should all share everything and Christianity should be abolished. I know I’m dealing with some sick freaks here, but who cares anyway. When I go to hell and you all are up there in Heaven being hedons and drinking your pinacoladas with Pope Sixtus and other hypocrits who said they had religion, at least Satan will know how to treat me in bed. I’ll be sure to name our kids after all of you. In the case of an editor saying something silly to this posting which I can only assume will be taken up the ass, you will probably be ignored. This is my first and last posting here, so it’s not that important anyway. I’m thouroughly unimpressed with you Brownbacks.

    Comment by Sex is nice, and you people are liars. — August 11, 2007 @ 12:58 am | Reply

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