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July 5, 2007

Run and Hide, Helioleftists!

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Astute blogger and commenter Roman Pytel is onto you! Here’s his latest comment on the subject.

The Most Revealing Fact in the History of Heliocentrism

In 1910 a German fiction writer Ernest Adler von der Planitz published a number of 5th century Coptic papyri and other ancient fragments found in a tomb at Sakkara and purchased by a certain scholar named Baron von Rabenau. The legends written down in the document entitled The Letter of Benan are an ingenious presentation, in the best folk manner, of the hidden years in the life of Jesus.
A far-famed Egyptian astronomer named Putiphra dispatched the High Priest Ranebchru to the land of the Hebrews (he did not call it Palestine! Interestingly, there is no name Palestine in the Koran either!) to learn the meaning of the appearance of the new star, Siriu, or The Scorching One. In Betlehem he found a child born in a cave the very moment Siriu appeared in the heavens. Ranebchru promised his parents that the child will be raised under the tutelage of the great astronomer Putiphra and Pinehas rabbi of the Jewish temple in nearby On. When Putiphra died 12 years later Jesus returned to his parents in Nazareth. During his visit to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover he lectured in the temple all the learned doctors and rabbis on the principles of heliocentric astronomy and on the interstellar mysteries:

“A learned astronomer was present in the assembly at the temple, and he arose and asked Jesus: ‘What do you know about astronomy?’ Jesus without hesitation or faltering, explained the number of spheres and the heavenly bodies, and the meaning of their numbers; he expounded on their different natures and operations; he defined their aspects, triangular, square or sextile; he interpreted their course, direct or retrograde; he gave the motion of the planets each day, and each hour of the day; and he ended with a commentary on the interstellar mysteries beyond the reach of reason. And the astronomer turned and asked: “Pray, who can that be.” But this stuff was not included in the canonical Gospels.

Let me quote here two verses of the canonical Gospel of Mark 1:21-22 describing this event: “And they went into Capernaum; and straightway on the Sabbath day he (Jesus) entered into the synagogue, and taught. And they were astonished at his doctrine: for he taught them as one that had authority, and not as the scribes.” End of quote.

The story contained in the Letter of Benan is amazingly reminiscent of a similar fact from the biography of Pythagoras. In about 535 B.C. Pythagoras went to Egypt. This happened a few years after the tyrant Polycrates seized control of the city of Samos. There is some evidence to suggest that Pythagoras and Polycrates were friendly at first and it is claimed that Pythagoras went to Egypt with a letter of introduction written by Polycrates. In fact Polycrates had an alliance with Egypt and there were therefore strong links between Samos and Egypt at this time. The accounts of Pythagoras’s time in Egypt suggest that he visited many of the temples and took part in many discussions with the priests. According to Porphyry, Pythagoras was refused admission to all the temples except the one at Diospolis where he was accepted into the priesthood after completing the rites necessary for admission.

In the early 1680s, shortly before publishing the Principia, Newton began work on a treatise which he called The Philosophical Origins of Gentile Theology. This argued that Noah had founded the primordial religion – a Gentile theology – which had been free of superstition and had advocated a rational worship of one God. The only commandments were love of God and love of neighbor. Pythagoras had learned about this religion and brought it to the West. Jesus had been one of these prophets sent to call mankind back to the truth, but his pure religion had been corrupted.

Another Greek astronomer of Samos, (like Pythagoras!) Aristarchus also worked out a heliocentric planetary scheme. As Plutarch writes, the hypothesis of Aristarchus was proved (apodeiknumi) by a certain Syrian Seleukos of Seleukia.

Verse 51 of the Syrian version (Peshitta) of Luke 2 elaborates the incident of the Gospel of Mark so that it will be reverberating throughout the following centuries:
“And philosopher who was there present, a skillful astronomer, asked Jesus the Lord whether he studied astronomy. And the Lord Jesus answered him and explained the number of the spheres, and of the heavenly bodies, their nature and operations, their oppositions; their aspects, triangular, square and sextile; their course, direct or retrograde; the twenty-four and sixtieth of twenty-fourths, and other things beyond the reach of reason.” Almost a verbatim copy of the Letter of Benan’s summary of Jesus’ lecture.

Isa 38:7-8 writes: “And this shall be the sign unto thee from the Lord, that the Lord will do this thing that He hath spoken: behold, I will cause the shadow of the dial, which is gone down on the sun-dial of Ahaz, to return backward ten degrees, by which degrees it was gone down.”

The ancient heliocentrists and, centuries later, Copernicus contradicted the backward movement of the sun in the Biblical geocentric system by the retrograde (backward) movements of the planets.
There is another contradiction: in the geocentric astronomy of the Hebrew Bible the stars are moving which is stated clearly in Jg. 5:20-21:

They fought from heaven
The stars in their courses fought against Sisera.

Already the Latin Vulgate negated the biblical geocentrism by having introduced into its translation of the Book of Genesis the heliocentric notion of firmamentum which was a name given by the early astronomers to the orb of the fixed stars and which, obviously, was retained by Copernicus and by the authors of the Masonic Bible i.e. the Authorized King James Version which translated Gen 1: 17 as follows:

And God set them in the
firmament of the heaven
To give light upon the earth.

The term firmament renders the Hebrew term raqi’a which in the Polish version of the Bible was translated as expanse (rozpostarcie) in order to avoid the heliocentric connotation of the Latin firmamentum.

The Iranian, Sufi philosopher Surawardi (executed in Aleppo in 1191) made it his life’s work to link what he called the original “Oriental” religion with Islam, thus completing the project that Ibn Sina (honored by a post stamp in the Soviet Union) had proposed. He claimed that all the sages of the ancient world had preached a single doctrine. Originally it had been revealed to the baboon-shaped Hermes (whom Suhrawardi identified with the prophet known as Idris in the Koran or Enoch in the Bible); in the Greek world it had been transmitted through Plato and Pythagoras and in the Middle East through the Zoroastrian Magi. Since Aristotle, however, it had been obscured by a more narrowly intellectual an cerebral philosophy, but it had been secretly passed from one sage to another until it had finally reached Suhrawardi himself via al-Bistami and al-Hallaj. Who could deny Suhrawardi’s inspiration for Newton’s Gentile Philosophy?

G. Bruno was not a Christian. To say that he did not believe in the divinity of Christ would be putting it too feebly: He despised and detested Jesus, and had a special contempt for the Cross and for any form of mass or the eucharist.

The longest of Bruno’s dialogues Spaccio della bestia tionfante recounts a council among the gods, reminiscent of the Council of Trent, about reforming themselves and the heavens in order to prevent a Goetterdaemmerung impending upon them for the vices of their past conduct. The work is famous for its evocation of the ancient and true Egyptian religion, of which Judaism and Christianity are treated as corruptions; the civic religion of Rome seems to be regarded as its nearest available representative. In other words G. Bruno postulated the same religious heliorevolution as Suhrawardi did. The greatest, posthumous victory of G. Bruno was placement of the eye of Horus on 1 dollar bill.

How Jesus’ lecture on heliocentrism and the lack of thereof in the canonical Gospel of Luke can be explained from historical perspective?

The name Syria derived from the name of the Hindu sun god Surya mirrors adequately the long tradition of the Syrian natural religion as opposed to the historical religion of the Hebrews under personal God YHWH who liberated them from the Egyptian slavery. The Syrian sun god known also under the name of Baal appears as the most potent rival of the God of the Bible. The activity of a certain Marcion, a son of the bishop of Sinope should be contemplated in the context of this centuries-old rivalry between Baal and YHWH. Marcion devised a Christianity totally different from the religion of the earliest apostles.

In his opinion the 12 apostles misunderstood the teachings of Christ, and, holding him to be the Messiah of the Jewish God, falsified his words from that standpoint

Marcion developed his own version of what came to be called Christianity by declaring that Yahweh, the God of the Hebrew Bible , was the Demiurge who created the evil material world. He believed that Jesus was the good God who came to end this contamination by destroying YHWH, a self-contradictory being of limited knowledge.

He taught that Christ assumed absolutely nothing of the creation of the Demiurge, but came down from heaven, as an alien in the year of the Emperor Tiberius, and after the assumption of an apparent body, began his missionary activity in the synagogue of Capernaum. Marcion purported that Jesus was not the Jewish Messiah, was not born of Mary, was never incarnate, and only appeared in spirit during the time of his ministry.

Though Marcion was branded a heretic by the church, his influence infiltrated the consciousness of the church so that it more and more tended to ignore the historical Jesus in favor of the cosmic Christ, or the Sun of God, one in the long row of solar saviours. As the church gradually denied its Judaic heritage in favor of the concepts of Greco-Roman philosophy (exactly, like Suhrawardi, and after him Newton in his Gentile Theology) and ideas from mystery religions, it became more and more easy to deny the Jewishness of Jesus and to look upon him as a mystic figure, the Christianity.

“How is it that Jesus is hardly thought of as a Jew who lived his entire life in the midst of his fellow Israelis? How is it that we have so many different conceptions of Jesus, including the Nordic, Aryan Jesus with blond hair and blue eyes (or Nietzsche’s blue-eyed, blond beast), the African Jesus with black skin and hair like wool, the oriental Jesus with oriental features? And this is only among Christians. What of the Jesus who is portrayed as a first-rate medium by the consciousness philosophers, who is one of the many incarnations of God in Eastern Monism, who is another of the prophets leading up to the prophet Mohammed in Islam, who is healer of Christian Scientism, who is a Rabbi among many Jews, who is the great moral example in nominal Christianity? Everyone of every religion wants to claim Jesus for himself and to create him in their own image.” (

Let me remind here, that Newton turned Jesus into gravity. If we are to understand Jesus, however, we must accept the record of the Gospels that place him and his sayings in the historical and cultural milieu in which he was born, lived, died. Otherwise, you votaries of heliocentrism, are killing God with your Syro-Palestinian pseudo-science, like Marcion was trying to do. It came as no surprise to me that they put the blood-thirsty sun god Baal on Palestinian stamps. They hope, he will finish off YHWH of the Bible.

In 1933 the Protestant Reich Church was formed under the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. The founding of the church was the result of work by the German Christians. It was based on Nazi ideas of creating a “positive Christianity,” namely purifying Christianity of any Jewish elements including even the Old Testament. Marcion’s dream came true.

Marcion’s Sun of God was embraced as the Creator by the founder of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, (which still exists and has its headquarters in Beirut) Antun Sa’adeh, a Greek Orthodox Syrian who spoke German and whose vision of Greater Syria was definitely influenced by German nationalist writings.
They greet their leaders with a Hitlerian salute; sing their Arabic anthem, “Greetings to You, Syria” to the strains of “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles”; and throng to the symbol of the red hurricane (recall the band Johnny and the Hurricanes), a swastika in circular motion.

His anti-Biblical, Marcionite-Pauline creationism found its expression in the party’s emblem on its flag. It shows a red zoub’a (whirl, cyclone, tempest), symbolizing strength and dynamism (Remember Galileo’s slogan Strength Causes Love?), which is nothing else but a variant of swastika, which was always the solar symbol.

Sisyphus, Force 10 or the essence of the Biblical mathematics is coming next. Let’s help Jesus carry his gigantic cross across the heliocentric world.

Roman Pytel

I’m going to make a few predictions here: you will not see a cogent secularist response to that comment. You will not see a liberal retort that does not stoop to ad hominems or begging of questions. You will not see one treefrog publicly change his mind. You will hear many people ridiculing Mr. Pytel’s sensible analysis for its religious overtones. Not one of the critics or detractors will provide any legitimate evidence that Heliocentrism exists. Not one will prove that the world is round. Not one will disprove the ether, the watery sea in which the disk of the Earth floats.

I am quite confident in making these predictions, because having argued with liberals for well over a month now on these very subjects, I’ve come to understand how liberals think, and don’t think, about certain subjects.

When it comes to science, liberals are even less reliable than they are on other topics. Ever quick to latch onto atheist, secularist lies in school, they now cling to them as if they were precious jewels, overwhelming contrary evidence notwithstanding. They direct all their malice and cynicism outward, refusing to question their sources for even a moment. For example, they love to criticize you for accepting the word of God, the Bible, a text whose validity has been proven time and time again throughout the ages. Yet, get one of them to assume, even arguendo, that NASA is peopled with professional liars just like the rest of the boondoggle surplus government agencies are, and they look at you as if you’d just told them their parents had hatched them from an eggplant. (Actually, considering how most of them believe their grandparents had unnatural carnal relations with monkeys at the zoo, that probably doesn’t sound too far-fetched to them.) Liberals will accept any belief, no matter how ridiculous, as long as it’s either a) anti-Christian, b) anti-American, or preferably, c) both.

Global warming is real, except when it’s 40 degrees in July; then, global warming is super-real, and you should run for the hills to escape the tsunami of drowning polar bears and sweaty walruses and penguins. Your parents are the children of monkeys, and that’s proven by the monkeys themselves, whose parents are the children of 40-foot-tall dinosaurs, whose parents are the children of flounder, whose parents were born of a moldy omelet. Angels are imaginary, and priests are professional liars; yet television repairmen are holy, blameless creatures, to whom you should sacrifice all your worldly wealth if it ensures you yet another hour of television. People who dispute the unobserved roundness of the world are rubes, but people who “prove” its roundness by alleging they wandered about Antarctica shooting penguins in a drunken stupor are the font of all Earthly wisdom.

I could go on, but why bother? Let’s let them write in their comments, and amuse us all by confirming my predictions! Plus, what they say is usually pretty hilarious, too. In the final analysis, we’re right and they’re wrong. We know it, and they know it, but they continue to argue for argument’s sake. Taking the contentiousness out of a liberal is like taking the alcohol out of whiskey. Without it, they wouldn’t even be liberals anymore. They’d be something completely different, just as non-alcoholic whiskey would be sugar water or something.


  1. “Not one of the critics or detractors will provide any legitimate evidence that Heliocentrism exists. Not one will prove that the world is round. Not one will disprove the ether, the watery sea in which the disk of the Earth floats.”

    Plenty of evidence is out there, and has been presented to you, but you just constantly claim that the scientists are politically motivated liars.

    Comment by Salmo — July 5, 2007 @ 9:39 am | Reply

  2. Scientists are part of the vast elitist liberal education-entrainment complex. They have a vested interest in promoting dubious ideas like heliocentrism, Darwinism, plate tectonics and germ theories for the research money they can bilk out of the taxpayers. Scientists want the masses kept ignorant and superstitious to maintain their status. Fortunately we Christians are finally waking up to their evil game.

    Comment by BJ Tabor — July 5, 2007 @ 9:59 am | Reply

  3. BJ Tabor,

    Your ignorance knows no bounds.

    Without the scientific methods of Joseph Lister and Sir Alexander Fleming, both religious men, the human population would’ve suffered much longer without carbolic acid for surgical sterilisation and penicillin for bacterial infections, thus saving thousands, if not millions of God’s children.

    The Lord moves in mysterious ways, do not claim to know more than you will ever know.

    “Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.” Matthew 22:29


    Comment by Samuel J. Kent — July 5, 2007 @ 10:14 am | Reply

  4. There’s an easy way to show that a heliocentric model makes more sense than a geocentric one.

    Watch the stars. Trace their path through their sky in relation to each other. Now use either one of the models of the earth, either geocentrism or heliocentrism. If assuming the geocentric model, you will notice that the stars trace odd, unnatural paths, such as looping around each other and randomly changing direction. The motion of the stars disagrees profoundly with the idea of a fixed earth and the spheres idea.

    Now if you assume that the earth moves, and that the earth is part of a grander system of orbiting bodies, suddenly the orbits make sense, and now have sensible motions that are easy to predict and aren’t erratic. I know you won’t actually believe what I say, so I urge you to get a telescope (you can even do it with just your eyes, but it’s tougher to keep track of the stars that way) and perform this experiment yourself. Start with bright, familiar objects such as the Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Polaris. In fact, using these four stars, you can prove yourself that a heliocentric model is far more appropriate than a geocentric model.

    Now, you believe that all scientists are educated liars that cannot be trusted. Therefore my claims cannot be trusted either. So I urge you to do this yourself, perform the experiments personally, and see what happens. You will be surprised.

    If you are unwilling to do this, it just proves that your ignorance blinds you fully to the rest of the world.

    Comment by Adam Nelson — July 5, 2007 @ 10:16 am | Reply

  5. I see. So in other words, you can disregard anything anyone says if it contradicts the conclusion you’ve already reached, no matter what evidence they present or how easily your position is proven false?

    Comment by Salmo — July 5, 2007 @ 10:25 am | Reply

  6. Oh no Salmo, you forget. Only Christians know how the world works. If your TV repairman comes to fix your TV, it wasn’t actually him. It was God who did the fixin’.

    It’s ironic that this site claims to be the last bastion of true American values. Ironic because Sisyphus is the most un-American person I’ve ever heard of. America guarantees freedom for ALL, not just Christians or Brownback-supporters. America was founded on principles of equality and the ending of oppression. Just how Communism proved that a class once oppressed can now be the oppressors, Sisyphus shows that he can, in fact, now become the oppressor, becoming everything he claims to hate.

    Sisyphus is NOT American. No, he is against all the principles that American stands for, like freedom, equality, and cultural advancement.

    Comment by Adam Nelson — July 5, 2007 @ 10:34 am | Reply

  7. “Sisyphus is NOT American.”

    Sisyphus is not even real. He’s an experiment, conducted by the government, to entrap and entice citizens into divulging their inner-most secrets. Probably funded by the NSA and illegal oil sales from Iraq.

    Comment by Tyler Durden — July 5, 2007 @ 10:40 am | Reply

  8. I doubt that Sisyphus is a parody. He has devoted way too much time to it if it’s a hobby; he might have been hired by another Republican to smear Brownback; but he’s probably for real.

    Comment by interpreted — July 5, 2007 @ 11:35 am | Reply

  9. Either way, this site is hilarious, and I’m greatly enjoying saying my piece in this blog!

    Comment by adamnelson — July 5, 2007 @ 1:49 pm | Reply

  10. Wasn’t the gospel of Judas among these scrolls as well?

    I bet you don’t believe those, so why believe these scrolls, considering they were found in the same place…

    Comment by Skeptic — July 5, 2007 @ 1:56 pm | Reply

  11. What they believe is not rational, because they pick and choose what to believe. That just shows how little credibility can be granted to them.

    Comment by adamnelson — July 5, 2007 @ 2:02 pm | Reply

  12. It’s funny how these guys maintain that they are the majority of the country, but I’ve never even heard the term “helioleftist” outside of this ridiculous blog.

    Comment by adamnelson — July 5, 2007 @ 3:17 pm | Reply

  13. “There’s an easy way to show that a heliocentric model makes more sense than a geocentric one.

    Watch the stars. Trace their path through their sky in relation to each other.”

    I watch the stars all the time. They revolve around the Earth, just like everything else.
    Why do you make such simple arguments that are so easy to refute?

    Comment by Happy Clam — July 5, 2007 @ 3:18 pm | Reply

  14. No, obviously you don’t watch the stars. Do it for real next time. Take several hours to plot their course.

    Comment by adamnelson — July 5, 2007 @ 3:47 pm | Reply

  15. I live at latitude 38N (38 degrees above the equator, although I suppose flat-earthers have another name for the equator)… How come the stars I see are very different from the stars someone sitting at 38S gets to see?

    Why can’t I see the Southern Cross from Northern California?

    Why can’t people who live in Sydney, Australia see Polaris?

    Comment by MikeM — July 5, 2007 @ 3:50 pm | Reply

  16. Happy Clam,
    How can you see the stars when you are buried under the mud under the sea just as the your cohorts are buried under the mud of the Bible and can’t see the true light of the Kama Sutra.

    Comment by Bob Baffet — July 5, 2007 @ 6:20 pm | Reply

  17. Y’know, regardless of your beliefs, the Kama Sutra is a good and interesting read (and no, you “decency”-fanatics, only one chapter is about sex), just as the Qu’ran is an excellent piece of literature even if you don’t believe it. And, just like the Da Vinci Code is a piece of crap whether you believe it or not.

    Comment by Adam Nelson — July 5, 2007 @ 8:59 pm | Reply

  18. “Happy Clam,How can you see the stars when you are buried under the mud”

    I can stick my foot out and see the stars through the water.

    Comment by Happy Clam — July 5, 2007 @ 9:12 pm | Reply

  19. You are asking the wrong questions, non-believers. Why are you allowed to live if you deny the Almightyness of G-d? Why look to the sky if not to try and disprove His almighty omniscience? Repent, astro-socialist-facists!

    Comment by SeekHim — July 5, 2007 @ 9:40 pm | Reply

  20. “Why are you allowed to live if you deny the Almightyness of G-d?”

    Because God’s a lot more mellow than you, I guess.

    Comment by Salmo — July 6, 2007 @ 12:54 am | Reply

  21. Repent? Why? because you told us to? Don’t think so. If I ever decide to change my ideas on fait, it’ll be because my observations of the world indicate otherwise, not because some idiot with a screen name called SeekHim told me to, then called me an astro-socialist-fascist (whatever the hell that means).

    As Gaines-Crockett said in another post, you will not make me “waiver” in my core beliefs. Not you or anyone else. That’s something you evangelicals forget. People won’t change their universal outlook because you tell them to. They have to arrive at their own conclusions themselves, or else they won’t be their own. Ironically, that’s the reason Iraq is such a collossal failure right now: nobody actually WANTED democracy there, and now two political groups are murdering each other as vigorously as can be.

    Comment by Adam Nelson — July 6, 2007 @ 7:30 am | Reply

  22. “Now, you believe that all scientists are educated liars that cannot be trusted. Therefore my claims cannot be trusted either. So I urge you to do this yourself, perform the experiments personally, and see what happens. You will be surprised.”

    I’ll be surprised if God doesn’t kill me for the blasphemy of the endeavour.

    “If you are unwilling to do this, it just proves that your ignorance blinds you fully to the rest of the world.”

    So, if I don’t commit the same blasphemy as the pseudoscientists and the treefrogs, I’m ignorant? Read the Bible, Mister. That’s all you’ll ever need to know.

    “It’s funny how these guys maintain that they are the majority of the country, but I’ve never even heard the term “helioleftist” outside of this ridiculous blog.”

    You probably live in an ivory tower, in Boulder, Colorado or Burlington, Vermont or San Francisco, Sodom, or some other anti-American enclave.

    Comment by Sisyphus — July 6, 2007 @ 8:21 am | Reply

  23. “You probably live in an ivory tower, in Boulder, Colorado or Burlington, Vermont or San Francisco, Sodom, or some other anti-American enclave.”

    No, YOU probably made up the word ‘helioleftist’. And you did.

    Comment by Salmo — July 6, 2007 @ 9:28 am | Reply

  24. “No, YOU probably made up the word ‘helioleftist’. And you did.”

    I didn’t say it first. Marcia P. did. She’s from Ohio. That’s bedrock Middle America.

    Comment by Sisyphus — July 6, 2007 @ 9:55 am | Reply

  25. Okay, well Marcia made it up. I don’t care if she’s from a bedrock state or not. Not that there’s anything to be ashamed of in creating a neologism.

    Comment by Salmo — July 6, 2007 @ 10:59 am | Reply

  26. I forgot to say, too, that the posting you cite is just awesome. It’s so very hard to refute because, well, it’s such nonsense that it’s barely coherent. PZ, Randi and Plait get this kind of stuff all the time, and they print them out in their entirety when they get them.

    Usually, the best answer they can give is, “Whaaaa?”. They then shoot down the obvious stuff, and then the rest of these posts just crumble.

    I think I’ll pass this one along to The Bad Astronomer. He’ll have fun with this one. I hope you don’t mind.

    Comment by MikeM — July 6, 2007 @ 11:13 am | Reply

  27. Well, the posting you cite is gone. Sigh.

    But the remaining ones really underscore my point; this dude is rambling and insane.

    Never mind.

    Comment by MikeM — July 6, 2007 @ 11:19 am | Reply

  28. I know this man personally. We talked for some length about his trips to space.

    I know him to be an honorable man, both professionally as a Coast Guardsman and personally.

    Why would he lie to me about going to space? Where is the motivation of a commissioned officer in the military to lie to a friend?

    Comment by Ahab — July 6, 2007 @ 12:54 pm | Reply

    • This man is my father and he would not lie, and no – he’s definitely not from Boulder or any other U.S. State. He’s Polish and he lives in Brooklyn.

      Comment by Eva — October 21, 2010 @ 9:51 pm | Reply

  29. “I’ll be surprised if God doesn’t kill me for the blasphemy of the endeavour.”

    What a ridiculous statement. He didn’t strike down Ben Franklin when he discovered electricity, or Einstein when he drew up Relativity, or Newton when he invented calculus and a theory of gravity, or Copernicus when he questioned the Church’s geocentrism. Are you so vain that you assume God would pay you extra attention for plotting the courses of the stars? If he did that kinda thing, he’d have to have personally smitten every sailor and ocean-goer over the last seven hundred years.

    Comment by Adam Nelson — July 6, 2007 @ 7:40 pm | Reply

  30. Mathematics of the Zoo-Theology

    In very early times great respect was paid to baboon; and the simple-minded Egyptian, when he heard him chattering just before the sunrise and sunset, assumed that he was in some way holding converse or was intimately connected with the sun god.

    In Phaidros Plato and Socrates declare that “He (Toth, the Egyptian baboon-shaped god of wisdom) was who invented numbers and arithmetic and geometry…” Aristotle also argued that the Egyptians had created the caste system and hence “Egypt was the cradle of mathematics because the caste of priests were given great leisure.” According to him, the priests had invented the mathematikai technai (mathematical arts), which included geometry, arithmetic and astronomy, which the Greeks were beginning to possess. These priests spent most of their time squaring circles to find out the value of the number π.

    With time, Thoth evolved into a human and under his Greek name Hermes Trismegistus wrote a book entitled Hermetica which, became the inspiration for all subsequent heliocentrists including early Church Fathers and Copernicus. Hermes became an icon in many Roman churches; one of them should be mentioned here. It was painted by Giovanni di Stefano in 1488 for the Cathedral of Siena; its stylized frame is made of swastikas, the solar symbol since time immemorial. Let me remind here that Adolf Hitler who for a period of time resided at Lambach Abbey in Austria, first saw the swastika symbol on the Abbey’s exterior decorations.

    In 1838 Charles Darwin wrote: “Origin of man now proved…He who understands baboon would do more toward metaphysics than Locke.” Heliocentrism and evolutionism converge in the baboon-shaped god Thoth.

    Palestinian history textbook teach: “Moses and his followers wandered in the desert; they were not endowed with any scientific or artistic talents and made no cultural achievements whatsoever…” Because they did not belong to the leisure class they could not have science.

    Using the words of the Psalmist, the founding fathers of the modern astronomy and their Palestinian admirers: “Set their mouth against the Heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth. And they say how God knows. And is there knowledge in the Eternal God?” (Ps. 73:9-11).

    They recognized the God of the Bible as a liar and ignoramus because He taught: “When you look up to the sky and behold the sun and the moon, and the stars, the whole heavenly host, you must not be lured into bowing them or serving them” (Dt. 4:9)

    Behind the scholastic equivalence of light and matter which gives rise to the “world machine” (machina mundi) by plurifying itself was the concept of the philosophers who speculated that all things were composed of atoms and who said that bodies were composed of surfaces, and surfaces of lines, and lines of points, like in Galileo’s Book of Nature But since there is no reality to a mathematical point or line, except when they are being conceptualized as such the world of Euclid belongs to the same category as the world of Platonic ideas; though merely mental, they were the ultimate objects, of which the visible and tangible objects of the world were only pale shadows. And that’s exactly what the Indian yogis dismissed contemptuously as the illusory realm of maya. In the Eastern view, searching for some kind of reality, either in the physical world (prakriti) or in the rational mind (manas) is a sheer waste of time, since they are both ultimately unreal – “phantom figures” in Omar Khayyam’s heliocentric rubayat. We are such stuff as dreams are made of (Shakespeare)

    The Buddhist aims at pure consciousness with no object in sight, which is practically synonymous with sunya (this sunya is the conditio sine qua non for the Newton gravity to work), the void. The Buddha merely stressed the sole reality of nirvana, which the Germans translate as Nullpunkt.The Tao Te Ching and the Chuang Tzu are the cornerstones of the Taoist tradition and in them we find the initial identification of Nonbeing (Big Bang’s starting point) with the source of all things.

    In other places, the preferred term is wu (in Japanese, mu), commonly translated as “Nonbeing”. Chuang Tzu, in effect, made Nonbeing an equivalent for the absolute Tao, a kind of absolute void. The principles of this nihilistic ontology are mirrored in Hindu mathematics which evolved into a mature place-value system promoting to full membership of a tenth numeral a round symbol for zero (graphic representation of point) or sunya, as the Hindus called it. Confusion about the status of this mysterious numeral persisted for centuries, and as late as the 15th century it was described as “a symbol that merely causes trouble and lack of clarity.”

    How, it was asked, could a symbol, which means “nothing”, when placed after another numeral, enhance its value tenfold? The problem finds its solution in the philosophical theory of a “coincidence of opposites”, that is identification of elements that are mutually exclusive in ordinary logic. The goal of introspection is to overcome the intellectual “opposites”; the being arises in the context of non-being; man is a walking corpse, as a Russian proverb says. The Buddhist concept was known as dhrama-dhatus pratitya-samupada, which translates as “the interdependent arising of the universe”: things are said to have “emptiness” and “fullness of emptiness” at the same time.

    According to Max Muller “the two words ‘cipher’ and ‘zero,’ are in reality but one. Cipher is the Arabic sifr, and means empty, a translation of the Sanskrit name of the nought sunya. The Arabs had their figures from Hindustan, and never claimed the discovery for themselves. In Boethius’s Geometry, composed in the sixth century, we find the Pythagorean numerals the 1 and the nought, as the first and final cipher.

    Consider James Jeans’ description of the universe of relativity as the four-dimensional surface of a cosmic sphere of which the inside is made of “empty space welded onto empty time.” The Puranas insist on the identity of Vishnu with Time and Space. And Vishnu, like Chuang Tzu’s absolute Tao, is a kind of absolute void. The Jewish Pythagoreans or kabbalists recognized numbers as prima materia. Their “Genesis” proclaimed: In the beginning nothing (zero) blew up. Amen!

    Accordingly, the modern heliocentrists believe that the world we see and experience in everyday life is simply a convenient mirage attuned to our very limited sense, an illusion conjured by our perceptions and our mind. All that is around us, which appears so substantial, is ultimately nothing but ephemeral networks of particle-waves whirling around at light speed – so called matter is mostly emptiness, void of anything except occasional dots and spots! And scattered electric charges. If all the nuclei of all atoms that make up the whole of mankind were packed together, their global aggregate would be the size of a large grain of rice. But that “grain of rice” devours daily two billion eggs, 1.6 million tons of corn, 727,000 tons of potatoes, 365,000 tons of rice, and the “favoured races” of the world enjoy 2.7 tons of caviar in Moscow’s restaurants! That’s how the heliocentric magic works!

    The Bible follows Israel’s 12 memorial stones from the temporarily dry bed of the Jordan (Josh 4:19) to a place called Gilgal and then loses track of them forever. The word ‘gilgal’ means ‘a circle of stone’, and throughout Europe and the Mideast, “circles of large stones have been found dating back a quarter million years or more, to homo erectus times.” The most famous stone circle is Stonehenge. Stonehenge well corresponds to Diodorus’s description of a “magnificent temple of Apollo” which he locates “in the center of Britain.” At that time the British had already their first homo erectus, I don’t know, if male or female, or maybe both evolved simultaneously!

    Sar (circle) is the Babylonian god of the sky. He is also Assaros or Asshur (the son of Shem), and Zero — Zero-ana, the chakkra, or wheel, boundless time. The god Aten, or the Egyptian counterpart of the Nordic Odin (Wotan) had originally represented merely the physical sun, but Amenhotep stripped that body of all the gross theological conceptions which had been linked with it ever since the Pyramid Age endowed it with a new esoteric meaning. The ancient symbols of Ra – the pyramid, the falcon, the lion and cat- he replaced by a simple CIRCLE representing the sun’s disk. Since then, as Plato observed, god was always geometrizing writing for Galileo the Book of Nature. (“Philosophy is written in that very large book that is continually opened before our eyes (I mean the universe), but which is not understood unless first one studies the language and knows the characters in which it is written. The language of that book is mathematical and the characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures.” Galileo Galilei: Pensieri, motti e sentenze; Florence, 1949) The Hindu Vishnu holds a disc or a rounded piece of gold in his hand. The Egyptian Ra wears a disc as a crown.

    The chakra (wheel) represented the sun in early Vedic ceremonies. With the wheeling planets overhead and the circumference of the horizon, the cosmos of the ancients must have seemed obviously circular. Life in the cosmos was created, and maintained, by the balance of opposing forces – male and female, day and night, heat and cold, good and evil, attraction and repulsion (coincidence of opposites ). Such ideas as this concerning the nature of the universe were summarized in the “wheel of life”. To this diagram of cosmic principles, must be added a concept which seems, almost visibly, to set the cosmic circle to revolving like a wheel. This is the idea, present in Sanskrit, Pali, and Greek, that life occurs in an endless cycle of rebirths.

    No wonder then that the Hebrews destroyed the circles of stones that stood for this solar theology also known by its Greek term anakuklesis. The phoenix-like character of matter reborn from its “ashes” was “proved” by the Soviet physicist A. Sakharov in his dogma of the “solar phoenix”, or strictly materialistic principle of the “spontaneous resurrection of energy (The Hindu term brahma means energy) such as takes place in the sun’s core.”

    Math has drawn its strength from “imaginary” or, more properly speaking, absolutely inconceivable magnitudes known as irrational numbers. Among them there is a large number of the most important quantities that constantly occur in all calculations, e.g. the square roots of most numbers, the relation of the diagonals to the side of a square, of the diameter of a circle to its circumference. There is an acute remark of Goethe’s: “He who devotes himself to nature attempts to find the squaring of the circle.” Like the above mentioned Egyptian priests. In fact, it is the religious ritual imposed on all mathematician again by the sacred books of the Hindu religion.

    In the Rig-Vedas, every male head of a family was obliged to perform, every day, certain acts of worship known as purvas. For this purpose he had to set up in his house three kinds of fire, protecting his house and the fires by placing them in altars of special design. The fires were known as Dakshina, Garhapatya and Ahavaneeya. The altars, intended to shield the fires, had to be built to design plans, which related them to each other in shape and area. For example, the problem might be to construct square altar equal in area to a given circular altar. This insoluble problem was “solved” by regarding the latter as a polygon with an “infinite” number of sides, all therefore infinitely small.

    De Morgan in his book Budget of Paradoxes (1872) suggested the term ‘morbus cyclometricus’ as being the ‘circle squaring disease.’ De Morgan tried to persuade these circlesquarers that their methods were incorrect.

    “It is almost unbelievable that a definition of π was used, at least as an excuse, for a racial attack on the eminent mathematician Edmund Landau in 1934. Landau had defined π in his textbook published in Gőttingen in that year by the, now fairly usual, method of saying that π/2 is the value of x between 1 and 2 for which cos x vanishes. This unleashed an academic dispute, which was to end in Landau’s dismissal from his chair at Gőttingen. Bierbach, an eminent number theorist who disgraced himself by his racist views, explains the reasons for Landau’s dismissal: – Thus the valiant rejection by the Gőttingen student body which a great mathematician, Edmund Landau, has experienced is due in the final analysis to the fact that the un-German style of this man in his research and teaching is unbearable to German feelings. A people who have perceived how members of another race are working to impose ideas foreign to its own must refuse teachers of an alien culture.” (A history of Pi,

    A Christian sermon that has survived from the mid-fifth century called On The Trinity quotes in profusion the words of the Pagan gods. The doctrine of the trinity probably derives from sacred geometry: “the transcendental number” π is hidden within the circle, a symbol of the All and so of God.” The un-German style of Edmund Landau was that his value of π had nothing to do with the revelation of pagan gods but was rather inspired by the Biblical value of this number which is 3. (1 Kings 7: 23 and II Chronicles 4:2 )

    According to modern mathematician it is “not a very accurate value and not even very accurate in its day, for the Egyptian and Mesopotamian values of 25/8 = 3.125 and √10=3.162 have been traced to much earlier dates. Well, if you want to make a circle you simply choose the length of radius not a particular value of π, which is irrelevant. Only when one has to define a trajectory of a planet one uses a particular value of this number, which makes all cosmological speculations very imprecise (the date of equinox, which, according to Gregorian mathematics, was to fall forever on March 21 moved to March 18 these days. On this date, day and night are nearly of the same length)

    A mantra of the heliocentric astronomy proclaims: “Halley working in Newton’s program, calculated on the basis of observing a brief stretch of a comet’s path that it would return in 72-years’ time; he calculated to the minute when it would be seen again at a well-defined point of the sky. 72 years later, Halley’s comet returned exactly as Halley predicted.” Did it really? Halley predicted the return of his comet in 1758, but, according to Chinese and European records, the comet returned in March of 1759. Then the Halley’s comet returned in 1910, or 3.5 years earlier than predicted.

    Indeed, every return of this comet brought significant changes with it, for instance, in 1986, declining from all previous orbits, this comet appeared in the Southern Hemisphere. The confusion of the Soviet scientists is mirrored in an article published in the journal Astronomiya i Astrofizika (1989) whose authors argued that “the motions of Halley’s comet are chaotic” and that “the model of its motions is not determined!” In political terms it meant an earthquake. On Oct. 4, 1957 when the first sputnik was launched from the Soviet Union, the Soviet scientists assured that its speed and trajectory were calculated using Newton’s Laws, the same laws that Halley used to calculate the trajectory of his comet. The nauseating prostitution of Soviet scientists to the immoral aims of their state seems to be overcome.

    There is a different kind of thinking behind the Biblical value of π. When one cuts a circumference and straightens it one obtains a finite line segment not a segment of transcendental (infinite) length.

    In The Annotated Alice (1970), Martin Gardner suggests that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass are games for grown-up scientists: “It is only because adult – scientists and mathematicians in particular – continue to relish the Alice books that they are assured of immortality.” If modern scientists keep the Alice books alive, they do so because Dodgson’s oscillation between symbolic logic and bizarre fictional games anticipates a central theme of modern science.

    The ‘paradox’ of circlesquaring matches Zeno’s paradox of the dichotomy as described by Aristotle: There is no motion because that which is moved must arrive at the middle of its course before it arrives at the end. In other words, in order to traverse a line segment it is necessary to reach its midpoint. To do this one must reach the ¼ point, to do this one must reach 1/8 point and so on ad infinitum. And thus, furtively, Zeno transformed a finite line segment into a transcendental i.e. infinite line. Behind Zeno’s clever trick lies the assumption that if a magnitude can be divided then it can be divided infinitely.

    Zeno’s paradoxes were his answer to the Pythagorean dogma proclaiming that extended physical bodies are composed of nonextended mathematical point (cp. the Big Bang dogma in which a point of matter is expanding into infinity, like Lenin’s electron) Zeno argued that everything in the universe is both infinitely large and has no size at all. The infinite divisibility of any physical body regardless of size means that it is composed of an infinite number of elements and thus is infinitely large. On the other hand, the body has no size at all because no number of nonextended units can produce an extended body. Influenced by Zeno’s speculations Lenin, nearly hundred years ago, said in his book Materialism and Empiriocriticism that “the electron is as inexhaustible as the atom, nature is infinite…”

    We have two different opinions on Zeno’s impact in history of mathematics. B.L. van der Waerden argues that the mathematical theories which were developed in the second half of the 5th century suggest that Zeno’s work had little influence. Heath, however, seems to detect a greater influence: Mathematicians, however, … realizing that Zeno’s arguments were fatal to infinitesimals (Newton infinitesimal calculus!), saw that they could avoid the difficulties connected with them by once and for all banishing the idea of the infinite, even the potentially infinite, altogether from their science; thenceforth, therefore, they made no use of magnitudes increasing or decreeing ad infinitum, but connected themselves with finite magnitudes that can be made as great or as small as we please.” Which is exactly what the Biblical authors and the above mentioned mathematician Landau did. In the Confucian geocentric lore π=3, like in the Bible.

    It took more than two thousand years in order that the learned world could understand the deeper meaning of the Biblical mathematics. In Lobachevskian hyperbolic space the circumference of a circle is larger than 2 π times the radius. Accordingly, the state of Louisiana in 1897 enacted a law setting the legal value of π at 4. In Riemannian elliptical space the circumference of a circle is always smaller than 2 π times its radius. Accordingly, a Tennessee legislator suggested the value be legally fixed at 3, exactly like in the Hebrew Bible.

    To the Pythagoreans it was the pentagonal geometry that was sacred. We may speculate that this was because the whole of this geometry was ruled by Φ, a symbol of perfection, which appears to have been honored with the status of god. Exactly, like Π is, by a multitude of mathematicians. Contrary to Newton’s speculations, Jesus did not pray, Our Π who art in Heaven… So, it came as no surprise that Brazil’s statue of Jesus made the cut for the seven, new wonders of the world and the sun god Apollo’s “magnificent temple” at Stonehenge did not.

    YHWH vs. the Aryan Cult of Sun Disc (Surya)

    Ancient phallic stones are still standing in western Syria, but in Palestine such monuments are rare because after the captivity the Israelites, having learned the folly of ‘idolatry’, looked down upon stone worship with contempt and eradicated all these ‘idols’. That the practice of sacrificing a human victim to supply a foundation deity for important buildings, widespread in later times, was observed in Syria is indicated by the fact that at Megiddo the skeleton of a 15-year-old girl was found built into a wall, and when Hiel, the Bethelite, built Jericho, “he laid the foundation thereof in Abiram his first-born, and set up the gates thereof, in his youngest son Segub. “ (1 Kg 16:34; Josh 6:26)

    Like a Middle Eastern Stonehenge, five concentric stone circles – the outer one a third of a mile around – rise above the Golan Heights. Known as Rujm el-Hiri – Arabic for “stone heap of the wild cat” – the site escaped scientific scrutiny until after Israel occupied Syria’s borderland in 1967. The rubble walls, up to 8 feet high and 11.5 feet wide, incorporate both small stones and massive slabs weighing tons. The stone structure served as a ceremonial center and probably was witness to rituals linked to astronomical observations. The northeast gate, at top, lined up perfectly with the summer solstice sunrise. In a central cairn some 65 feet in diameter, the Israeli archeologists found a looted burial chamber dug about 1,500 years after the walls went up.

    High Place of Gezer, where Canaanites worshipped contained ten monoliths or upright pillars, varying from five to nearly eleven feet in height, one of which was the sacred stone, as the smooth spots on it show. Judging from the scarabs found at Gezer, this high place was in use in 2000 BC and it continued to be a place of worship down to the time when the Jews were carried off to Babylon. Among the fragments of pottery is a brazen serpent, suggesting that live sacred snakes may have been kept in the temple, and it may have been here that Hezekiah broke the images, cut down the sacred trees and destroyed the brazen serpent that Moses had made and to which the children of Israel were burning incense.

    Beneath this High Place is a cemetery of newborn infants, some of the bodies displaying marks of fire, and most of them enclosed in large jars into which they had often been put head first. That the children were live sacrifices is probable from the fact that throughout the traditions of the East dead bodies were unclean and would never be brought near a sanctuary. That the cult of the Mother Goddess had intermingled with stone worship at Gezer is shown by the fact that a great plaques bearing the figure of Ishtar were found in the ruins. Just as at Stonehenge, evidence of ritual activity is found at Woodhenge. A 3-year-old child was killed by a blow to the skull and buried near the center and on the solistically aligned axis of the rings. Chalk as heads, too soft to be of any practical use, were retrieved from Woodhenge postholes. Symbolic axes are known from other sites, including Stonehenge, and imply, as do the burials, some act of consecration or ceremony. There are more than 900 stone circles on the British Isles, and they range considerably in age and design.
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