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March 12, 2007

Time with Sam Brownback

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The Time blog, Real Clear Politics, posted an interview with Sam Brownback, the same day as the big news that halfwit Hagel decided not to announce. Titled The Brownback Interview, it presents a fair portrait of the Senator and Presidential candidate. Unlike the New York Times piece, it’s a worthwhile read. This probably means it will not be appearing in the print edition of Time.

I think Sam’s first answer quietly hits the ball out of the park:

…we’re on a nice slow build, and it’s going well. We’re running third in Iowa in the polling, moving up in South Carolina. I find what I’ve got to do is introduce myself to places, talk about my message and my vision for the future and we start moving. And at CPAC, with values voters, I’ve worked that set of issues a lot, I believe in it, and I think the field is looking for a true conservative candidate.

Sam stresses the important issue of “rebuilding the family and renewing the culture,” a long term goal, often overshadowed by the War on Terror. I would add that if we’re losing the battle on the home front, the battle is all but lost on the front lines of the GWOT.

He clarifies his position on the potential partitioning of Iraq, ie, “not breaking it up: three states, one country,” and reaffirms his support for maintaining current troop levels. Sam is not going to cut and run from either the WOT or the culture war here at home. “We’ll win if we can keep standing. …We cannot cut and run, otherwise you’re going to leave a civil war in the middle of the Middle East.”

There’s quite a bit more in the interview, a clarification of his position regarding immigration and illegal immigration, one which has been mischaracterized by his cowardly opponents. I won’t name names or present links for examples. There’s no need to promote these fools.

Sam also discusses his compassion for all life, whether still in the womb, languishing in the sex trade or suffering in Darfur. He addresses his past brush with cancer and how that affected his outlook on life and the issues he cares about.

Read the whole thing. If only the media were to present his own words rather than putting words in his mouth, or quoting non-experts who can’t even be bothered to read up on the issues, Sam Brownback would be on a faster climb to the top. That’s certainly something to pray for! (hint, hint)

Time will tell (online). But I wish they’d tell it in the pages of their magazine. Keep watching Blogs4Brownback. We’ll shine a spotlight on when the media does a fair and balanced job, as well as when they’re predictably doing business as usual.

A tip of the hat to our friends over at Students for Brownback.

— Psycheout

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  1. A good interview. So is this really not going to appear in the magazine?

    Comment by Red State Guy — March 12, 2007 @ 10:36 pm | Reply

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