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March 27, 2007

Sam Brownback in Iowa

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From Hawk Central comes an interesting snapshot of Brownback campaigning in Iowa: Spreading the Word (Brownback tells locals “we’ve got to fight for life”).

Mount Vernon resident Amy Russell has 10 adopted children, five from Ethiopia.

So when she heard presidential hopeful Sam Brownback talk about increasing the number of legal immigrants allowed into the United States, rebuilding families and having compassion for people in poverty, all those issues hit home.

“He was on my top list, and I think he pushed me over,” Russell said of supporting the Kansas Republican senator. “Those are the main things that I’ve heard no one else talk about.”

Sam needs to be able to spend more time campaigning. Everywhere he goes and every time he gets a chance to speak with primary voters his message resonates with real conservatives.

Michaela Dietrich, 25, of Iowa City, said Brownback’s pro-life view gained her vote.

“I wanted to hear what Sen. Brownback had to say. I’m a strong social conservative,” she said. “I’ll definitely be voting for him.”

Dietrich brought her 2-month-old son, Tobias, with her to the meet-and-greet. Even Tobias’ car seat had a “Brownback for President” sticker on it.

“(Brownback) defends life in all stages — that’s the big factor in who I vote for. I believe life is sacred,” Dietrich said. “I can’t vote for somebody who doesn’t believe that.”

Exactly. Another voter gets it. Sam Brownback defends life, all life. What is there not to respect about his authentic Christian message? The Senator doesn’t draw any artificial dividing lines; he simply supports all life.

To help support families, Brownback has proposed Marriage Development Accounts, which would provide a three-to-one financial match to couples who marry and have children. The money could be used for buying a home, a car or job training, he said.

“I think we’ve got to rebuild the family,” Brownback said. “If you don’t get this one right, we’re not going to be able to do a lot of things down the road.”

Encouraging the growth of American families is a wonderful goal. Witness the declining birth rates in Europe and the incomprehensible Marriage Penalty in our own nation. Brownback has the right idea here: rebuilding the American family. How can anyone disagree with this?

Brownback said in his view, the definition of marriage involves the relationship between a man and a woman. If that definition is changed, the number of heterosexual people who get married will drop, as shown by what has happened in other countries, he said.

“That’s not the trend line we need to be on,” Brownback said.

Sam isn’t about bashing homosexuals, which many people misunderstood regarding his support for General Peter Pace. Rather he’s about promoting healthy American families. Our families are our future.

And on the touchy issue of immigration which many on the right are up in arms about (very un-Christian of them, sadly):

To deal with the problems associated with illegal immigration, Brownback said he would like to see better enforcement of the Social Security number system, where businesses will be able to find out if the number is good or not.

Also, he said the country should increase the number of legal immigrants allowed, since fewer than 50,000 agricultural workers are allowed into the United States a year, but the marketplace needs are for half a million.

“What do you think you are encouraging people to do but go around the system?” he said.

This is what many of the critics completely overlook. Currently many of these single-issue voters are supporting Tom Tancredo.


Brownback also emphasized the importance of faith in America.

“It’s hard to understand Americans without understanding faith,” he said. “A country that walks away from God walks away from its own future. This is something that unites the country. It does not divide.”

Sam Brownback is on a roll. Those who care about families, life, faith and desire a President who is guided by his Christian values have little choice other than to support the candidacy of Senator Brownback. I have no doubt that they will find our man Sam a very satisfactory and rewarding choice.

Update: Cyclone Conservatives has an interesting first person account: Brownback parks ’em in the Machine Shed.

Update 2: A bit off-topic, but check this out: Romney and the Grassroots. Money quote:

Now that Brownback has tied Romney in the polls, the only thing left designating Romney as a ‘front-runner’ is his fundraising. Romney has paid for grassroots support — how much longer can he continue to con the media into calling him a frontrunner? If Brownback can claim similar results in the polls by spending a fifth of the money that Romney has spent and only focusing on IA, NH, and SC, when will he be labeled a front-runner?

— Psycheout

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  1. Great article. If only the media were consistently as truthful rather than constantly trying to smear Republicans and Christians.

    Comment by Jodi — March 27, 2007 @ 9:45 pm | Reply

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