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March 9, 2007

Brownback In Iowa!

Filed under: Election 2008 — Sisyphus @ 4:35 am

Attention, Midwestern readers! Brownback’s coming to a neighborhood near you this Saturday:

ALEXANDRIA, Va—U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, Republican candidate for President, will host a series of meet and greets with conservative activists, officials, and religious leaders in Northwest Iowa on Saturday March 10. All events are open to the media.

Follow the link to find a time and place convenient for you. Be sure to turn out, and meet a real American. If you haven’t seen President Bush in action yet, this could be a great opportunity for you to see what a real American President looks like!

I don’t live anywhere near Iowa, but I might shell out the bucks to the airline to fly on out there anyway.


Update [by Psycheout]: Cyclone Conservatives has a first hand account: Brownback Has Successful Swing Through NW Iowa.


  1. Damn. I live in Des Moines, and would love to go see him. But Sioux City is over on the Missouri river, and it’s a bit too far for me to drive and get back in time for Saturday mass.

    I’m sure he’ll be in Des Moines here at some point.

    Comment by Harry — March 9, 2007 @ 4:10 pm | Reply

  2. I hope you have some news regarding the Iowa appearance to share with me and the rest of our readers soon!

    Comment by Psycheout — March 10, 2007 @ 1:47 pm | Reply

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