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April 4, 2007

Know Your Enemies, Part 2

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Today’s special enemy is a truly reprehensible character named David Sirota.

1. I’m tired of Republicans believing that, after destroying the country, all they have to say is “sorry” or “I didn’t know Bush was such a right winger” and all should be forgiven. Matt Dowd, Bush’s chief strategist, is the latest guy pulling this nonsense, though certainly not the first. The New York Times ran what essentially was his mea culpa for all the problems of the Bush administration (the cynic in me wonders whether Dowd, a former Democrat, is motivated out of a worry that his affiliation with Bush will prevent him from ever getting political consulting clients again). This is the same thing Lee Atwater tried to pull after he used some of the most underhanded, disgusting tactics to destroy Mike Dukakis. Here’s the deal: When you are a chief architect of horrible things that hurt this country, you don’t get to just wake up one day and say “sorry” and expect that all should be forgiven. Or at least you shouldn’t.

This moonbat’s screeds consist of nothing more than a nonsensical array of lies and distortions. First of all, the Republicans haven’t destroyed the country. Clinton did, and we’re trying to salvage the wreckage from 9/11 and a host of fiscal and cultural crises. Secondly, any Republican who complains about “right-wingers” is a RINO and, thus, a member of Sirota’s circle of friends. Thirdly, Lee Atwater was a patriot and a decent American. Sirota does not win himself any laurels by slandering the words and deeds of a fallen hero.

I could go on citing lies from this man’s blog, but I think even that one paragraph should prove sufficient. The man is closely affiliated with the Clintons. He’s an enemy of freedom, and a shameless moonbat. Keep your children away from his website if you don’t want them growing up to become Bolshevists- or worse.

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  1. Who’s David Sirota? Thanks for reading these morons so I don’t have to!

    Comment by Red State Guy — April 5, 2007 @ 2:01 pm | Reply

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