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April 11, 2007

Where Do We Draw the Line on Stem Cells?

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Apparently Sam Brownback typed up an entry for The Hill’s Congress Blog. I wish he’d let us know about these things. He should let people know prominently on his campaign site when he releases statements and pens editorials. Everyone knows to check Students for Brownback and Blogs 4 Brownback for the latest Brownback news. But not everyone knows to check The Hill. Anyway, here’s Sam Brownback’s post:

I look forward to highlighting the fact that adult stem cell research, which does not destroy young human lives, has yielded real treatments for patients in need. I welcome the opportunity for a full and open debate which raises a basic question: should we use taxpayer dollars to fund research that many people, including myself, consider unethical because it destroys young human lives? Or should we focus federal research funding on ethical alternatives that carry more clinical promise?

A brief statement, but it does get to the point and spells out where he stands: adult stem cell research has resulted in promising treatments; embryonic stem cell research, in addition to being unethical, has resulted in tumors. Embryonic research is a fairy tale with an unhappy ending for all involved.

Update: Stem Cell Bill (federal funding of embryonic stem cell research) passes 63-34 and is likely to be vetoed by President Bush. Sam Brownback:

“We know that the human embryo is a human life, so how should we treat it? Human life has an immeasurable value we all agree upon that, from the youngest to the oldest,” said Sam Brownback. “Human beings are ends in themselves. It is wrong to use any human as a means to an end. Period.”

Update 2: The adult stem cell bill, the Coleman-Isakson HOPE Act passed the Senate by a vote of 70-28. Brownback’s reaction:

“I am glad the Senate voted overwhelmingly to support adult stem cell research as an ethical and clinically superior alternative to using taxpayer dollars for destructive human embryonic stem cell research,” said Brownback. “While I am disappointed that the Senate also passed a bill that provides federal funds for unethical human embryonic stem cell research, I will continue fighting for life and highlighting the success and promise of ethical adult stem cell research.”

Update 3: Sam Brownback quote from CNN:

“Its end is the way of death,” said Brownback, a Republican presidential hopeful. “It kills a young human life. It harms us as a culture when we treat human life as property. We’ve done that. We don’t like it. We don’t like the history associated with it.”

Update 4: More from The Des Moines Register:

Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., said embryos are human life. He compared the use of stem cells derived from embryos to forcibly removing organs from a death-row inmate. “This person is going to die – why not harvest his organs?” he asked. The answer is that “it violates his human dignity,” said Brownback, a presidential candidate. “We’ve got a fundamental debate in this country today, and that’s when does human life begin,” he said. “They are treating the youngest of human lives as a property and not a person.”

— Psycheout


  1. I’m glad the HOPE act passed. I hope the other sick emrbryo bill is vetoed. Why waste money on pseudo science that doesn’t even work? Sam’s got great answers for the skeptics.

    Comment by Red State Guy — April 14, 2007 @ 12:08 am | Reply

  2. A good principled stand by Brownback. But I’ve come to expect this from him. He never lets me down. I hope the pro-life movement is paying attention.

    Comment by Anti-Media — April 14, 2007 @ 1:32 pm | Reply

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