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March 6, 2007

RINO Alert

Filed under: Democratic Idiocy,Election 2008,RINOs — Sisyphus @ 11:17 am

Yet another RINO diluting the conservative discourse:

Why is Sam Brownback even bothering to run? I guess he likes to spend other people’s money for no reason.

Normally, one has to go to the Defeatocrats to find this kind of negativism. I certainly hope if this fellow can’t screw his head on right, he heads on over to the people who want to hug you and kiss you if you exhibit that kind of psychological ailment. Whatever his problem is with his thought process, the symptoms are easy to spot: he’s nuts. Brownback is going to win this thing, my closet-liberal friend. If Giuliani gets anywhere in the 2008 election, it’ll be as the Democratic contender.

— Sisyphus


  1. Anyone who would even consider supporting Rudy McRomney supports killing womb babies and gun grabbing. Rudy is a crossdressing fornicator, which plays well in NYC; Romney is a flip flopping non-Christian; McCain is, well, an unhinged liberal.

    Attacking the best candidate in the running demonstrates support for the worst. The liberals march in lock step. Meanwhile the good side has to put up with media supported liberals in GOP clothing. It makes me sick.

    Comment by Bob Arctor — March 6, 2007 @ 4:44 pm | Reply

  2. Looks like WrongPundits is another site to put in my web filter.

    Comment by Anti-Media — March 6, 2007 @ 9:47 pm | Reply

  3. And the sad thing is, none of those candidates are as bad as Huckabee. Might as well be voting for Hitlery.

    Comment by Sisyphus — March 7, 2007 @ 1:33 pm | Reply

  4. I was the author of that post. BTW – how is Brownback doing? Just asking.

    Comment by Mdefl — September 8, 2007 @ 3:37 pm | Reply

  5. I suggest that you close your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears and scream so that you will not have to hear or see anything that does not conform to your rigid views of life.

    What did you think of Brownback’s views on illegal immigration?

    Go Rudy!!!!!

    Comment by Mdefl — September 8, 2007 @ 3:40 pm | Reply

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