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March 26, 2007

SeacoastOnline on Sam Brownback

Filed under: Election 2008,Sam Brownback — Psycheout @ 7:29 pm

A brief profile on Sam Brownback appears in New Hampshire’s SeacoastOnline:

“Evangelicals really haven’t caught on in New England. In part, the state’s so old,” said Alan Wolfe, a political science professor at Boston College. ” It’s really a Sunbelt phenomenon.”

Brownback instead sought to emphasize his fiscal conservatism and his support for a flat federal income tax, with no deductions or credits. He said taxpayers could choose to stay in the current system or shift to the new one.

“This (tax code) should be taken behind the barn and killed with a dull ax,” he said.

Keep on keeping on. More:

Brownback also highlighted his work against genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan, his work against HIV/AIDS and malaria in Africa, and his proposal to divide Iraq into three ethnic regions.

Brownback lags in state polls and name recognition, but dismissed questions about whether he’d be able to raise enough money to stay in the race until the primary.

“I’m the tortoise in this race. I don’t like how it starts, but I like how it ends,” he said.


“He needs to spend time here. He has the message. He just needs to spread it,” said Paul Berube of Nashua. “It’s great to hear that conservative message.”

But the question is: can that conservative message be heard in time? Slow and steady may win the race, but we at Blogs 4 Brownback hope that our tortoise shows some hare tendencies, and soon. Otherwise conservative Americans will indeed be the ones who lose in the end.

— Psycheout


  1. Amen! It’s time our turtle put on some running shoes. I hate to be impatient but it’s high time people were shown that Brownback is the best. It’s frustrating that they support people like Giuliani and Romney when Brownback is clearly one of us!

    Comment by Becky — March 26, 2007 @ 8:01 pm | Reply

  2. Good one, Becky. I’d like to see Brownback get way out in front, but it is still early. I would like to see more conservatives getting behind him though.

    Comment by Red State Guy — March 26, 2007 @ 8:14 pm | Reply

  3. This story is a little depressing. But keep up the great work. I want more good stories about Brownback.

    Comment by Jodi — March 26, 2007 @ 8:53 pm | Reply

  4. Giuliani and McCain are coasting on name recognition. As more Americans get a good look at what they really stand for, their numbers continue to plummet in the polls.

    I, for one, remain highly optimistic about those two RINOs going the way of the dodo in this primary.

    Comment by Sisyphus — March 27, 2007 @ 3:34 am | Reply

  5. Like Rush Limbaugh, I am waiting and searching for a “REAL” conservative. Brownback is close but does not qualify.

    Senator Brownback is an amnesty panderer like Senators McCain, Kennedy, Hagel, Kerry, Martinez, Clinton, Specter, etc. (Remember: the vote to give social security to illegals and then the final vote of S.2611)

    I for one, remain highly optimistic that Brownback will be recognized and discarded by conservatives because of his liberal position on immigration.

    Comment by jrfoleyjr — March 27, 2007 @ 8:00 am | Reply

  6. We can’t punish these illegals forever, jrfoleyjr, and if they’ve been here for a long enough period we don’t have any other realistic alternative. It’s unfortunate, but it seems to be necessary.

    Additionally, think of how much it will heart American business and American entrepreneurialism if they can’t use foreign labor. Think of the repercussions that will have on the national minimum wage. Think of the smug unionists and ivory-tower middle class moonbats who will benefit by the lack of foreign competition. Shouldn’t a President Brownback take any of this into consideration?

    I feel conflicted about this issue, as do most of us. But to me, at least, it hardly seems as clear-cut as most of the other ones out there…

    Comment by Sisyphus — March 27, 2007 @ 8:07 am | Reply

  7. What do you mean by [punish them forever]?

    They are getting a free ride with benefits all for the price of entering the country illegally.

    Politicians and other panderers want to sweeten the pot by adding citizenship for the measly price of 2000 dollars.

    [quote]Additionally, think of how much it will heart American business and American entrepreneurialism if they can’t use foreign labor.[/quote]

    Yes wouldn’t it be too bad if business were forced to follow the law just like the rest of us? Wouldnt it be too bad if a bsuiness owner had to hire someone who was here legally instead of using illegals to undercut his competition?

    I have nothing against LEGAL immigrants. I have issue with politicians and citizens who would throw open the borders.

    You do not seem to be very conflicted on the issue. Sam sure isnt.

    As for smug unionists… unions are in decline and have been for 20 or so years, so this is not a union issue. AFL-CIO supports amnesty. Beats me why but it is true. The Teamsters pulled out of AFL-CIO over this issue. The Democrats are very much in the amnesty camp along with Sam Brownback. After all Sam and 22 of his fellow senate Republicans sided with 39 senate Democrats to pass S.2611 the Senate Amnesty Bill.

    So it seems that Sam is more closely aligned with the Democrats on the illegal alien amnesty issue!

    It seems VERY clear cut to me!

    Comment by jrfoleyjr — March 27, 2007 @ 9:07 am | Reply

  8. What I think will happen is that Brownback will find a way to overhaul the immigration system so that it is more efficient in the first place. It’s so bloated and inefficient right now and people are jumping the border out of sheer desperation. And a lot of people WANT to come to our country. It’s a beacon of hope and opportunity, and I think we should be darned proud that we have people beating the doors down and trying to get in. Our country has so much. We are so absurdly lucky to live where we do. Sam Brownback, as a Christian, is simply reluctant to adopt the “Tough for you, I got mine” mentality that a lot of the neocons have (sadly) been displaying. As a shining city on a hill, it falls upon us welcome others, and to share our bounty, and to set an example in the world. I can understand your frustration with scofflaws, but I truly believe that some of those people are simply desperate, and were there a more efficient immigration process, would be happy to go through the proper channels.

    Comment by Lyssie — March 27, 2007 @ 12:21 pm | Reply

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